Oct 2, 2016
Preliminary (93/? chp)
For some reason this novel has not gathered much popularity here on MAL. So for those of you deciding on whether it is worth your time to read this, I hope this review comes in helpful.

Short: If you like SoL and Iekai manga and novels, read this. If not, I'm not so sure you'll like it.

The first thing I should say about this novel is that it has a pretty unique style to it. Yes, we have the classic 'boy gets transported to another world' development. Of course he is popular with the ladies, although mostly not immediately, which is nice for a change. He obviously has an unfair amount of magic and an unfair affinity to the world's magic attributes. This is more or less expected. But I really appreciated the calm SoL like feeling in every chapter. There is no rushing into dungeons, no descending into terror at the sight of pools of blood, no anguish about disasters that befall the world and require a hero, no bullying from people in the world, no character development resulting in a quiet, bullied kid becoming an emo sorcerer king. Even in the midst of battle, things turn out to be a little humorous. Now depending on whether or not you like SoLs, this may be a good or bad thing. Personally, I like SoLs very much and I am also a big fan of the World Transfer stories, so this combination worked out well for me.

The plot is fairly episodic. As I mentioned, don't expect a Game of Thrones style epic continent-encompassing battle with a hero standing out with a golden halo. Think less of Mushoku Tensei and more along the lines of Shield Hero when he is busy building his village of demi-humans. This novel shines best when the MC is chilling at home, making things from his world and we get to see the reactions of the people around him. The world is pretty well made with a lot of cities and different political systems. The people at the top level of these places also happen to be pretty quirky folks.

The characters don't undergo much development so far in the story. I don't think it is more than halfway into the whole plot yet anyway, and there is a lot left to be seen yet -- at least that is the case with the translation I am reading -- and so we can still expect more from it. Even so, the characters are pretty nice and the interactions between them are fun. The girls in the harem are all -- on some level -- cliches, but that is not necessarily bad here. The MC is a super pure guy and the girls are the more assertive ones in the whole deal. If you don't like it, as I said, stay away. Also, God is a very chilled grandpa in this novel. Reminded me a bit of General Iroh in Avatar.

As for enjoyment, I liked it. It was fun. I think if I were accidentally transferred to another world, I would like to spend my time a bit more like this. Testosterone pumping fights are great and all, but sometimes it is better to take it easy. Just don't have extremely high expectations of the MC. He's a calm dude who wants to take it easy in the new world he happens to find himself in. Don't expect him to put his life on the line and fight off people just because he can -- though invariably he does end up fighting anyway.

I gave this an 8 overall. I intend to continue reading it so long as the translator find it in him to continue his service to the community.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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