Feb 4, 2016
Nervin (All reviews)
There are several words that come in mind when trying to describe this ONA, and the most suitable one would be that it is hilarious, even with the underlying, or rather, main theme of this work: vampires and Frakenstein. Yes, you read right, Frankenstein and his very master that awoke after his long slumber. It must be noted that is has its share of action as well. Noblesse: Awakening is an adaptation of the of the korean manhwa Noblesse.

The story surrounding vampires is nothing new, yet the fact that it incorporates both Frankenstein and his master, Cadis Etrama di Raizel, is something I have yet to see in the medium itself. What is actually intriguing is the fact that the "master" awakens in modern society, so there are naturally futuristic things he quite doesn't understand, which creates some very amusing situations.

It also includes a good amount of well executed action, which came as surprise. For the matter, it is only 30 minutes long, so it isn't able to represent the scope of Noblesse, and thus is quite condensed, yet this serves to transmit well paced action sequences. However, this also means that there are a lot of things introduced that aren't explained to the viewer, which was to be expected.

As for the characters, there is not much say besides that the main protagonist, the master of Frakenstein, is silent, cunning and "badass" character, which is quite pleasing to see. The supporting cast are composed of zombies and vampires, which are necessary for the setting, yet their motives or why they're there is unknown.

Concerning the animation of this ONA, it is very well done, fluid motions and great choreography in the battle scenes. In addition the backgrounds were satisfying enough, including the character's designs which can be a bit generic, yet is a slightly different from what audiences are used to see. I might want to add that Frakenstein and the master are represented as "bishonens" yet without its typical personality, which to some may be a great addition - what usually is depicted as a malformed, is now a bishonen. As for the soundtrack, it was average, yet befitting of the anime, including the opening and ending.

All in all, I really enjoyed this ONA despite its generic premise and I am certainly now inclined to read the manhwa of this piece - or rather, seeing an adaptation of the series, as the premise can turn out to be something interesting. I would definitely recommend anyone to check this piece out, it is only 30 minutes long; and you never know, you may end up liking it.

Thank you for reading.