May 14, 2019
Ezekiel_01 (All reviews)
Anime Review No.1 2019 Version

Manaria and Friends or "Mysteria Friends" still baffle me on what purpose it was made. Nobody asked for this. People wanted to have more high quality epic quest and explosive action but we get the total opposite it still set in the same universe of the title it base around however the only motivation I will have to watch it is that it's related to Shingeki no Bahamut which by the
way a good show and must watch if you have the time after reading this review.

Art ( 6/10) Above Average

Right of the bat that show is already promising in production value. Good Color Palette, Interesting character design but sometimes it's feels unoriginal if your going to base their design on certain archetypes. The background is really gorgeous and beautiful. This is my friends what Mysteria selling point and strength is. For a Slice of Life Anime it will actually work well but then it won't blend to much to the character and the setting the universe is base around. Frankly the background design can be shove to any anime with Harry Potter Style of School and nobody will notice the difference and so Manaria Art Style and beautiful setting is also plain forgettable because nothing of impact it delivers both the character and the story which is sad that if this atmosphere dynamic was used properly then Mystria Friends will be a magical of an experience.

Sound (5/10) Average to Fine

The score is great and relaxing no question ask and no denying it matches the art style and atmosphere especially the ending credits feels like your old movies playing in the background really feels like slice of life but that's the only praise this show going to get from me honestly.

Plot (3/10)

If you are looking for an interesting or engaging story you won't get in Mysteria Friends even for an average slice of life where you see character slowly grows and develop while the same time have good grasp of the people or the side character that surrounded them. They did actually tried to introduce this character and have a few seconds and less than 5 minute to know them but sadly the show focus spending most of the screen time on Grea and Anne which only show mild and shallow interest in relationship they blush a lot, stare at each other, give small dialogues on each other and stuff and that's it. Too bad the show did actually present some interesting action but it is not fully utilize a Slice of Life with a few action here and there combo, doesn't actually sound bad, it even make the show somewhat memorable and more enjoyable than dawdling 15 minute breakfast time anime where the moment you finish eating the show ended and of to work. This is how I watch Mysteria actually to be honest.

Characters (3/10)

Mysteia Friends is the title of show so from that I have the first impressions we will get episode by episode that each minor character will be introduce and presented as folks living in the magical school. I expected for each character introduce we will give a brief and clear understanding on how the world and daily living work in Mysteria Friends. I urge to learn how do they learn magic, how different is a magical school from an ordinary school in the real world, how humans, mystical creatures and "DEMONS" interact with each. With this question in mind, Mysteria would be a promising show but in the end as I mention before we get more Grea and Anne spending a huge amount of time on the same place or botch around on a secret place where nobody will ever bother to go there.

For Side Character Impression:
Frankly I don't even know or even remember at this point the names of the side cast. All I can remember is the elf ear girl, the loli racoon looking fox, the sensei who is obsess with cosplay and this cool looking body guard who stalk around in the background. Yes this how I see the character which literally explain how poorly they are portrayed in this series even though they deserve better

Main Cast Impression:
This how I can describe Grea, She is a humanoid dragon princess meaning half human and half dragon that have huge dragon tail and horns. She shed her skin like she is going on mensuration and she blushes around Anne even on the most mundane conversation. She is shy to sleep with other people especially with Anne because she hugs her tail and finally she is very strong because she have dragon blood of course. And that's about it.

And Anne personally I don't see anything new on her personality. She is genius prodigy that can cast high level spell, she is royalty, respected and love by the people. She make rash decision that counter her position as a princess, she can't swim for some childish reason. And lastly she is madly crazy for Grea for no any background reason to tell why they have this so called deep relation ship.

My final thoughts about the characters that they are shallow. Nothing significant changes them in the span of 10 episodes for them. Looking back to episode 1 and episode 10 nothing actually change in the story except for graduation and that's it. I don't get any sort satisfaction on finishing mysteri nor a sense of accomplishment. It only just ends and surely enough this anime will just be forgotten and fans will just watch it because of Rage of Bahamut is attach to it alternative reference. It sad this show can potentially show the other side of the story without the epic battles and quest. But in the end all we get is forgo-table Slice of Life Fantasy anime that people wouldn't care after finishing it, unless your into the lesbian princess x dragon girl fetish.