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Aug 3, 2021
Right now, it's 11.30 pm, I'm lying in my bed, drowning in sadness. Why? I'm repeatedly asking myself this. Everything good must come to an end. That's what they said. But why Kaleido Star had to end, how can I adore their journey from now on. I feel so empty...

There's something extremely captivating about people following their dream to me. I have watched countless Idol shows for that reason alone. So when Nagieno Sora starts pursuing her dream to be a top star in Kaleido Circus. The largest entertainment group in the world. I felt in love completely. There's never any easy road to the read more
Jun 30, 2021
Firstly, it's "football" not soccer. The World is not America you know?

Secondly, I love football, I'm watching the Euro right now. Therefore, I tend to love anime about football. So when I heard Sayonara Watashi no Cramer, another work by the author of "Your Lie In April", got an anime adaptation - I was excited to say the least. And it did get my blood pumping from the start, but in the end, what a disappointment Sayonara Watashi no Cramer was.

Don't get me wrong. I love this show. They have everything, introduction was well-done, characters are colorful, many of them have intense rival read more
Jun 29, 2021
Don't be fooled by the high score this one got, The Saint's Magic Is Omnipotent lacks what makes an anime good, it is a failed slice-of-life hiding under the shell of Shoujo Isekai.

When Sei Takanashi went home after an exhausting day at work, she got summoned to another world by a ritual. Lost and Confused, there's another girl summoned with her. Without knowing anything, she's not considered a Saint and get tossed aside. And there our story of a overpowered saint begins.

To be honest, the anime is pretty boring. Set in an Isekai settings, I expected everything to be more intense than this, read more
Jun 29, 2021
I will make it short and sweet because I don't want to spend more time writing review for this lowly perverted anime.

So basically, a NEET, who lived in his parents house for 35 years of his life, got kicked out after his parents passed away. He got sent into another world by truck-kun while attempting to save some high-school brats talking by the side way. In his dying moment, he got reincarnated into a loving family (on the surface). There our not very exciting story begins.

For the entire 2/3 of the show, I found it really tedious. Jobless Reincarnation offers no good characters, read more
Jun 14, 2021
Just about six or seven years ago, Strike Witches is one of the most popular anime ever. Following the hot trend of magical girls fighting unknown alien forces, mixing a 'subtle' level of ecchi-ness with captivating slice of life while fighting different kind of monsters every weeks, I would dare to say Strike Witches is the best of its kind.

But a lack of directional choices and various other reasons has sunk its popularity to ashes. A lot of fellow pantsu-lovers have moved on to the not necessarily better harem isekai trash, but I'm still here. I never move on, still waiting digilently. God granted my read more
Jun 11, 2021
D4DJ: First Mix proves that you don't need to save your school or become top idols to be a intriguing and interesting story. All you need is a couple of genuine characters with some original ideas backing up with great music.

In a world where remixes rule the music industry, DJ and music producers are put in very high regard. In a DJ-specific high-school, our lovely and energetic Aimoto Rinku just tranfered in after spending many years in Africa. Immediately falling in love with a remix during lunch break, she rushes to the sound room and meets a young DJ followed by the name Maho. There read more
Jun 1, 2021
I truly ìf I have watched Hatarata Saibou Black earlier, I would definitely tried to lead a much healthier life than what I'm having right now. With that said, Cells at Work! CODE BLACK! is a pleasant surprise, an extremely educational show while also managing to put in an intriguing and intense story to deliver its purposes.

Out of shape plus heavy drinking and smoking, unlike its predecessor, everyday life is a torture for our red blood cells. The story follows a young red blood cell as he just completed his training and now he will do his job in the real world. Quickly realizing read more
May 29, 2021
There's something very different about anime made in the 2000s. They have a slow, easy going and reminiscent feeling to it. And nearly 20 years ago, in the breezy fall of 2001, J.C. Staff graced us with one of the cutest and heart-warming anime ever created: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. A truly precious hidden gem of the distant past.

Set in the peaceful and antique fictional town of Muhlenberg - Germany, A Little Snow Fairy Sugars tells the tale about the everyday life of Little Sugar and Saga. A bitttersweet and heart-wrenching story full of laughters and tears.

How can anyone be as adorable as read more
May 28, 2021
Fall 2020 was definitely a great season, a ton of great shows span across a wide variety of genres that surely will satisfied anyone. Even so, Maoujou de Oyasumi is still a pleasant and welcoming surprise. An unexpected hilarious anime, bringing fresh airs to the overpopulated genre that is seemingly overflowing with edgy dark and vulgar humor.

A prisoner's life is kinda tedious and there's not much thing you can do but sleeping. But thing is a little bit different for princess Sya (I'll call her Sya-hime). Captured by the demon king, as a pro sleeper, she can't bear the terrible bed in the cell. read more
May 27, 2021
When will Netflix stop producing shitty CGI anime with jam-pack story in 3-6 episodes, their latest anime just doesn't seem to improve.

I really expected Eden to be good. After all, it carries the name Eden, that's the promised neverland, that's Vinland. It should tell an intriguing story about finding the promised land, right? Unfortunately, this show is just the most clique anime ever, like a 80s novel that's lost in the space of time.

Eden follows the story of the time 1000 year after human's extinction. Why they're extincted, we don't know. Wars? Nature's Wrath? Pollution? What we do know is that now earth read more