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Aug 23, 2022
Hive (Manga) add
Hello !

Man, this webtoon was such an awesome ride ! We got an incredibly long adventure with an intense pace. The author never lets the reader down. From the author of "Aura from another planet", which was incredibly funny, we now have an action packed survival webtoon.

Story : 9/10 - for a webtoon this long, the story was surprisingly consistent and kept a good pacing from the beginning to the end. If you love dark survival in apocalypse settings (like the movie last train for busan, for example), you will love the story. The last ark was a bit weird in my opinion though.

Characters : ...
Aug 23, 2022

I read this webtoon a long time ago so I don t remember everything perfectly. This is an action/comedy story of two aliens coming to earth with "buff" powers and getting their adventures mixed up with slice of life moments at school.

The best part of this webtoon is the comedy in my opinion. It is based on pacing, funny facial expressions, absurd situations, and all of these are very original !

Now, let s talk about the ratings.

Scenario : 6/10 the scenario is not the most important element of the webtoon. You'll probably forget about it after a while. However there is a good ...
Jun 15, 2022
Paripi Koumei (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/12 eps)
The synopsis is original, but the scenario is not really interesting... The concept was funny at first, a great medieval tactician who is teleported into modern days and try to use his talents in order to conquer the music world instead of a kingdom.

However, it quickly becomes bland and after a few episodes I was just watching a generic anime about the rising of an idol.

Story : 6/10, the concept is original but not really interesting
Art : 7/10
Sound : 7/10, it s not bad but the music are forgettable, which is not good for a musical anime
Character : 4/10, the characters have zero depth, ...
Jan 24, 2022
Preliminary (10/13 eps)
I m not into 3D CGI animes.
I never watched any blade runner-related video.

But this anime is a good surprise ! This is a sci-fi action series.

The animation is correct, with awesome fighting choregraphies. The characters are a bit stiff when they aren t fighting though. The lightning effects are really good and makes a great sci fi/cyberpunk atmosphere, even though it s a bit too dark to see anything in some scenes.

The anime is only focused on the main plot, which makes everything easy to understand, even when we don t know the universe. The characters are loveable, even though their motivations aren't always ...
Dec 2, 2021
White Blood (Manga) add
Preliminary (92/92 chp)
This a vampire story, focused on action scenes. You 'll also find a cute romance but it's not the main theme of the webtoon.

The story isn't really good and the reactions of the characters are often cliche. However, the pace is good and the author succesfully kept tings interesting througout the whole webtoon, especially thanks to loveable characters and their cute relationships.

The main quality of the webtoon is its art. It may be the best looking webtoon you'll read (it's in my top 1). The chara designs, the clothes, the backgrounds, the action, everything is extremely beautiful and clean.

To conclude, I wasn't particularly interested by ...
Nov 22, 2021
Mixed Feelings
This anime is a pure deception.

It is a technically good Seinen, with great and fluid animation, good music, great voice acting (with actors from movies instead of seiyus). The atmosphere is similar to Samurai Champloo from the same studio, it is chill, with a lot of boring conversations between the characters, and then sudden well animated actions scenes.

The plot is just an excuse to make the characters travel in various cities without clear objective. The pace is chaotic (there is even an episode where a main character is captured, and at the beginning of the following episode she's free without any explanation), the plot is ...
Aug 29, 2021
Preliminary (7/13 eps)
This is the second season of Natsu no Arashi.

However, it could be watched separately because the plot has lost all of its substance. It s only light comedy sketches and the episodes are completely independant.

In addition, the gags are not funny and overused in this second season, and a lot of them were already used in the first season, so it didn t make me laugh anymore. When you hear 20 times the same joke, you become as exasperated as the guy asking for salt since episode 1. For exemple, there is an episode where one of the characters transform in a funny fantasy character, ...
Jul 30, 2021
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
My first review was deleted because I was explaining how bad it was and someone thought it was impossible.

This is the story of a new teacher supposed to teach a group of overpowered anti-terrorist loli. The teacher gets kidnapped, and the lolis have to go save her. This is a lame excuse to show cute girls in action scenes. There are a few fan service scenes poorly introduced and obscene.

The characters have no particular identity and zero depth. Their behaviour make no sense, even if there are only little girls. Nothing really happens and it s impossible to care about the characters, unless you re ...
Sep 12, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
If you want to watch teenagers struggling to organize a prom bal, it s the anime for you.

I m at episode 10 and nothing else happened really. The original plot from previous season, setting Hachiman as an outcast and how different student manage their emotions and relationships, is completly forgotten in this new season. It s all about the prom, which has literally zero interest. It could have been done in only one episode. The pace is so damn slow

So people told me that i didn t like this season because i don t understand the themes. I fully understand the themes in season 1, ...
Jul 6, 2020
Preliminary (9/23 eps)
Story 7/10

A lot of nonsensical reactions and plot twists. I wont spoil anything but some outcomes made me cringe and were very hard to believe. However, the overall plot is interesting and hardly predictable. It s a very original story.

Art 10/10

The art quality is not the best in the world. However, the artists managed to make awesome art with simple tricks. A lot of scenes look like oil paint and are very colorful. It s very impressive and cool to watch. A lot of effort were put in the color and light effects. It s just incredible. The animation is fluid and dynamic. Every amateur ...