Dec 7, 2017
Dionkeykong (All reviews)
Once again a warning that i swear a lot and if you are a kid and read this u might be consumed by the evil flames,become a deliquent,do drugs and lust after your sister..Or so say the admins and the overprotective internet..So off we go and let's see what's what..

One would expect Blue Exorcist to be something among the lines of typical shonen genre trash.Know what?It abso-fuckin-lutely is.Blue Exorcist,while entertaining,doesn't bring to the table anything that the tired genre hasn’t already seen before.

The protagonist(can't be bothered to remember the name cause he's just like every other protagonist of the particular genre)is an irresponsible lad who just happens to have a hidden power.Unbeknownst to him,he is the son of Satan and has in his disposal all sorts of demonic power ranger tricks.I know all this because it is revealed in the very first episode.After that revelation he decides to fight the powers of evil.

He then takes off and enrolls in True Cross Academy.which is like Hogwarts,without Ermione of course,so now if you are a child molester you can't fap to that perky little ass..YOU DAMN PERVS..Anywho in this academy he will learn how to be an exorcist.He also meets a bunch of uninteresting,boring to death,second grade characters(thank you shonen genre).Also,his younger brother turns out to be an exorcist too,and SURPRISE SURPRISE HE IS SO FUCKIN AWESOME HE IS HIS BROTHER'S TEACHER...OMFG!!!!!!!!!!Someone kill me now please..

Throughout the course of his training,the protagonist battles all kinds of monsters and eventually has to face off against the real daddy..The Dark Lord Volder....Sorry i meant Satan.During the whole show i had this question stuck in my head:Where are the real exorcists?You know,the school’s teachers or the people from the Vatican?Apparently,they don’t give a shit or they figured they could leave it up to some students.Fortunately,the protagonist and his brother kicked Satan's ass and the world was once again a flower filled utopia,where they could all run naked in turnip fields.The End......Oh wait....Now what in the name of all that's holy is this?They have one final battle with a demon who inhabits motor vehicles???????What the unholy fuck is this?

The only thing that really stood out for me in this show is the obsession animators had with moles.The brother had three moles on his bloody face.The protagonist’s mother had four moles on her face.Whoever did the character designs for this clearly has a mole fetish.

All in all,while Blue Exorcist has good animation quality and is mildly entertaining to watch,it ultimately belongs with all the other typical shit animes of the genre..To the history garbage bin.