Feb 18, 2016
resinweber (All reviews)
Story: 6-7 / Art: 8 / Character: 6 / Enjoyment: 7 / Sound: 6

As you may or may not know, this is a chinese cartoon (as another reviewer pointed out). But don't let that make or break your decision to watch this anime. However, as for me, it definitely made my decision because I could tell someone honestly that I was just "watching some of my chinese aneemay". However, it's really not as bad as it sounds because chinese are known for low-quality stuff or knock-offs and to be honest this is a legitimate show in its own right.

The story is a lot like The World God Only Knows. The approach is different, but still, a love diety (in this case, a cupid of sorts) watches and aids the MC in his endeavors with the many girls that fall in love with him. Each time he resolves the situation, they lose the memories of their romance. However, the memories they lose aren't the memories made with the MC, as those are real. The thing is that after they all share a cake with Haoyi, memories become implanted in their minds that leads to them feeling deep love for him rather than just being infatuated. Its THESE memories which are problematic because Haoyi has no idea what they're talking about and they bring it up in front of people. So, to correct that, he cures their curses by locking in the romance, and then the fake memories go away though they still may be left with love for him.

The art is phenomenal, I must say. It's really smooth, bright, and so very cute and emotive. I love that about this series. Animation is seamless and well-done.

The characters are somewhat typical. You have your very sweet, considerate deredere who would probably still love you even if you raped her dog. She knows you must have had a real good reason to do so. Then you have the tsundere athletic type. In this case, the tsundere is a bit interesting because she's not so unbelievable as a character. She's disciplinary somewhat, but not outright hateful and stone-hearted yet somehow turns really dere for no apparent reason. Then you have your yandere. It's pretty much like that. My favorite is Zitong (the deredere)

As far as enjoyment goes, I have to say its been pretty funny actually. Theres a bit more to it than it just being "cute" and having "cute" be considered "comedy". There is legitimate comedy in there. Not just situational comedy, either, but actual jokes. Being that the "bar" for romcom anime is set very low for comedy, I am impressed that they actually went above it.

Sound was alright, too. However, sometimes I could hear a bit of echoing in the voices. I was confused when this happened because I thought maybe they were doing a flashback but I was wrong.

Overall, I give it a 7