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Jul 29, 2010
This part is what people usually read expecting you to tell watch it or not worth it but that's impossible. People have different tastes. Kampfer is full of fan service. If you want an anime where you get to see cute, big breasted girls fight for no particular reason then go ahead and watch kampfer. If you want to see a harem where everybody likes the boy and seduce him 24/7 then go ahead. If you are looking for an anime with a good plot, good action and good romance, please reconsider if you decide to watch it.

There is absolutely nothing to it. If I read more
Jun 30, 2010
Okay. At first when I read the synopsis I was definitely thrown over but I decided to check it out. A first, I didn't like the main character but then she turned out to have an amazing alter-ego. A girl who bullies people, self-centered and confident. She had number of servants during that time and then because of her parents jobs she moves and then everyone comes to extract revenge.

That's why it's so interesting. I found myself glued to it and I practically enjoyed it. Soon it became too funny. There is romance in it though. The first person who comes to extract revenge read more
May 28, 2010
First thing is what I think of this anime on a whole. Your first impressions are this is going to be a big disappointment. Sure! it may not be the best but it's enjoyable. There wasn't any surprises, nothing new but it was enjoyable. Don't judge it by the first episode. It really gets better.

Cecily Cambell becomes a knight and she is totally useless. She's all talk. She is saved by Luke Ainsworth and begs him to make a katana like his. And so their relationship begins. The story was like a Déjà vu (literally!!) But it shines! It makes you laugh, sometimes cry and read more
Apr 24, 2010
okay this is a really cute manga.
In the cover page, the picture looks like a level headed kind of girl and a level headed kind of boy. We all know that those two pairs make a pretty boring story but this one is nothing like it.
It's interesting and the story always has something to build up on. Actually the the boy is not level headed he is naive to this world and cute. The girl is cute and not very serious she is normal.
The characters are great and likable. The story is likable.
It is overall a very good and enjoyable manga.

See how cute read more
Apr 24, 2010
i just started watching this and I thought I should try writing a review.
If you obsessed with magical girls and cuteness this is a good one.
The art is cute.
The main characters are dumb and they irritate me. But when you actually come to get used to them they amuse you.

At first this show starts off dumb, boring and simple but for magical girl fangirls you should keep on watching. In the first few episodes I am sticking out my tougue to watch it but when you get deeper into the show you don't want to stop watching.

Apr 24, 2010
Okay this anime has 13 episodes. It's ongoings os we dont know what it will be like in the end. The manga isn't over yet but it only has 4 more chapers to go.(48/51) The manga is pretty funny so if you read the manga the anime will not be so funny.
Though the anime is not so funny but mixing a funny element and a great plot is making this anime good.
I like the art style though it could be better and the characters are portrayed differently form the manga making NOT funny.
SO anime watchers the main woman character is supposed to be read more
Apr 6, 2010
Okay. First, the title 'He is my master' is a little weird and turns people off, thinking that this show is for perverts. But it's not really for perverts the show actually has a pervert in it.
Next, the first episode is pretty boring and tries to make useless comedy. But when you continue reading this show is funny enough to make your vocal cords sore.

The characters are well, without those certain characteristics in them the show would not be funny. Oh yeah my fav character is Poochi, a huge pet alligator who is a pervert and always jumps (you know when two ppl are having read more
Mar 17, 2010
Okay. This romance is a little weird with a 7 yr old boy and a 15/16 year old girl. This boy is a prince and she is someone with an ancestor who was considered a traitor in this prices territory in the magical kingdom of Astell. This prince's older brother put a spell on him so he turn around this girl age in the darkness and the kiss of the woman he loves will turn him back to normal. With her ancestor being a "traitor" and all it is hard for her and the prince to love.
The "magic", "ancestor" part of the story wasn't all read more