Jun 30, 2014
I'll be the first to review this, which brings me to my first point. Initial D is not as popular among people on the mal community (probably everyone outside of japan) as it used to be. I can't be sure how popular it is in japan now, but the subs for the final stage took a very long time to come out. As of now it has a little over 2,000 members. Initial D never was extremely popular (I'm generally speaking for the mal community, Its seems to be more popular in Japan) but as it has been airing through about 15 or so years it has lost some of its members. So to start of I want to say that I don't think this is because the series has been declining. I also don't believe that the reason it is rated 8,24 (as of now) is because only the people who really like it are still watching.

Initial D has always been a very straightforward series that is mainly focused on racing. The main character, Takumi, has always been somewhat shallow. He doesn't have any strong moral convictions, or anything like that, but regardless he develops in a different way than what is done in other anime. I am not saying it is bad or good as it is more of an opinion thing. In Takumi's final battle not much character development is seen. I know your thinking "Well its four episodes long and he's in a car the entire time". Well that is true for the most part, but the problem I had is that I feel that they didn't convey takumi's feelings as to the results of his greatest challenge yet and didn't show how this effected him. This isn't necessarily a big deal and alot of people wont be bothered by it but as it is the last adaptation of initial D and essentially its end it is something I would have liked to see.

In terms of the race, I can't give spoilers, but overall I was pleased with how it all ended. It wasn't really what I was expecting and that made it all the better.

OVERALL I enjoyed this as the ending of initial d and feel as if this was stepped up a small notch from the rest of the series. I am disjointed that is the end, but I believe a decent job was done in wrapping it all up. Personally I believe that large series have a lot to wrap up and should spend more time doing so, but initial D isn't really that kind of anime. It's all about the racing, not a strong story line, simple plot, but strong races, and that's how they finished it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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