Nov 2, 2009
Master10K (All reviews)
What the hell is going on? When will all my questions be answered? Those are the thoughts you can expect to have whilst watching Combustible Campus Guardress. It’s incredibly difficult to get through this Supernatural, Action, Comedy fiesta, without being confused about something fundamental, like the plot.

From what I could gather after the numerous failed attempts at exposition; there’s a world of darkness, which had its gate to our world sealed somehow. Now the “Remnants” want to reopen the gate, to do the usual take over the world thing that all evil seems compelled to do. So it’s all up to the “Guardians” to prevent this from happening. You still following me? … Well this does sound like your average Good vs. Evil standard affair and that’s what it should be however the incomprehensible turn of events and sheer insanity of the actions that drive the story, will leave most people confused. I say that but what really confused the heck out of me was what this anime was trying to achieve, as both a comedy and a serious action drama. For this to be a success, there needs to be a healthy balance of the two aspects however this anime made a mess of the two. Amongst all this mess the one redeeming quality that can be salvaged would be the theme on “destiny”, which gives the series something interesting to work with and some fine developments arise from it. Nevertheless the characters that experience these developments constantly try their best to ruin it.

Ah yes the characters. How could I forget this delightful bunch of misfits who may entertain some but not those with a keen grip on reality. Who would have thought it would be possible, but Combustible Campus Guardress had an entire cast full of annoying characters; some with incredibly annoying voices to match. The story’s heroine (Hazumi) being the most annoying of the lot. For half the show I was unwittingly praying that the god’s of common sense would strike her down with a lightning bolt of logic.

It amazes me by how much Production I.G. got wrong with the series but what they always get right is the animation. Sure the animation is about as out dated as my cassette player but they still manage to pull off some incredibly well animated fight scenes. Just watching buildings crumble when someone is sent flying throw them, is simply worthwhile. On the other hand, when I think about the sound my mind goes blank. A few minutes after finishes the series; no memory of a soundtrack or interesting SFX were available in my mind and all I did remember was the god awful ending theme and second-rate voice acting, which isn’t helped by its mind-numbing dialogue.

In the end this is a series where the writers didn’t believe in such things like: a coherent storyline, funny jokes, logic or even anime logic. Instead they thought giving the characters the most retarded abilities imaginable would make entertainment. Picture this… a girl summoning a barrage of puppies just to be slaughtered by some ambiguous blue blob. You’ll witness a lot of stupidity in this short series, right up until the inevitable climax, where you realize that you wasted your time watching a mediocre series just to be force fed a bullshit ending.