Aug 12, 2017
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Sometimes, silly actions can make us laugh, stupid comments are hilarious, unexplained decisions are funny, but it isn't the case of Aho Girl. I wonder if the author respects women or not.

The story, a stupid girl Yoshiko with a brain of the size of a monkey that has some attention disorder illness. She takes stupid decisions all the time and tries to capture the "love" and interest of Akutsu. Also, she likes bananas, so the author refers to her as a monkey. She has been near Akutsu since their youth, but this guy incomprehensibly hates her. Honestly, ¿isn't that fun? We will laugh in some scenes, I can't deny that some of them are funny but others no. Is like seeing a mentally ill person doing any stupid thing and someone will punch that person, and we end laughing for that actions.

It isn't funny seeing a guy beating a woman all the time, he hits Yoshiko, insults her, minimizes her and even compares her to a piece of filth. And that doesn't end there he does similar actions to her mom, Yoshie that is desperate to give her daughter to the first person that appears nearby, in this case, Akutsu. It isn't funny seeing a progression like this. It will be funnier if Akutsu tries helping the poor soul of Yoshiko by all means in a similar case as with his sister and ends failing.

About the characters, what can I say? It is a monkey as described in the show (Yoshiko) vs. and orangutan (that arrogant guy one). The other characters are forced, like Yoshiko's friends and appear in a very useless way. To add some competition for her, the author just added another female from her school that falls in love for Akutsu.

Update recent episodes: In the last episodes, I noticed that if you remove Akutsu from the story, the show will go from bad to abysmal. The story failed entirely in being a balanced and real comedy. The show can't make people laugh without the abusive orangutan around.

The voice over, ¿what happened Aoi? You are better than this. Honestly, she isn't the voice for Yoshiko. The character needs to yell too much, and she ends doing a pinch that gets annoying because she uses a high pinch and can't maintain it regularly so ends pushing harder and the tone isn't balanced.

About the art, it is normal. We aren't seeing any master piece here, but your eyes aren't going to suffer from it either. The songs are good. The OP has a good rhythm. The sound, in general, is acceptable.

Finally, I am sure that a lot of persons will love this kind of shows and I can't argue with them. I am neutral and will end watching it because I am hoping that Akutsu will change his actions or that Yoshiko could hit this orangutan.