Apr 24, 2010
lali97 (All reviews)
Okay this anime has 13 episodes. It's ongoings os we dont know what it will be like in the end. The manga isn't over yet but it only has 4 more chapers to go.(48/51) The manga is pretty funny so if you read the manga the anime will not be so funny.
Though the anime is not so funny but mixing a funny element and a great plot is making this anime good.
I like the art style though it could be better and the characters are portrayed differently form the manga making NOT funny.
SO anime watchers the main woman character is supposed to be hard core, strong and intimidating. I don't know why but the anime doesn't make it look like that at all. Especially as she is called the demon president, people who watch the anime might not really see that.
Secondly Usui is the level headed guy but the anime is forgetting there is a comedic side to Usui! WE WANT THE REAL USUI!!!!!

So if you read the manga don't consider watching it beacuse the manga rules over the anime greatly. You will be dissapointed.

If you didn't read the manga this anime is very interesting and enjoyable.