Apr 24, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Two months ago, Pop Team Team epic did their Batman vs. Joker crossover. One month ago, Dethklok animated music video series was continued with 'Batmetal Forever'. And today, Batman Ninja was released. Christopher Nolan was first bitch slapped in the face, then kicked in the nuts and now not even a 5-dimensional bookshelf can save him from the power of the new Batman Trilogy, and neither can it save you.


Batman is a manly man. This makes many people angry, so they decide to travel to Japan and kick his ass. Unfortunately for them, Batman is also a pretty bro person, so he calls his buddies Lobin, Alveleddo and Naito Wingu (Robin, Alfred and Nightwing if you weebs don't speak Japanese) and ask "yo, wanna kick some ass" and they be like "cool" and then they do. That's pretty much the entirety of the storyboard. It's simply an amazing action packet. I can unironically say I love the idea above everything else Batman related.


I am really into that bro and manly stuff, but I occasionally also like that manly and bro stuff. This is a bit of both. Batman is pretty cool guy eh isn't afraid of any villain, and has abandont some of this moral faggotry which he is most famous for. Definitely a good call. This version of Joker is not exactly as talented in crossdressing as Jared Leto nor can clap his hands like Heath Ledger, but he damn cool alright, and shares the same smile with Heath for sure. Pretty much everyone is awe-inspiringly manly or sexy beyond belief. Especially Alfred who falls under both. Also, whenever he is on the screen I am afraid I will get murdered by him.


"This is my Work, you and me, we're nothing alike."
-Mizusaki Junpei to Christopher Nolan

When I am watching Baatoman Ninju I really feel like I am in a city which ownership is clear to all of its citizens. I am at the 16th story window looking how bunch of assholes beat each others with shurikens, swordos and all sort of ninjitsu arts. Pretty neat. The audiovisual execution is superb. Pretty much anyone can see that only right decisions were made during the making of Batman Ninja. The target audience was very clear from the start, and not even the PG-13 logo is enough to make this look lame or restrained. By that I mean there was no holding back and the available-for-all-ages has not limited the work.


Holy production values. I never knew an anime could look like a comicbook. The details are insane, yet never too much. Almost remind me of 'Katanagatari' where simplicity and complexity live in harmony. The characters design can be referred to with just about any praising adjective, and if CGI looked this good every time, I wouldn't have to call it nu-anime anymore.


Lead composer is Yugo Kanno. Expect Hollywood tier action wobs and declamatory drops. The voice acting is what makes this so badass and manly. Everyone is mature and no typical loli tsunderes are there. High pitched vocal range is banned.


Ever since I saw the Japanese dubbed version of airplane scene ("It would be extremely painful" - "You're a big guy" - ".... 4 u", I have been wanting to see something exactly as entertaining, and damn if Japan didn't deliver. I can recommend this to anyone who ever hyped it.