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Nyah_Chan Dec 11, 7:37 AM
Oh don't worry... I talk shit about Americans all the time... You see I was born in the US but from a young age moved around the world 13 times... So you do tend to realize how Americans are little bitches who don't know how to get their hand dirty...
Nyah_Chan Dec 10, 12:29 PM
I noticed the 'yet' part... Life goals am I right?...

I'm gonna be rich one day and get a custom made UTV with a sweet sound system and large flatbed so I can feed horses in style... Also use it for hunting and redneck shit
pluvia33 Dec 8, 11:04 AM
Man, if Japan had a centralized database that includes all of the original uncensored files for all of their porn, hacking and liberating that goodness would be one of the most noble acts I could think of in this world. <3

And yes, Trump's state of mind has been the subject of much debate. I honestly believe that his core intelligence has never surpassed the level of a 12-year-old's education in any subject. His reading comprehension and vocabulary in particular seem dreadfully low. However, I do think he has a certain level of brilliance when it comes to being an entertainer and manipulator, or at least he has people behind him who are. And totally DC; they've easily done worse. His pussy grabbing, twitter confusion, and scandal misdirection are definitely superhuman.
Nyah_Chan Dec 8, 10:56 AM
HA~ I'm the opposite... I have hypersensitivity all over so I have exaggerated reactions for foreign objects... So pain is even more painful XD
Nyah_Chan Dec 8, 10:28 AM
Whoa damn that nice... Very Samurai-ish... Me likely... Yeah the key to lasting tattoos is not tons of colors... You need lots of blacks and grays since they can't really fade that much...
pluvia33 Dec 8, 9:43 AM
Haha! Yeah, like I said before, I have some rather diverse tastes....

And I didn't specify Trump. Sure, he's a big part of our bad press right now, but it isn't all his fault. We have other issues and we've had issues before he was elected and we'll continue to have issues after he's no longer president. But Trump is literally bad press because he can't seem to just shut up and just about everything he says is just.... Well, I do work for the government so I won't say too much. And you can't really compare him to Boris since he's just Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs/Member of Parliament; he's not PRESIDENT of the most powerful nation in the world. I mean, we have always had some batshit crazy members of congress and other people in leadership position. But we haven't had anyone like Trump in recent years; the closest would probably be Nixon.
Nyah_Chan Dec 8, 9:07 AM
HA~ Well I am a dimension traveling demonic potato god so my age is irrelevant... Yeah I saw this image online of someone showing off their kanji tattoo and someone who was Japanese said that it read "Stupid tourists"... I died from that

I know... You gotta get certain colors and shapes to make it worth while... I'll figure all that out later... Who knows maybe I'll choose something different... All I know is that I will have one...
pluvia33 Dec 8, 8:24 AM
Well.... Although I haven't sat through much of Boku no Pico, I have "enjoyed" the two follow-ups, Pico to Chico and Pico x CoCo x Chico. I guess I've never watched the full episodes in one sitting, though, since they're not on my List. Maybe I'll maybe try watching all three of them from beginning to end at some point, although the original Boku no Pico kind of bothered me since the older guy seemed like a bit of a creep. I was okay with the other two because they're all young in those. Have you ever heard of AMV Hell? I actually had some clips get accepted to their second hentai video, AMV Hell Divided by 0. One of the clips used Pico to Chico. =P

Anyway, it's nice to know that your Sora review wasn't serious. I did find it funny how you mentioned incest being "normal" in America. I don't think it's really that much more common than in other places in the world, although it is a stereotype for hick towns within the US. Do other places in the world actually think that incest is especially common in the US or was that just another joke trying to provoke a reaction? I'm genuinely curious. We kind of have enough bad press as it isn't without being known as a nation of family-fuckers. XD

That is interesting that Greece has a big mother-lover thing going on. I don't think I'd ever heard that before, but it does kind of make a bit of sense based on stereotypes of their family dynamics (i.e. mama's boys and such being seen as common).
Nyah_Chan Dec 8, 7:34 AM
Seriously? But like... That's illegal... Well depending on the age gap...

Anyhow it will probably be on my arm since it will be more visible too...

Oh yeah if I ever get a kanji tattoo... Everyones gonna think it's gonna mean something spiritual n shit but in reality it's just gonna mean potato or weeb trash
pluvia33 Dec 7, 1:47 PM
Sooooo, I just read your Yosuga no Sora review.... Was that a joke? I can't tell. I mean, if you sincerely loved it, cool, but I personally couldn't get further than the first episode. I don't mind the incest; about half the hentai I "use" at least has some incest themes (and a good amount of that is "true" incest). Yosuga no Sora just bored the shit out of me. If you legitimately recommend it, I might give the series a few more episodes. Just curious.
pluvia33 Dec 7, 10:51 AM
That's a shame about your old job giving you flack for basically doing your job. If you're in the business of expressing opinions, they should be standing behind the opinions of their writers, not giving them shit about it. It's nice that you're able to get the same feeling from shits-and-giggles reviews online now, though. However, there can be issues with the hostility against the "easily offended" or "PC-culture"; the backlash against these mindsets is what helped in the rise (or really greater visibility) of Neo-Nazis, similar groups, and my current president.... As the world gets smaller and everyone is given a voice with the information age, it is a delicate dance to know what to respond to and how to respond to it when someone gets offended. In most cases, we're perfectly free to not give a shit and talk back if we want. But it's when we overcorrect and make some kind of crusade against "all this PC shit" that it just no longer becomes helpful or fun. Again, it sucks when someone in the entertainment business or business of providing an opinion gets shafted (people wanting things to be "too PC" is a legitimate problem for stand-up comedians, for example), but political correctness is not a real problem for the general population. When the general population is made to feel like it is a problem for them is when the world really goes to shit. That's my stance, anyway.

And sorry to hear about your parents. That sucks, man. I lost my dad about five and a half years ago. Hope you're able to get back out there to a more desirable location eventually. And hope this doesn't insult your intelligence, but with speed limits you are adjusting for km to miles, right? Our common 60 mph highway speed limit is the same as 100 kmh. Just checking. =P

Oh, and by the way, I'm a vegan and some of the comments I'm seeing on your profile ARE OFFENSIVE TO ME!!! Just kidding; I just thought they were funny. I am seriously a vegan, though. XD
Nyah_Chan Dec 7, 10:21 AM
Yeah tattoos are big now so the trend brought prices down... Yeah at the moment I want to do a cyborg thing with plants growing through the parts... Either on my thigh or upper arm...

Then maybe one day I'll get a kanji one... I dunno...
Nyah_Chan Dec 7, 9:54 AM
HA~ I'm way outta your age range mate (If your birthday on profile is correct)... Not into the facial hair but I'm a tattoo fan... I plan to get some of my own later in life... Not some aspirational bullshit like "Love life" I want to have a cyborg arm!
Nyah_Chan Dec 7, 9:18 AM
Yep... I go to Wholefoods and I can instantly tell who's a vegan and who's not... They look so dead and miserable...

Being vegan is biologically incorrect... Humans are omnivores... We are designed for high protein flesh diets with the add of plant life... Going vegan is systematically destructive as the body is not meant to run on plants alone... Vegetarians are better... But that's only if they also eat eggs and fish in large amounts...

My dad's in the health industry... I know many things...

Many from him always giving me shit about what I eat...
Nyah_Chan Dec 7, 9:00 AM
HA~ That's a good way to put it... It's funny because in reality plants are alive and feel pain too... Scientifically proven... SO in the end everyones a killer... No karma... It's matter of survival... I'd rather die than be Vegan since it's technically the same thing