Oct 31, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
If ‘No Guns Life’ (NGL) were an American cartoon, they could have called it, ‘Second Amendments Life.’ Imagine the liberals attempting to ban guns, and then Juzo filibustering their candy assess because that would infringe upon his right to life. Then, after winning the case, he could slap Ted Cruz in the face, and claim he has really bad aim with his high-fives.

NGL is a dynamic anime where the main character, Juzo Inui, kills various villains on his quest toward determining who turned him into an ‘extended’ (cyborg designed for war). The dark, murky atmosphere is a nice lure to pull in the viewer; however, when Juzo begins to act silly (i.e. the embarrassed faces he makes when he sees a half-naked girl), it becomes irksome. Juzo’s characterization, thus far, is rather superficial, and if it weren’t for his gun prosthetic, it would be difficult to distinguish him from other action-centric heroes. He’s the classic ‘badass hero’ who is designed to look cool, and defeat numerous baddies.

NGL also draws a clear line of demarcation between the good-guys and the members of the evil corporation (Berühren Corporation). Making the story a black-and-white affair, that will, most likely follow a predictable build up to the final ‘boss fight.’ The visuals are respectable — given that it’s Madhouse — nevertheless, there is nothing stunning or memorable. The OST, along with the anime itself, is uninspired, and easily forgettable.

All in all: NGL features humdrum action, insipid characters, and weird tonal shifts that are anything but funny. If you were looking for a show that captured the same excitement as ‘Black Lagoon,’ then keep searching, because it ain’t NGL.