Jun 22, 2019
RPWPA (All reviews)
Natsume yuujinchou never fails to amaze me, no matter how old I am or how I personally changed, I can never find myself unable to enjoy it, it is a work of art that continues to this day and I hope I can see more of it.
Whenever there is a movie made for an anime it usually has some random action and mainly flawed plot but thankfully this is not the case, this feels more like a longer episode of natsume rather than a movie, it is soothing, relaxing and it personally made me very happy considering I didn't like part 6 as much as the rest.

The story is great and unique and the fact that this is a movie after 6 seasons with each season having 12/13 episodes with ovas for every season yet there is such a good idea like this still being presented for the first time makes me happy, I won't spoil anything but it sure was a very fun ride though I will say the fact that we got to know that not every human despised reiko was so heartwarming.

The art is phenomenal as well as the animation but it felt a bit lacky in that part but I know a 100% flawless animation is extremely difficult to obtain anyways so it wasn't a big problem or anything.

The OSTs/Ending song were great as ususal.

Overall a 10/10, it helped me forget about my other worries and was an incredibly fun ride.

Would recommend it even as a stand-alone movie and not part of a series.