Apr 20, 2014
RedRenji (All reviews)
It's very hard to get great manga and give it justice with an anime, as we can constantly witness in countless anime. Censors, fillers, etc; they get what we love and in one too many occasions ruin it.

This is definitely not one of those cases. In fact, its the exact opposite. Following the criteria of "if it isn't broken, don't fix it", Bones Studios gets the flawless FMA manga and delivers us a nearly perfect adaptation, following the manga closely with very few deviations.

Fluid animation makes the already intense battles just so much more impactful.
The characters are imperfect and relatable, each have their different motive for doing what they do and it's not just to move forward the plot. You want to understand the characters, and you are invited to do just so.
The story is as intriguing as in the manga, and the conclusion to the series is just damn well beautiful.

No matter what genres you prefer, this series is a must watch. Those 64 episodes will pass before you even realize it ands when its over I'll be damned if you aren't teary eyed and all warm and fuzzy inside.