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Sep 13, 2021
Most times i don't want to judge an anime from its' cover but 90% of the time my gut is right and when i came accross the title of this anime i should have known what i was going into. But i made the fatal mistake of reading reviews before i went into it, which i rarely do and almost always i end up disappointed not only by the anime itself but by the reviewers themselves and if we were talking amateur reviewers that would be fine(i'm used to easily impressed people by now) but to think that pro reviewers were singing praises like this read more
Sep 5, 2021
Tanaka kun is Always Listless-and this may surprise you-is a comedy anime with a school setting as if there aren't a ton of garbage out there with the same premise. It's as if the industry that produced so many exciting and thought provocative animes is now a stagnant pool of shit and i blame YOU, the viewers, cause when an interesting anime appears if it hurts your feelings you take to twatter and cry internet tears of despair so we end up with crap like this one.

TIAL is about Tanaka, who is a lazy as fuck student who wants to do nothing but sleep. In read more
Aug 18, 2021
Noir (Anime) add (All reviews)
It's been too long since i last saw Noir and for some reason my taint was itching to have a go at it for a 2nd time after 19 years and if i'm honest i shouldn't have made this fatal mistake cause what i watched with my innocent eyes and rose tinted galsses back then....Let's find out, shall we?

Noir, for starters, is part of a trilogy of animes themed as Girls with Dild.....Oh it's not that kind of deadly device...Girls with frying pans then? No not that either..Oh yes of course, silly me. It's Girls with Guns (and Roses)..And as was the case with band read more
Aug 14, 2021
My sister, My writer, My life that slowly faded away and like dust in the wind was scattered all over the mountains of despair where my loved ones mourned my passing, while my coffin was, slowly but steadily, going down to my final resting place, where maggots would feast on my dead flesh and demons would rape my soul in hell for eternity....Death was only the beginning....

And death would be a nice change of pace in this instance, where i find my self reviewing and at the same time warning people not to fall for this trap..If i make no sense or my grammar has read more
Aug 8, 2021
Welcome everyone to this week's episode of National Animegraphic in which we bear witness to the discovery of a new species of anime. Living deep in the jungles of Otakuzil, this anime is one of the deadliest, thanks to its' poison that can kill a normal sized human in mere seconds. It's so deadly it can kill itself if it bites its' tail.

Glasslip, which was named after the man who discovered it, John McAsshole Glasslip, found its' way to the west and into my fucking room and as i'm writing these words i'm already dead so don't bother calling the paramedics..If you want to chat read more
Aug 4, 2021
I've said it time and time again but Netflix does nothing but fuck up each and every anime it gets its' filthy hands on.

Devilman-for those who don't know or don't care to check-was a stunning looking manga from the 70's and again for those of you who are too young and innocent....It was a time that changed the whole world..Woodstock, sexual revolution, drugs everywhere..My dog what a time to be alive.

It was also the time when the original Devilman came to life and if you have a modicum of logic you will leave whatever the fuck you're doing and read the manga and/or watch the read more
Aug 4, 2021
Seiren (Anime) add (All reviews)
I'm trying really hard to write this review for 2 reasons.

1)It's so hot outside-43°C-to be exact and 2) i can't remember anything about Seiren and i just finished it 30 mins ago...And if i was 80 yrs old there would be a perfect explanation as to why my memory is fuzzy. Alzheimer's disease! But i'm 35 and not even drunk yet so my best guess would be that Seiren is at fault here with its' lethal doses of boredom and depression and to be honest i kinda see why Japan has a forest for people to hang on........Yeah sometimes i can be a sick read more
Jul 30, 2021
Welcome people it's been a while huh?
Warning for our underage fellows..Every single review i write has strong language and over the top offensive tone, so if you're not up to the challenge please leave..Don't want those pesky admins busting my chops again.

So Cross Ange..From what i gather an anime that divided it's fans with it's..Strong themes.Well it divided me too cause i still don't know if i enjoyed it or if it was as stupid as an American President(pick whoever you want).

So let's dive into the damn thing, see what's what. First things first. This ain't an anime for the faint hearted nor for the read more
Jul 29, 2021
You know how from time to time i say that an anime is intended for a group that should be publicly executed in front of their families? Well as it happens this anime is one of them and its' sole purpose is to please pedophiles.

And this is a perfect case study to be honest cause through this anime i managed to make the link between people who want to fuck kids and people who like moe, cutesy looking characters. Just browse through the reviews in here and you'll get the message pretty fucking quick in sentences like "i know it's wrong but it's cute"....Know read more
Jul 29, 2021
I'm not really sure how this anime escaped my attention up till now but again i have the same attention spam as a toddler with the drinking habits of a 25 yr old English lad when on vacation to Greece....But since i spent some good amount of watching it to the end i might as well spend some more time writing a review about it.

Now i've heard and read that Chaos;HEAd was a VN later adapted into anime format..I admit that i had no knowledge of this fact until now and to be honest i have no intention on spending time with the VN or read more