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Oct 28, 2014
Story: 9/10
Art/animation factors: 8/10
Sounds: 8/10
Characters: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10

From the first episode, i knew I'm watching something unique and i kept going watching it over the weeks (when it was airing), i stopped at episode 8 and left the anime for like a year.
Then the smart devil inside me told me to watch it again since i remembered how funny and easy going it is to watch.

What makes this anime easy going and fun to watch, is the amazing characters in it. It definitely made my day better than i expected!.

And don't forget how funny this anime is, i still remember some scenes that made me laugh read more
Sep 18, 2014
Tokyo ghoul is a horror?

First of all don't expect a good story around it, OK it has a kind of good story but don't expect it to deliver something good, which is what it supposed to do, but they failed hard.

Let's see what i expected from the first episode and what i got from the anime, i expected a good story, then i knew it'll be a hyped up anime of how the first episode went.
After that the rest of the Eps came over the weeks and every week is worse, they didn't make much of progress and started to kill random people so read more
May 31, 2013
Applause for the girls, they're like a tool to use and getting expired after he says "I love you".

I hate it more, just because Madhouse disappointed me. The thing is they're got the wrong show to make money for.

Okay if you're going to say WHY you're making a review in only an 8 episodes done. Let me say, this show hasn't been something to look forward to, other than seeing the girls. So i thought why not, girls will keep coming in the end.

The jumping from one to another girl. That's something should develop that guy. I'd say it's a developing BUT it's not, because read more
May 23, 2013
Just expect a fan-service around the guys.

Handsome guys with girly voices, and no interest in girls. If you hate that type of show then there you have it.

I gotta say Yogi is the worst voice of a male character (okay he sounds like a girl) makes him a kid on serious fights.
And the fact that the one who did his voice is the same Seiyuu who did Yagami light's voice (from Death note), isn't fair enough. Especially when they can't be comparable by an meaning!!.

The dresses, really?, some of them are great and fits well, but not the main characters.

The story is short:
Nai and read more
May 21, 2013
Okay Gargantia makes me think about my life situation!, like really i'm waiting for the episode to come and it comes late which is the last thing i want more of that anime, and to know that just only the first episode was great and the rest are just some circle that making them do the same thing every time is just frustrating.

I felt betrayed and i felt i'm watching something that i shouldn't to. That's all i was thinking of while i'm watching a 20min episode of an anime without non-reasoning behind it.

Everything was awesome in the first episode but they got the wrong read more
May 16, 2013
I really did love this manga it seems have it's own thing, which makes it awesome, and to think that people are only using a coil and the main character using a vintage type of energy "gas-powered cars" so he have hunt for Illegal Coils just to give it to a women so she gives him back a cash and gasoline.

So let's talk about that guy. He doesn't seems carrying about robots or coils or anything other than his normal life. So something happened that he met a robot that can act and do what human life do, sounds not normal as the others read more
May 15, 2013
Okay this manga at the first you'd expect an awesome chapters from it, which is nice and makes it enjoyable, but then the Mangaka ruined it by making the main character more talented than the others! and trying to confess the people to love the manga by adding more characters and fights everywhere and when you think of it, all the fights are useless just to develop the main character so he failed to develop something already winning every time! sucks i know, but yeah it gets boring every chapter. Story: 6/10. Art 8/10. characters 7/10. Enjoyment 6/10. Overall 5/10.