Sep 18, 2014
Onsaki (All reviews)
Tokyo ghoul is a horror?

First of all don't expect a good story around it, OK it has a kind of good story but don't expect it to deliver something good, which is what it supposed to do, but they failed hard.

Let's see what i expected from the first episode and what i got from the anime, i expected a good story, then i knew it'll be a hyped up anime of how the first episode went.
After that the rest of the Eps came over the weeks and every week is worse, they didn't make much of progress and started to kill random people so the main character all he does is watching what's happening which means HE'S USELESS.

And then they gave us a rush ending which I'm not a fan of.

The anime considered a mystery genre at MAL! you know why? i really don't know why too.

I didn't get the experience i wanted, they censored so much stuff in fights that it hurts to watch.

Is about Kaneki he's half ghoul and half human, he can't get along with what ghouls do, which is eating people! but he got along with ghouls and became a friend with them. So what we saw after that they didn't know WTF they should do they got lost in what Kaneki wants and they kept into giving us BS episodes. i give it 5/10

Art and sounds:
The way they censored everything about cutting people, made it harder to watch the anime, and it wasn't something special. But the opening and ending songs is just great and really liked it. I give the art 3/10 and the sounds 8/10.

Characters and enjoyment:
What a bad experience i had with the characters they deleted them all in the last episode and they just gave 0 F*cks about them, yeah Kaneki is a bad character he's just lost, till the last episode came and got his shit together to finish the anime only. They forgot about the rest it was just Kaneki trying to survive the whole show.
Do you want a good character development? just kill the little girl's dad and mom! loved this idea from them. Enjoyment didn't actually deliver that to me. So characters is 2/10 and enjoyment is 2/10

Overall i give it 4/10, i didn't get much excited about what will happen over the course of watching the anime and everything turned into a fail try from this anime.