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Oct 13, 2018

I've been wanting to write a review on FAB since the dawn of time and i do mean that..Can't even remember when i started taking notes on pieces of paper(yes yes i'm older than the universe and still use paper to write down instead of using technology)and i certainly can't for the life of me bring some order into this chaos..Seriously i have paper scattered all over my desk and now i can't organize it in such a way that it makes sense.

But then again we're talking about FAB and nothing about it makes sense. Nothing can prepare you for the storm of sensations that read more
Oct 8, 2018
Close your eyes and imagine i'm sliding my han....Oops sorry,my bad lads wrong script..I meant close your eyes and imagine for a second that the creators of Death Note met once again and decided to collaborate on an anime called Bakuman with a . at the end for some reason..

"Aha",you might say,"why should i bother,it will be the same shit all over again"...And that's exactly what i thought at first..And i couldn't be more wrong,which incidentaly has never happened since 1985 or so..

No,as it happens they are also capable of mashing our brains with other kind of stories as well and this anime is the read more
Oct 3, 2018
Code-E (Anime) add (All reviews)

As of writing this review i'm still trying to decipher what went wrong with this anime..When i went in i trully had no expectations whatsoever but even so i still can't wrap my head around the fact that Code-E is by all means horrid,garbage,a true testament to mankind's violent self-destructive nature.If WW2 was bad this moved the goalpost even further.And i'm not kidding compared to Code-E the gas chambers were a welcome change of pace...Almost like a holiday.

Even from the get go i don't think any attempts were made at all to even conceal its' true nature and don't think that as the episodes went read more
Oct 2, 2018
Gather round kids and let me tell you a dark story of how this anime made my cold/long dead heart melt and become one giant marshmallow pumping blood and endorphines...Or maybe i've gone soft in the head cause i haven't had a drink for some days now,WHO KNOWS?

All i know is that this strange fellowship of mad fuckers are one of the funniest combos out there,a wave of relentless laughter that is guaranteed to make you die from asphyxiation..I certainly almost forgot to breathe for some moments and that should tell you something about this anime's comedic value.

But don't take just my word for it read more
Sep 29, 2018

Hello there you beautiful f@cks,my name is Dion and i will be your guide through this painful journey.......That is unless you're offended by every single thing so..Sorry!

Now if my rating didn't give you a hint then here's one and don't say i didn't warn you...It's utter rubbish this anime.That's it..Oh you want more?

Ok then..I hated Binchou-tan,simple as that..And when i hate an anime i will show it just like i will equally show it when i love an anime.

And maybe i'm wrong-though i highly doubt it-and this anime is the best Japan has to offer in terms of entertainment.And it is if i'm honest,if you read more
Sep 1, 2018
I'm submitting this review again for the 3rd time with less swearing and after the mods of this site told me in a very bold way that freedom of speech is not allowed in any way/shape or form and that reviews should be molded to their tastes itherwise it is,and i quote here "a rant" and that somehow can't be tolerated...What you witness here everyone is OUR RIGHT to freedom of speech being violated and the establishment of thought police..They say that reviews should not have emotion..I'm sorry,emotion is the driving force behind everything.When i listen to music i want it to make me feel read more
Aug 29, 2018

Welcome everybody to the house of fun and also welcome to my review of Strawberry Marshmallow,which as the title suggests is so cute it can cause rotten teeth and obesity.

So what is this anime all about then?

The answer to that would be.....Nothing..It's another SOL-Moe anime garnished with the comedic bodily fluids of the chef.Which i'm sure many of you like very very much indeed.

And since i don't have to bother with the story part i can go on and talk characters..The cast for better or worse isn't a vast one,you only have to do with 5 characters.These characters would be Nobue(the older sister),Chika(the younger sister) read more
Aug 28, 2018

Another day another anime another review where i have to come up with interesting things to say about said anime.

But this is not just any other day,it's a rainy day and i'm dead tired.Only thing keeping me awake is my pure hatred which i'll try to transfer into this review as best as i can.

And where to start really?When an anime such as Manabi Straight is so devoid of..Anything to be honest.

Let's get the story part out of the way since there's no story to talk about..It's just another slice of life anime..Cause we needed one in 5 minutes,correct?Well no we didn't need another Moe-SOL read more
Aug 26, 2018

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the twisted circus.Here we have everything your every day masochist wants.

Do you want anime straight from the dark circles of hell?We got it.

Do you want entertainment similar to the Nazi's gas chambers?Hell yeah we got this too.

But what if you're mad?What if you go past a pet shop,see cute little puppies and feel an uncontrolable urge to lick their paws?

Well as it so happens we have the perfect solution for ya..It's called Aquarian Age and let's not fuck around it's rubbish.

It's one of those anime that has the story,has the potential to be something good but the ones in charge read more
Aug 14, 2018
Ben-To (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is by far the best anime i have EVER seen. Honest to god this anime is,for me,one of the best of the bestest. Pick whateva you want.Story?Magnificent.Animation?Eye waternigly good. In fact i'm struggling to find something wrong with it for 2 days now..But since this is a review i had to,even if it's nitpicking.

Beware though i do freakin swear a lot and if you're the oversensitive kind of chap or girl take a hike cause i'll slap you silly,make you cry your eyes out and off to years of psychotherapy.

With that begins my review of this glorious anime called Ben-To...And i have to say read more