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Boku dake ga Inai Machi
When someone you hold dear is met the fate of losing their life, and you have the ability to go back in time to that moment to try and save them, do you have what it takes to do it? In Steins;Gate, science is used to create a time a machine, rewinding the clock and changing the course of fate and time by saving the one life (or two) In Erased, it is a slightly more chaotic as there is no science involved, only a lingering sense of guilt and the ability to rewind the clock before a drastic event occurs. These parallel lines were what   read more
report Recommended by Midori-tan
Boku dake ga Inai Machi like Steins Gate is about the main guy who has the ability to time-travel to the past to save someone dear to him. He ends up also having to save another girl from a tragic fate which he has romantic feelings for. Both anime start with a light mood and change drastically to a darker tone, dealing with the constant struggle of the hero endlessly trying to change the outcome of the future by changing the past. Also, If you watch Steins Gate the movie, you will find extra similarities with BDGIM. Really enjoyable animes with lot of mystery, great   read more
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both of them are in a Dark theme with a wish to save someone in the past, To Fix a problem that happened in either present or past.
report Recommended by -HeXy-
I suppose its tiny bit of a spoiler, but both shows deal with time travel a fair bit. In particular, the main hero of both shows travels to the past for a chance to save the life of someone dear to him, while unraveling the mystery of what is happening around him. Both shows also contain elements of romance. The pacing of the shows is a bit different, as Boku Dake goes a bit faster, and the methods of time travel are different as well. S;G has more slice of lifey moments, and the main characters are fairly different. Theyre both outcasts of a sort, but   read more
report Recommended by Dragon
I found that when I first started watching this anime, it instantly reminded me of Steins;Gate. The concept of going back in time and altering the past, and also with the incidents involving the protagonists I found were similar in a sense. Both have the male protagonist going back in time. This leads them to the future to see how what they have changed in the past has affected future events. However, I believe that Erased is more emotional and much shorter than Steins;Gate.
report Recommended by Sophilicity
Travels back in time to save dear ones and the plot makes you grip for more.
report Recommended by BubbLeT33
Both involve time travel and heavily feature attempting to change the past for a better outcome. Erased focuses more on mystery and the changes Satoru makes as he relives his life while Steins;Gate centres more around the close relationships between Okabe and his lab assistants.
report Recommended by marlu15
Both of the stories revolve around time traveling concept. Both of the MCs are people who want to fix his past mistakes into creating a new timeline where the happy ending exists.
report Recommended by A-bey
-Both features the theme of time travel. -Both has the same plot of trying to prevent deaths by changing the future. -Both protagonist act as the leader of a group. -Both protagonist have special time-travelling ability.
report Recommended by ZeromusFFXII
Both animes consist in saving important people to the main character, it is done in a way to make them understand better the mechanics of their ability to time travel. In each anime is presented a mystery about the murder, they unravel the mystery throughout the anime presenting new characters and linking the pieces of the puzzle together. They have extremely amazing history and direction, worth watching and recommending even for non-anime fans, the only bummer for non anime-watchers would be Okarin's personality (Steins;Gate main character) who is an outgoing character that yells and make jokes most commonly observed in japanese midia.
report Recommended by Guiaki
Both shows involve similar time travel mystery. They are similar in many more ways that I cannot describe, yet I can assure you that you won't regret watching Steins;Gate if you liked Boku dake ga Inai Machi. Don't let the first 6-8 episodes of S;G let you down, it gets better, trust me.
report Recommended by kacperski1
Dude goes back in time to save chick. Erased has a very visual novel-like atmosphere which is why people are reminded of Steins;Gate, an anime actually based on a VN. The colours used in both shows are quite drab and dark, with a similar atmosphere of desperation. Both shows have an adult cast. Aside from the main point re: time travel and chick-saving; the characters, their interactions, and the themes are all very different.
report Recommended by Lemon
- time travelling - save people to prevent serious matters - fight their biggest enemies - Good OP - smart MC - has their own unique artstyle
report Recommended by leecopodinarchea
-both main character goes back in time to try to change the story and only they are aware of it.
report Recommended by Mateuzsz
Steins;Gate and Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased) both contain elements of time travel (Steins;Gate more than Erased). Both have really good characters and animation, both have a very interesting and engaging story and really get you invested in whats going on. I highly recommend this!
report Recommended by flapjack48
This show is frail in comparison to the time travel in steins;gate. In stiens;gate the main character has a personality while retaining the basic urge to save his friends and loved ones. Yeah, you can do that with a personality. Also the time travel itself is the premise and the plot. In Erased time travel is just a tool the main character uses to attempt to capture the killer. In stiens;gate the killer is not obvious and it's very hard to tell when the plot twist will be. Meanwhile in Erased it was so obvious who was the killer. In fact I didn't think   read more
report Recommended by VainderMuffin
- Very smart main character... - ...who has to get back in time to prevent someone's suffering/death - Clean visuals, catchy soundtrack - Amazing storytelling
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
A Series about time Travel and Correcting the past much like Boku dake ga Inai Machi. Light Comedy and a thrilling emotional Story.
report Recommended by Yanderekiss
Time travel & try to change destiny
report Recommended by Asch11
ON the surface these shows are very similar. There is time travel and the goal of saving people. One of these shows is consistent with its plot and characters (Steins Gate) and one is not (ERASED). One hints at things slowly and one clumsily hits you with blunt clues. I could make this list forever. But at the end of the day I recommend Steins Gate for fans of Erased and not the other way around.
