Apr 1, 2016
Yuni (All reviews)
So Kokonotsu... do you wanna try becoming adults?

Say yes you beta bastard, say yes!

Anyways, Dagashi Kashi! This series was the one I was most interested in before it aired. Why? Because of that busty babe on the picture! And now, after watching it, I can confidently say that Dagashi Kashi was actually the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. I thought it was going to be a story about young Kokonotsu, an aspiring mangaka, and his struggles of dealing with Hotaru, that sweet sexy thang, who wants Kokonotsu to take over his dad's candy shop instead! Well, sure... that's kind of what the show is about. But is it really?


Dagashi Kashi is a textbook example of a "nothing happens" show. However, it isn't by any means boring! It isn't like Glasslip tier of nothing happens, it's more of like the things that do happen are borderline irrelevant to any sort of "plot" this show tries to tell.

Did I mention "plot?" Well, I take it back, for there is none. Dagashi Kashi purely consists of skits and character interactions. As entertaining as some of these skits are, they really don't add up to become some amazing story. Quite the opposite, actually, for they don't add up at all! They are all their own little equations.

And now most of you guys reading this review must wonder why I still give it a 7, and that is because Dagashi Kashi is by no means a bad show! In fact, it was one of the more enjoyable ones this season! Sure, since a lot of the jokes are about Japanese candy, and not a lot of you people are Japanese, you might think the jokes are incredibly hit or miss. But the extremely colorful and dynamic characters more than makes up for it! Dagashi Kashi is definitely an enjoyment > quality type of anime.

- Great characters! They are all really characteristic and fun, and none of them are hateable.
- Very catchy OP and ED!
- I really like the character designs!
- Character interactions are very humorous.
- Surprisingly good use of flashbacks!
- There's romantic tension? What....

- Less story than Musaigen.
- While the character interactions are spot on, the jokes themselves are very hit or miss. For most caucasians, you won't find most, if any of the jokes funny. I'm Chinese, and Chinese candies are close enough. (Not really.)
- No memorable OST.

Story: 4
But Yuni, there is no story? Why not a 1? Well, that's because the events that actually do happen within this "story" are actually pretty entertaining! Each skit is usually about a type of candy or some event based around candy. It's a story that focuses A LOT on first world problems. And these first world problems are like ridiculous ones. Whatever happens depends on the candy. Sometimes it's a history lesson about why that candy exists. Sometimes it's some competition that connects to the candy. Sometimes it's a flash back of a memory that was triggered by the candy. These events range from boring, to educational, to entertaining. But at the end of the day, the characters are the same, the plot hasn't progressed whatsoever, and yeah. NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!

Art: 8
The art is great, although nothing noteworthy or overly impressive. I do like the character designs though! This show does have a pretty unique and interesting character design, and I think it fits the characters well, especially Hotaru, who's character design makes her look both mature (BOOBIES) and childish.

Sound: 7
OP and ED are incredibly catchy! Other than that, sound is average. OST is there but you won't remember it, and the seiyuus do a good job expressing their characters!

Character: 9
Arguably the best aspect of this series, the characters of Dagashi Kashi are just so enjoyable! Their characteristics aren't the most unique, but they are just so colorful and hilarious! Hotaru's little antics and habits are really funny and you can just see the innocence just seep out of her. Saya is your typical flat tsundere, but she still has so much character to the point that she became my favorite character of the series. Also, the interactions between kid Saya and kid Kokonotsu during flashbacks were just adorable. Tou also has a lot of personality, and of course, Kokonotsu's dad is just hilarious! Kokonotsu himself is pretty generic, but he has his moments as well.

Enjoyment: 8
Dagashi Kashi was actually really fun to watch for the most part! Whenever it got entertaining, it got REALLY entertaining. However, there were parts where it got pretty boring, but the entertaining parts completely overshadow the boring ones!

Overall: 7
Dagashi Kashi is actually a pretty good show! It's light hearted and has no serious moments in it whatsoever, and is pretty much there just for fun. If you go in, don't expect any plot. But you may get some nice "plot" if you know what I mean ;)

TL;DR: Boob ice cream? Take my money.