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Jun 30, 2014
I'll be the first to review this, which brings me to my first point. Initial D is not as popular among people on the mal community (probably everyone outside of japan) as it used to be. I can't be sure how popular it is in japan now, but the subs for the final stage took a very long time to come out. As of now it has a little over 2,000 members. Initial D never was extremely popular (I'm generally speaking for the mal community, Its seems to be more popular in Japan) but as it has been airing through about 15 or so years ...
Apr 9, 2013
School Days (Anime) add
To start off this anime was intense. Seeing as it had a low rating I was skeptical when I first started, but after completing the first episode, it seemed decently normally. Enduring through the first few episode was painful, not because it was bad, but for some other reason. after that it almost went crazy, constantly laughing in a truly deranged manner, and screaming at my monitor.

I would put this anime almost above elfen lied on the "intense" scale. Parts of it were simply deranged, and I found myself receiving an almost sick pleasure and rush from this anime that was unlike anything I have ...

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