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Aug 31, 2014
Many people are surprised when they see how I "averagely" I rated Mirai Nikki. After all, it's managed to obtain a huge amount of fans, especially for characters like the "lovely" Yuno Gasai. And it's not for nothing; the series has a very original plot that I can't say I've seen before even if it's, in its most basic form, a last-man-standing sadism game, similar to series such as Battle Royale.

Anyway, so, why the bad rating? Simple. The characters. They are among the worstly developed and most unrealistic characters I have ever witnessed in any anime and/or manga. Funny considering what attracts the most amount read more
Apr 20, 2014
It's very hard to get great manga and give it justice with an anime, as we can constantly witness in countless anime. Censors, fillers, etc; they get what we love and in one too many occasions ruin it.

This is definitely not one of those cases. In fact, its the exact opposite. Following the criteria of "if it isn't broken, don't fix it", Bones Studios gets the flawless FMA manga and delivers us a nearly perfect adaptation, following the manga closely with very few deviations.

Fluid animation makes the already intense battles just so much more impactful.
The characters are imperfect and relatable, each have their different read more
Apr 20, 2014
Intriguing plot. Unique and original world. Well developed characters. Amazingly epic and suspensful battles.

Fairy Tail is none of these. When I was first introduced to this manga, it sounded like it knew where it was going. It seemed to have a plot, interesting secrets and mysteries. So far the biggest mystery to me is how Natsu isn't the Guildmaster of Fairy Tail as well as the strongest of the Ten Wizard Saints. As I sat reading chapter after chapter, I watched how characters 10 times stronger than Natsu were defeated by apparently overpowered foes, only for Natsu to stand up, eat some random flame, read more