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Nov 5, 2023
"Why did it turn out this way? - I finally know
Because I was an idiot - with power." - Eren

So Attack on Titan finally came to its conclusion after a million final seasons. I'm one of those that refused to read the manga because I was already too deep into watching the anime and after all this time, I feel happy with my decision. Attack On Titan's ending can't be called "the greatest" by any measures but it's a proper end and served its purpose well.

It reminds me of Linkin' Park's song "In The End". In the end, it doesn't matter at all. But ...
Dec 12, 2022
My review will be short since there's barely anything to talk about this anime. So Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi or Redo of Healer is another failed attempt to please the edgelord of studio TNK - famous for animating Highschool DxD, School Days, Ikkitousen,...

In short, a classic do-it-all, know-it-all somehow overpowered protagonist goes on a quest to revenge the NPCs that've done him wrong in life + some hentai scenes. That's it. Everything in this anime is dumbed down to elementary level so there's no resistance to what he would do. I'm surprised he didn't just teleport and kill all of them in one go. ...
Oct 16, 2022
Sonny Boy (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Sonny Boy is the type of anime that I'm welcoming. A Psychological Coming Of Age Show is what severely lacking in today anime's landscape. But on the other hand, it's a failed experiment, offer nothing new in both department it tried to compete.

To make this review short and sweet, I'll get straight to the point. Using the premiere of Lord of the Flies or the Drifting Classroom makes me kinda excited, it brings a lot of space for creativities and moral implications. But clearly the scriptwriter of Sonny Boy is not someone up for the task.

Everything in this show just kinda happens for no ...
Sep 6, 2022
Another fun addition to the Bang Dream! Series. BanG Dream! Movie: Poppin' Dream! takes place in Guam, the largest island in Micronesia, where Popping' Party, Raise A Sullen got invited to a musical charity event. An experience they will never forget.

First of all, the movie is only 70 mins long, so there's not many crazy shenanigans here. Even so, it's still hilarious and warm to see the interactions between the girls. If only the scriptwriter were a little more competent here to write about 2 hours of content, we would have been treated with more memorable events and maybe some serious characters' development. But ...
Aug 31, 2022
"The people who terraformed this planet as well as the people who founded this city, are all gone. Even so, the city of Neo-Venezia, will continue to live on, after we're gone"

Aria the Benedizione wraped things up pretty nicely for in my honest opinion, the best slice of life series that's ever been produced. Now I can sleep soundly, in tear, that even though I won't see these girls for a very long long time, they will continue to live on in Neo-Venezia, doing what they love.

Watching Aria is quite a magical experience to me. Just like watching life. It's slow, reminiscent and warm. ...
Aug 30, 2022
Maybe it's because I'm getting old, I can't understand what Totsukuni no Shoujo or The Girl From the Other Side trying to convey. Yes, you might say the general idea of pain and acceptance is there. But when a short anime that leans too hard on vague mystery and disconnected storytelling, it's never gonna end well.

There are two main characters in this OVA, a beast-man and a young girl, nothing that we haven't seen before. And honestly, the man's development feels too rush while the girl is flat out one-dimensional. This combine with the blurry story make the movie longer than it actually is.

The ...
Jun 5, 2022
Why Non Non Biyori has to come to an end? I wish the author just give us more little stories like those gigantic Doraemon or Shin-chan series.The journey of Ren-chon and everyone is just so bittersweet that I want to savour it forever...

Why is it bittersweet you might ask? I'm aware that the characters in this anime are sometimes quite comical, but there are always moments you can tell that is real and precious. Like the calm before the storm, just so quiet yet beautifully undescribable.

In my opinion, more slice of life should take a note of Non non Biyori, you don't need drama ...
Jan 8, 2022
Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! is the problem with anime nowsaday. An anime with no soul, no stake, no story with stupid NPC as their main characters. And unless you find sex joke very amusing, repeating that same joke a thousand times will make you tremble in joy then I have some bad news for Konosuba fan - who came to see a glimpse of their once funny and beloved show; Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! is not your show.

It didn't help that by the time I started watching this anime, I've just finished the LOTR Triology very recently and currently reading the Fellowship of the Ring book, they made ...
Jan 6, 2022
"For every hero, there are trials;
For every saint, there are temptations;
For me, there's you"

To me, Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie is truly the most impressive and creative movie in using visual presentations I've seen in many years. And even more spectacular, at the core, Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight as a whole is a profound and heartfell messages of Kabuki Shoujo (Stage Girl), those who has sacrificed so much on the path to become the ultimate star.

So because the movie is kind of bizzare and the story don't have the common structure, I won't talk about it here. Instead, I'll just tell you that it ...
Jan 1, 2022
What a great way to start off 2022. I've been waiting for this short movie about a year til it got a proper sub. And I must say, Girls & Panzer never disappoint even after so many ovas and seasons, their production quality and story-wise still hold up and imo, even improved. Which I can't say for many other anime or TV shows.

For a 48 min movie, Das Finale Part 3 is heavily action packed. Start right where it left off in Part 2, the battle between Ourai and Chihatan is hotter than ever. What I really love that now after many season, these tank ...

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