Mar 5, 2008
Spice and Wolf is a Supernatural, Romance, Adventure anime set in a sort of fantasy, European, Medieval world. The story itself revolves around a young travelling merchant (Craft Lawrence), who encounters a legendary wolf god, in the appearance of a cute girl (Holo/Horo) and they end up travelling together. However for those expecting plenty of wolf action or full-on romance may be disappointed. Instead it basically follows their journey from town to town, helping each other on complex business deals, whilst coming across major developments and dilemmas. Of course there are pockets of action & minor romantic developments but those don’t play much part until later on in the short series.

Due to the nature of the story; the main characters don’t really stay at one place, so the series lacks recurring characters. But the Craft and Holo duo helps make up for the lack of characters, with their thought provoking and witty comments. Craft is a guy who’s usually so full of himself that it’s hilarious and Holo is the cute, arrogant, wolf-girl that’s there to put Craft in his place. The conversations the 2 have are what make the series worth watching however if you turn off that factory in your head called a brain you are bound to miss something important or amusing.

The quality of the animation is sheer amazing. The environments are aesthetically well designed that you’ll notice straight away it is strongly influenced by Medieval Europe. The characters and objects move somewhat fluidly and have a general slender design but this series doesn’t have many opportunities to show what it’s fully capable of.

The music is a mix of piano melodies complemented by a variety of string and wind instruments, to go well with the medieval theme. Though I must say, the music is extremely catchy that you may start humming the OP or ED themes without even knowing it.

Overall Spice and Wolf is definitely something to watch if you want to try something a little unique, or if you’re just into girls with a pair of cute ears & a tail; because either way you won’t be disappointed. The story may not be all that interesting and neither is the very educational economics and trade involved, nonetheless the well developed, main characters are what make it interesting. With such captivating and hilarious, high-brow conversations between the main characters; it is quite easy to forget about the story that doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere, half the time. At least the story does nothing to ruin the clever plot but the ending is pretty unsatisfying and in need of a continuation.

Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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