Jan 5, 2017
So before I start this my overall view of the show is that a fan of the monogatari series should see it but not pay any money for it because it is bad, really bad. As someone else said there actually 15-20 minutes of actual content stretched over one hour. The main impression the movie made on me was that of young art school student who tries to impress too much. So without delay these are my points against this movie:

1. the drawings are extremely different from the rest of the animes related to Monogatari. And different in a bad way. While in the rest the difference in style between the building and characters is visible in this one is annoying. Also there are plenty of effects thata have no purpose and lots of bad CGI.
2. characters behave odd. I understand it should be a prequel but still it does not seem they are the same person.
3. The word screens in the original series meant something. They expressed Araragi's thoughts and had an impact. In this movie they pop up every 5 minutes and they are annoying: "Black" "Red" "Silence" ... really now?
4. too much time wasted wit Araragi falling an burning
5. Too many replays of Hanekawa's boobs and panties. I mean even the fanservice is bad.
6. Araragi seemingly masturbating and Araragi leaving an apartment flat in the middle of nowhere. Two weird scenes, the second being weird because he lives in a house in the middle of a house neighborhood
7. Kiss-Shot does not look like herself
8.there are severe differences between the previous animes with monogatari +Manga and this one regarding how Araragi and Kiss-shot met.
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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