Aug 22, 2019
johnbradshaw (All reviews)
Doraemon, Doraemon!!! How low have you fallen. That is the saddest thing to address for me since Doraemon was my childhood and still my love, where I go to find peace and happiness.

The story is shallow as ever. The problems with movies after Fujiko's works run out is that they're so soulless. How amazing and phenomenal his world building was, always so imaginative and beyond my wildest dream, I always wanted to be a part of the never ending adventure that he drawn. His story while was aiming for kids, it always had the exciting and thrilling feelings behind it. The bad guys are very comical but they're smart and put things to their limits. The new one, they're just the shadows to highlight the generic friendship story that you've watched a thousand times in any shounen movies. You name it, applied the formular and then boom a new doraemon movie is born.

At least they tried to keeps the characteristic cast as close as possible but while doing that, they accidentally hold down the true potential display that Fujiko aimed in his story. It just felt like a shell, a copycat with no real understanding of what makes themself great in the first place.

Their saving grave are the great animations, very beautiful sharp characters designs and bright enough color to enhance the overall theme of the movie. The soundtracks are great, fitting the atmosphere and some scene feels very emotional. Especially love the ending song, you should hear it.

I don't think this movie is worth watching. But I was always a Doraemon fan, oh no, I'm still one. So how sad it is, I will still sit here in my hard wood chair and watch their next adventure.