Dec 25, 2014
HaXXspetten (All reviews)
"If you love twintails in your heart, anything is possible!" - TailRed

Welcome to the anime of the season. No, of ALL the seasons.

From start to finish, Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu provides perhaps the most deep and thought-provoking story I've ever come across in my anime career. It blows just about all the cult classics out of the water with its originality. The plot revolves around a typical high-school boy named Souji. Or rather he's typical with the exception that he's a diehard fetishist for twintails. Already here we can see that the anime is starting to go down a direction you don't see particularly often.

One day, Souji happens to run into a perverted scientist from outer space who gives him a mission. A mission to protect planet Earth from the EVIL HORNY SPACE LIZARDS threatening to steal all the twintails from our beloved homeworld for themselves. Therefore, the girl provides Souji with an epic space-tech gadget which channels his love for twintails into a power capable of transforming him into a mecha-suit-clad red-twintailed loli named TailRed, wielding super powers strong enough to thwart the evil space lizards' immoral assault on the planet. This plot twist was mindboggling to me and left me in awe due to how incredibly unique and well thought-out it was.

Of course a super heroine freedom fighter of justice wouldn't be complete without her band of epic sidekicks present as well, but fear not because Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu delivers absolutely flawlessly in this category as well. You see, as philosophical and interesting as TailRed is as a character, she is not the only masterful heroine this anime has to offer, no sir. Because there is also her loyal compatriot super heroines TailBlue and TailYellow fighting by her side as well! And as shocking as it may sound, they're even appropriately named since their nicknames *also* match the colour of their respective hair! The difference being that TailBlue and TailYellow are actually blessed with being twintailed young women in their natural human form as well, and we all know by now that twintails by default implies that anything is awesome. By adding these two additional super heroines to the main cast, the quality of the show is automatically multiplied by a factor of three, meaning that if the anime wasn't mindblowingly amazing enough as it was, then with this taken into account it suddenly shatters all sorts of records.

But the joyride doesn't stop even there. After all, heroines of justice can only fulfill their roles as long as there is an enemy to fight, and the villains of Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu are of a scale unlike anything you've ever laid your eyes upon before. Since it's common knowledge that twintails are the answer to everything, have you ever heard of a plot so malicious and figuratively dripping with ulterior motives as one where the evil space lizards are literally trying to steal away all the twintails of planet Earth from mankind? And then once the lizards have done so, surely they will be spending their retirement years doing both this and that with their legendary captured hairstyles? The shock and horror this notion fills me with upon merely considering it is on a level entirely of its own. As a result, the conflict between the twintailed warriors and the space lizards feels disturbingly real and manages to captivate the viewers completely during each and every second of the anime's progression.

The production value is no less staggering either. Every time you begin a new episode of this anime and get to hear the opening theme kick in, your heart and soul will get filled with a kind of euphoric tranquility upon being exposed to the beautiful lyrics dedicated to everyone's passion and love for twintails. It is an entirely different level of affection and dedication compared to what you'd ever find in any other anime, and as a result you'll always be right there in the twintail mindset whenever you watch this anime. It is truly a work of art in its own right.

And regarding the visuals, all that needs to be emphasized is the breathtaking character design of our three super heroines, especially TailRed herself. Just one glance at them and your mind, heart and... *other regions* are all going to be virtually bursting with happiness and satisfaction. If you're the type who gets jealous easily however then you might want to take caution as finding yourself being unable to huggle and cuddle with TailRed in person due to the pesky boundaries between fiction and reality can be a heartbreaking experience. What you can do however is tie up your hair into twintails yourself and you can have the peace of mind of knowing that she'll love you like nothing else because of that alone. If only everyone else had a heart as open as hers, there would be so much less malice in this world.

As a whole, Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu is a masterpiece unlike any other and does a massive job at saving the currently declining anime industry. It takes everything you thought you could take for granted in this day and age and flips it up-side-down with a fresh and unique storyline and the most likable heroine cast in anime history. We can only hope that the rest of the anime industry will give this show the attention it well and truly deserves and tries to learn from it, because if they do then Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu might very well be the gateway anime paving the way for what the future of multimedia will look like.

A revolution in the anime industry. Add this to your must-watch-before-you-die list right now and come feel the love. You will not regret it.