Jul 8, 2019
Franck_Nicolas (All reviews)
This is a bad casino royale.

Each week students have to choose one student who will be socially killed by revealing a video of him having sex or whatsoever.

Problem is, there are so many plotholes i had to drop the manga because it made no sense at all. In addition the characters are really really bad, why are they all perverts and criminals? I mean what s the point of revealing videos of them having sex if everyone in the class do the same perverted things and even worse things, how is that supposed to kill them socially? Everything is just pretty dumb in the manga. The students have the weirdest reactions ever to anything.

Art is ok, i ve seen worse.

I dont know what i could add, because the manga felt pretty empty. Well don t waste your time on this manga. I can t recommend it to any audience.