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Dec 10, 2017
So i'm Dion and i have a condition.I swear a lot and i can't hold back my sarcastic,nihilistic side.So if you're not old enough to know what your willy is for then i suggest you read something else for a bedtime story.

And onto Hanayamata which is just another "cute girls doing cute things" type of anime...Cause we needed one in 5 minutes,right?But then i'm a soulless fuck so what do i know.

The story is about a girl who one day while walking past a shrine at night while on the influence of LSD,she heard rhythmic clacking coming from the shrine grounds.Curious,Naru follows the sounds and read more
Dec 8, 2017
I've been trying to find what Highschool of the Dead reminded me of and suddenly,minutes ago it hit me..You know these parody porn being released from time to time?Well....This manages to be even worse.So with no further adue here's my review of Nightmare on Boobtastic Street.

The story is what it says in the synopsis.Basically a highschool setting,a bunch of students,who found themselves into the middle of a zombie apocalypse and their struggle not to die,plain and simple..So how,one has to wonder,an anime with such a good premise fucked it up in a galactic scale?

First you have to look at the group of people this aims read more
Dec 7, 2017
Once again a warning that i swear a lot and if you are a kid and read this u might be consumed by the evil flames,become a deliquent,do drugs and lust after your sister..Or so say the admins and the overprotective internet..So off we go and let's see what's what..

One would expect Blue Exorcist to be something among the lines of typical shonen genre trash.Know what?It abso-fuckin-lutely is.Blue Exorcist,while entertaining,doesn't bring to the table anything that the tired genre hasn’t already seen before.

The protagonist(can't be bothered to remember the name cause he's just like every other protagonist of the particular genre)is an irresponsible lad who read more
Dec 7, 2017
Hi guys and gals..Do you wanna know how it is to sit inside someone's ear and spend the rest of your bloody life doing nothing but just that?Well luckily for ya there is an anime called To Heart.

Word of warning,this review contains excitement and swearing and some really really graphic sadistic descriptions.With that onto the review of this...I dare not call it s@it cause that would be an insult to good s@it or even bad s@it..This has taken the idea of endless boredom and went all the way to 11 or 789 by the looks of things.

Stupid name,stupid anime,stupid stupid me for watching this shit read more
Dec 6, 2017
I can't believe i've rated a Berseker so low but well..I did and here comes one of the shortest reviews i've done to date.If you are a fanboy or a fangirl or someone who can't handle mature language get a hike cause things are gonna get a bit messy.
It's a little known fact among my peers that i love Berseker.In fact i love it so much that i wanted to move to Japan and marry it,have it's kids and live happily ever after.But i think it might have been a holiday romance and when we came back i realised that it had horrid face hair.
I read more
Dec 5, 2017
WARNING:This review is a menace to the future of humanity,which ultimately means it's bound to bring tears into the eyes of the easily offended guys and girls.

With that outta the way let's see what Acchi Kocchi is all about,shall we?If you are capable of reading that means you get the picture by the synopsis so i won't waste your precious otaku time LOL...But just for laughs it follows 5 young 'uns 3 girls,2 boys.Mostly it's just Io and Tsumiki and their...What is it called?...Relationshahahahahahahah....Yeah right...No no i shall not laugh at the great institute called romance..As i was saying it's about Tsu having the hots read more
Dec 3, 2017
I'm not gonna beat around the bush,this anime is simply brilliant,a true masterpiece,there's no other word for it.It's one of those animes that makes u wanna abandon all things in life and watch this instead..Wife?Kids?Nope,divorced me wife sold my kids for medical experiments and bought supplies for my underground cave so i could watch this without any disturbances.

The characters of these series(it can't be seperated from the others so it's that kind of review) are most certainly the most unique and complex I have seen.But whereas most animes focus WAY TOO MUCH on the main ones this doesn't.This one just beatifully absorbs all characters by read more
Dec 3, 2017
Warning:My reviews are full of mature language most times so be advised and get the kids to the shelter in case they get offended..God the world has gone soft in the head...
Oh man how everyone howled when there were news of a new SAO movie.You could hear the screams of joy from 'Murica to the North Pole.That's how much of a stir it caused to the community and indeed the trousers of fans cause they would get to see Asuna all dressed up...You sick sick little b@stards.

But first let's take a quick glance at the history of SAO.The anime adaptation of Reki Kawahara’s light novel read more
Dec 3, 2017
I'm submitting this review again with less swearing and after the mods of this site told me in a very bold way that freedom of speech is not allowed in any way/shape or form and that reviews should be molded to their tastes itherwise it is,and i quote here "a rant" and that somehow can't be tolerated...What you witness here everyone is freedom of speech being violated and the establishment of thought police..They say that reviews should not have emotion..I'm sorry,emotion is the driving force behind everything.When i listen to music i want it to make me feel alive not catatonic.
This review is a noisy read more
Nov 30, 2017
Yeah yeah warning i swear a lot and all that crap..

Why haven't i written a review about this till now?Why?I mean yeah ok i am a busy man,i try to balance work and everyday shit and ruining every single good thing in my life cause i'm a deeply flawed creature and boohoo boohoo nobody loves me..

So School Days.And how do i sum it up?How do i start?I know!!!!I shall throw some pseudo-intellectual shit like other people do for shows that have absolutely nothing going for them and they want to justify the fact that they wasted their time by throwing some clever sounding shit they read more