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Mar 11, 2019

WARNING:THIS REVIEW HAS CONTENT HARMFUL TO KIDS(so i guess that means it will be fun)

So, what's on today's menu? I could order a bed of nails and sleep on it till all my blood runs out, i could also try that thing i read the other day called autoerotic asphyxia...Did you know that most kids these days die trying to pull this off(pun intended)? Yeah apparently young males call it scarfing cause they use their scarfs to hang themselves in order to heighten the sexual release.

Now, i haven't tried this myself cause i find it too risky, i'm a simple lad to be honest. Jerk read more
Jan 10, 2019

Has it ever happened to you? Sitting down to write something but you can't really seem to organize your thoughts? I have no clue whatsoever as to how to approach this one.. This anime to me is as strange as the vast universe we live in and i certainly don't mean that in a good way, as you may have gathered by my rating.

At first i thought there was something wrong with my neuron system, maybe my brain's wiring wasn't allowing me to enjoy this piece of art in a way that would.....Touch my soul or me strings or some other slang romance enthusiasts like read more
Jan 8, 2019

Soooooooo....Bokura ga ita huh? What can i say? I like punishing my self for my past mistakes and all the things i did to people...Or maybe i just practice for the day i die and go straight to hell..Now fair warning there's gonna be too much swearing from this point on so if you're one of those fruitcakes who get offended over bad words, may i suggest you get the hell away from here and into your bubble.

But we are not here to discuss my issues or my afterlife vacation plans, no..We have gathered here to talk about anime, so buckle up my beauties we read more
Nov 30, 2018

Well someone has to do the dirty work around here,heh? And that someone has to be me again, right?

What can i say about Girlfriend BETA other than i don't know what to say..Or rather there is nothing to say cause this anime shouldn't exist in the first place. It's a waste of time, a waste of money, it's just a waste.

To examine what went wrong with this clusterfuck of an anime i went to my favorite place. No not the strip club, i mean google, the all knowing search engine. And there i found many interesting things such as guides to suicide by pills or read more
Nov 29, 2018
So...MAL and some snowflakes that don't like my bashing of their precious anime and apparently manage to get this specific review removed on a weekly basis.. I'm not joking this is the 4th time it's taken down.. Does it stop me from speaking my mind? Nope, still here, still gonna post the hell of this review just to annoy these nut cases.
Why i keep doing this? Easy.. I have issues with authority and i don't like being silenced. With that in mind here's my review of Clannad the Cancer Story and a noisy 2 finger salute to you, my lovely babies!
As i've said in a read more
Nov 28, 2018

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to what's gonna be an unpopular review for 2 reasons.

1)This anime seems to be controversial and 2)because it features broken as fuck characters as the main attraction.

Now these 2 reasons might seem a bit vague but worry not as i'll explain the idiocy behind people's hatred for this anime later on.

So off with the story where we meet Erika who struggles to fit in with her classmates and resorts to making shit up to make herself seem more interesting than she is. That's something we all do whether we like it or not, we lie to make a possible read more
Nov 25, 2018

"To the bath house and beyond" or maybe that's what they should have called this psycho circus called Ufo Ultramaiden Valkyrie..And if you're not impressed by the title alone let me give you some more useful details that will arouse your...Mind.

What? Did you think i was gonna say your pants? What anime do you think this is anyway? This is a serious love story about a little 8 yr old girl and a child molester, who found one another under the worst circumstances possible.

You see our little Valkyrie crashed her spaceship right on Kazuto's(the child molester)bath house, killing him in the process. And if this read more
Nov 9, 2018

You know, as a general rule in anime, OVA series that are 1 or 2 or even 4 eps long are quite simply..Crap.

But as is not so often the case there are some rascals out there that manage to not only break that rule but produce to the world something amazing, something that is worth watching.

This little blast from the past is possibly the best comedy show I've seen in a great long while and maybe i'm wrong here, but i think it has to do with the fact that it's only 1 hour of pure fun.

I mean take this for a-somewhat-story! Half dragon girl…Dragon read more
Oct 27, 2018

After i posted my 1st review and after discussing it with several people in forums,they told me i should definitely watch the follow up as soon as possible..They told me i would be astonished and that it would knock my socks off..And it did if i'm honest but not for the reasons you might think..So let's cue the music.
Now i have to say that this season was better and before you stop reading and call a doctor hear me out cause what made this season better was also what made it equally worse to the 1st one in many many ways.

And we start with the read more
Oct 27, 2018
Gamers! (Anime) add (All reviews)

Soooooooooooo.....Yup......Gamers is the anime i'll be reviewing today and...It has an exclamation mark at the end, as you can probably see..If you're blind i'm sorry can't help you with that.

And where to start really? Maybe with the story? Yeah let's go with that and see how it plays out..

Ok then, the story is about gam...No it isn't actually. You see my dear friends this anime apart from the first and maybe the last episode where they vaguely talk about games, is a rom-com kinda deal. So the anime starts with Amano Keita-one of the most basic lads in anime-who,one fateful day,meets the Gamer Club President read more