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May 24, 2018

So i talked in a previous review about the first season of Genshiken so i thought it would be appropriate to say a few words about this,the last installment in the series.

I would be lying if i said i thought it was interesting or funny in any way.I only enjoyed 2 or 3 eps and that cannot exactly be called an accomplishment,can it?

Now 2 seasons after they sat down and thought it was time to change gears and go all in..Problem is that they bet all their money in black and the ball sat to red.And while this anime in some weird way wasn't a read more
May 23, 2018
Is it me or each and every show nowadays is the same unwatchable moe shit?Honestly this moe invasion makes me want to give up on anime altogether. I can't seem to recall a GREAT anime in the last 5 years or so.But as i was ready to blow my brains out from boredom i came across Welcome to the NHK,and my faith in anime was restored.

The show features the exploits of Sato,a 20-something shut-in who is so afraid of conspiracies plaguing the world,he refuses to leave the safety and warmth of his crappy apartment.As you might imagine,there are no conspiracies,but he is certain they exist.Everything read more
May 12, 2018

I'm Dion Bauer and these were the worst 288 minutes of my life.

WARNING:This review contains sarcasm and fun and all the things the PC fruitcakes hate.

Now on to the review and where do i fucking start with this one?It's like asking me to write the memoirs of a rotten corpse i met just 2 minutes ago..I mean it's a fucking corpse,it doesn't talk,it doesn't move its' hands so sign language is out of the question..What the hell am i supposed to do?

I know,i'll do what every single other reviewer does and make shit up about how this anime is the holy book of otakus given read more
May 11, 2018
Another review brought to you once again by that drunkard Dion bloke.Warning to all that my reviews are full of mature language and some other shit.

So FMP! what has it brought to our little world of moe and cute and huge eyes with glitter in them?Well it brought chaos and death and blood pooring from the screen and.....What?Wait a minute?Did i get this wrong?School?Romcom?What the fucking hell?What is this?Mr Jimmy and Dr Jim?

I should point out that i'm not in any way unfit to write a review it's the anime itself that is bipolar.One min it's a romcom another min it's an all guns blazing read more
May 10, 2018

So here i'm again trying to decipher another........Oh wait i almost forgot..Please be advised the force is with me today so my swearsaber is itching to shoot the F word like a mad apache helicopter's guns.

As i was saying today is the turn of Desert Punk to get some love.Let me see..Yeah got the lube,got the batteries,got some duct tape..Yup all is well.

So storywise DP(fucking lol) is a post apocalyptic anime that depicts the story of one kid,whose name i cannot bother to remember so from now on he is the horny MF.That horny MF as you'd expect is a bounty hunter who does all read more
May 9, 2018

Just before we begin i'd like to warn people that mature language WILL be used extensively throughout the review so brace yourselves.

Took me a while to watch this and for a very good reason.I want the hype dust to settle down and i also want some days off to see if my initial thoughts still hold up...And boy am i gonna get some shit for this review.

First off i think i have spotted a problem with anime in general in recent years and one that plagues this one as well.With such a huge number of animes every season you must ensure your creation will get read more
May 9, 2018
In this review there are hints of mature language.So if you aren't old enough to buy beer.......Not your fault i know..But hey if you do happen to read it i'll not tell anyone...
Do you know those tv ads,like don't eat meat,eat weed or don't smoke go for a run in the woods?Well i got one as well,smoke meth don't watch animes like this.

You're probably reading this standing in front of your screen going:"what the fuck he's on about"..But wait..Recent studies show that watching 1 episode from animes like To Heart 2,basically your everyday harem-romance anime,it shortens your lifespan by 1 week.That means that after watching read more
May 2, 2018
Oh dear Lord,why have you forsaken me you sick @%$^$%^*%*@$$!#........Welcome everyone to what is another drunk review,brought to you by Jack Daniels and Sons with a twist of Cola.Oh if you're not old enough to drink you probably shouldn't be here cause the internet,the admins of MAL and indeed the whole world has gone soft in the head and cannot handle honest,brutal,punch to the stomach opinions cause someone might be offended..Well that's your fault for being fruitcakes so bugger off.

And where do i start with this anime?Story?Yeah i can do that.So it's a touching story of a young lad who is a pianist.And a genius read more
May 1, 2018
Oh the memories..The hate,the pain,the blood running down my comrade's hands,the screams of burning victims as the bombs came down on us like rain,the sweet release of death as our lifeless eyes turned white.

That pretty much sums up everything about CotGHC,so goodbye no........No what are you doing?Why are you dragging me back?Leave me be,don't make me go through this nightmare again please...

Well they said that if i don't write a proper review they'll send me my wife's head in a bag so..

CotGHC then..It's about..Erm..Maybe it has to do something with Japan's school having a ton of clubs for kids to stay out of their parents read more
Apr 13, 2018

-We have to warn them Lord Byron..

-But do we?

-Whatever do you mean my Lord?They will die,we have to warn them

-Sure we can do that or....We cannot do that and go for some alcohol induced orgies with Lady Lilly

-Can i bring some friends?

-Sure you dirty dirty SOB.

Now that was my attempt to write a war era porn novel and it is disgusting.Which is also funnily enough the case with SHUFFLE!But before you go any further,are you underage maybe?If so please leave cause i swear a lot!But even if you don't i'm not gonna rat on you!

Oh come on Dion you're surely being your usual grumpy self read more