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Aug 28, 2019
this is a chinese anime about a random guy who meets two monster girls, a dog and a vampire. The two girls are interested in the main character (EDIT : after a few episodes romance totally disapeared). I d say it s a comedy/aventure anime. There is a serious lack of scenario, each episode has it s own objective however it doesn t make the story really progress. New characters appear trhoughout the season however they don t really bring anything to the show.

I watch this anime because i kinda like the animation and characters (i think the chara design is good) However the plot read more
Jul 8, 2019

This is a futanary manga, but not a hentai, it s a comedy. It tells the story of a dude who tries to accept the fact that his beautiful girlfriend has a peni* in addition of her vag*na.

Well as all these kind of useless manga the plot is pretty dumb, however this one is okay, apart from all the futa thing it has pretty decent comedy. i think this is one of the best manga of it's kind. The characters have good peronnalities, i liked them. And there was good a few good moments of comedy. I must say i chuckled a few times reading read more
Jul 8, 2019
This is a bad casino royale.

Each week students have to choose one student who will be socially killed by revealing a video of him having sex or whatsoever.

Problem is, there are so many plotholes i had to drop the manga because it made no sense at all. In addition the characters are really really bad, why are they all perverts and criminals? I mean what s the point of revealing videos of them having sex if everyone in the class do the same perverted things and even worse things, how is that supposed to kill them socially? Everything is just pretty dumb in the manga. read more
Jul 8, 2019
dont waste your time on this. I don t know why this was in my recommendations -_-''

It s a story about a girl, who have a peni* instead of a woman's genitalia.
The whole story resolves around that. Isn t she supposed to be a male then???

This girl then meets a handsome dude but she gets hard each time she sees him, so she tries to hide it. Ahahaha that s so funny (no)

The story is only 8 chapters long so of course characters are bland and without any depth.

Well at least the art is actually pretty decent, i think.

I would recommend you to not read more
May 18, 2019
I m writing a review on this because i do not agree with the only review existing at the moment from Erik the Red.

This manga is about a teacher called Takahashi who met for the first time demi humans, and they are his new students (they are different from normal humans, there is a vampire for exemple) As Erik the Red said, Takahashis passion to research demis is one of the driving forces of the manga however apart from that, there is no real story (feels more like a slice of life story)

The manga is indeed cute and lighthearted. There s some soft comedy in read more
May 16, 2019
It s an anime for a perverted audience, nothing more. It s not even an hentai so what s the point. By the way i started watching it because there was no category associated with this anime so i didn t know what kind of show it would be. I m not a fan of pantie shots and ahegao faces however i think even that in this anime is wasted. Even if it was good i don t see the point of making a whole anime with that kind of forced perversion. It s not even sexy or anything since the drawing is just bland read more
May 9, 2019
This is the story of a new teacher supposed to teach a group of overpowered anti-terrorist loli.

The teacher gets kidnapped, and the lolis have to go save her.

That s all you 'll see in this short movie. Ah, i forgot you get to see a few fan service shots, poorly introduced.

The characters make no sense and the story is bland. Nothing really happens and it s impossible to care about the characters.

However i have to admit there are a few scenes with good animation, and the realization is good.

The music is bad and overlaps the dialogues in the beginning or my headphones became really bad read more
Apr 29, 2019
The adaptation no one asked for.

This in an anime with no dialogue - like in the manga. Even though each episode only lasts three minutes, i do not recommend wasting your time on it.

Joshikausei is supposed to be a light comedy manga with a kind of slice of life of an extravagant high school girl. It doesn t work at all in this adaptation, there is nothing funny at all. I don t understand what they were trying to do but the situations are not funny just awkward and sometimes stupid. Also some scenes are really close to soft porn or pervert shots. That s read more
Feb 3, 2019
Generic chara designs, dull characters with no depth and unbearable childish voices, cringe and cliche reactions, conversations going throughout a whole episode without adding anything to the story that we did nt already know thanks to previous episodes, ridiculous overuse of fan service, deus ex machina power acquisition, story copied from all other fantasy seinen existing, except the hero is a ball with no expressions and everyone instantly like him and become his servant with no reason. The scenario goes all over the place with new characters changing of behaviour each scene with no reason.

Oh and also the music is very childish too.
Dec 22, 2018
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well i wasn t expecting anything from this little manga. I read it just to relax after a hard day of study, and it completed this role.

I kinda like the art in it, it s very simple but pleasant. It s the same with everything else in the manga from story to enjoyment. The only negative aspect of the manga is that it s a bit too long for a story of this kind. It should have been shorter for a manga without ambition like this. At least the end doesn t feel rushed.

I won t recommand it to anyone since the manga is a read more