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While both series have different premises, they involve the concept of a character who is not so ordinary living on Earth. At the same time, they discover more about themselves and the world around them through interactions with others. There are supernatural elements involved in both series. Furthermore, there is action, drama, and comedy. The main male protagonist in both series has similar personalities. Both series also involves a parallel of two worlds described metaphorically - one of humans and other of demons.
report Recommended by Stark700
Although Ao no exorcist isn't comedy, it has some funny scenes with a good character development in a universe with humans and demons, as well as Hataraku Maou-sama!; Both have good fight scenes and characters with supernatural powers; Both have some demons that are trying to conquer the land of humans; Rin and Maou have similar personality; The art is similar.
report Recommended by Nanii
Both anime have similar male protagonis personlaity and dealing with being demonic. Ao no exorcist has more serious problem while hataraku has more funny scene. And both series have 2 world (earth and demon) that are involved. Both series got 8/10 from me
report Recommended by SakuraHutajulu
Both are about young boys (who are demons/have demonic powers) who are also heroes. Both shows are serious at some points, and have comic relief at other points.
report Recommended by CheckMateBassy
I liked them in a similar way. The main character is kind of evil but kind of not and also kind of lovably enthusiastic. Let's be honest there is the demon thing, there are demons in both being funny and morally ambiguous and some attractive demon guys being attractive. Also there is a love interest who is the really cute, girly, passive character with huge boobs. If you liked one character I feel that you would like the other.
report Recommended by triangulor
These are similar with the same concepts of demons and the king Satan. There are also heroes plotting to kill the seemingly bad guy (MC). The only diference is in the plots and overview of the characters.
report Recommended by ValdezBrill
The main characters are both similar in personality. They both must conceal their true identify. Both shows can be both serious and funny at different times.
report Recommended by TuryuriOwO
Contains demons and humans coexisting in the same society. Some demons are hated for either stereotypical or personal reasons. Magic exists and is used for combat purposes. It also includes some humor and fanservice. May contain some clichés about evil demons becoming good people and working alongside humans.
report Recommended by Century_Orion
Both series have a demon/half-demon, that transforms (to some degree) when he uses his full power, as its main character. While hataraku maou-sama is more of a comedy both series have comedic and serious moments, ao no exorcist is more action packed but hataraku maou-sama have a few epic battles in it as well. If you enjoyed one you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by WizardFish