report Recommended by smackells
Steins;Gate and Boku dake ga Inai Machi revolve around the central idea of trying to save a life of someone dear to you by going back in time, only to find out that more problems and challenges have arisen. Steins;Gate explores more in depth into the time-travel theory and where the ability to time travel came from, thus the longer than usual 24 episodes while Boku dake ga Inai Machi takes are more simpler and easy-to-digest approach; just 12 episodes, on the time travel theme to take preventative measures to resolve a death and change the future.
report Recommended by fillyy
In both anime the main character has to go back in time to save someone he holds dear
report Recommended by DarkForce_9
It's time travel, my dudes. Both are a part of "good taste starter pack", both are really good - and both share the main theme.
report Recommended by power2shred
Time travel...
report Recommended by LordMeexMC
MC experiences time loops. There's an energetic, cute female with a distinct presence. They both start very excited and have a thrilling, creepy vibe to them.
report Recommended by DeusExMavro
Both shows give the same feeling, the Main Character in both shows go back in time to prevent something horrible that will happen in the future
report Recommended by Kazuki_Hoshino
Steins;Gate is also about time travel, the consequences of changing the past and dealing with it's given repercussions. Both show also deal with a lot of mystery that affect both the past and present. If you want more, Robotics;Notes is set in the same "universe" as Steins;Gate, albeit a very different type of anime yet 'affected' by the events of Steins;Gate. While we're at it, check out Chaos;Head as well. These three in chronological order are: Chaos;head Steins;Gate Robotics;Notes Take it or leave it, your call. Either way, I've personally enjoyed these selections.
report Recommended by MrBleu
Both anime shows have a complex plot line. Both ERASED and Steins;Gate involve time travelling to prevent something bad from happening. In my opinion, both animes are very similar and both shows are a must watch.
report Recommended by Ralph_Sensei
Time travelers, butterfly effect, grandfather paradox...Steins; Gates is, above all, an incredible story about friendship. Boku take ga Inai Machi shares the framework, the main idea and goal: change the future from the past.
report Recommended by tylerhenry1
Both consist of the protagonist having to time travel back to save someone he cares for. Only Steins;Gate does it better in my opinion and actually has a solid explaination for the time travel mechanism.
report Recommended by Miroku15
Both show are about time travel.
report Recommended by ExoticBankai
Revival=Reading Steiner ;) Both contain epic time travel. Brace yourselves.
report Recommended by Boac
Both have a relation with time travel and both play with your mind. Moreover, you do not know what's going to happen in any of them.
report Recommended by aryax98
Both animes series are based on the ''Time travelling'' subject. In both of the series the main character is trying to save someone dear to him. There are major differences in the two animes , like Steins;Gate has a comedy side too and it's not as serious as BDGIM. BDGIM is more emotional and dramatic. Both of the series are worth watching , If you liked one of them you will like the other one for sure.
report Recommended by Wrass
Both include the theme of time travel, only difference being Boku dake ga Inai Machi is based on supernatural, whereas Steins;Gate is based on science. Boku dake ga Inai Machi is currently airing, showing another theme of having to go back in time to save someone.
report Recommended by k_nick
Eccentric MC Time travel Above Standard Animation Only difference is Steins gate did everything else better but took longer to develop it plot.....hence why its above Boku dake on MAL. So if you watched boku dake, go watch this classic.
report Recommended by Youneedtowatch
Main character in both series are able to time-travel from the present to the past. The story centres itself with the theme of good versus evil with the main character having to make each and every small decision which can greatly affect the future depending on the actions done from the past.
report Recommended by Saiborg
Same kind of story: time travel, destiny, a bit romantic, friends.
report Recommended by iversteins93
Both have extremely well and tastefully written plots and characters, are thrilling and galvanizing. They conjure up intense feels and deal with time leaps.
report Recommended by NikuMuchi
- Both revolve around the same idea of someone trying to change the future to prevent a murder - Both have protagonists that originally look bland but are actually great characters - Both have quirky looking, realistic characters - The biggest difference is that Boku Dake gets going much faster than Steins; Gate, but even this little detail has made some people think these series are very different
report Recommended by thelectricow
Similar time travel concepts and psychological elements, and the main characters of both series have very similar experiences. Both series also have a fantastic story and good character development too.
report Recommended by blurpotato
-Both shows have a time travel setting. -Both shows have lovable characters. -Both shows have the main character trying to save someone. Here's some advice: make sure to watch them back to back. I did that and it was amazing.
report Recommended by SaintDandy
-time travel -trying to save a person changing things on the past -Both have really good plot and drama.
report Recommended by Paolo_58
--In both animes MC go back in the past to change their fate..Though in Steins;Gate, the repeated failure can make you cry... :'( --In both animes... The MC go back in the time to save their beloved ones.. --Both of them start off with a light start and then paces up.... --And of course, How can I forget about THEM... The cliffhangers in both are just...OTHERWORDLY...(Keep an eye out when watching them, U might actually DIE!) Steins;Gates is a more Sci-Fi based anime...and makes use of time travel theories which actually exists...While Erased does not make any use real life theories and is a bit more Supernatural... But, No Doubt,   read more
report Recommended by KiriZama
Time Travel? Changing the Past? Both of these got it. Plus a whole deal with the psychological effect. Also, each MC has a smart person that figures out that something is up and tries to help. I don't want to spoil either of these series, so just watch it
report Recommended by Silver-King
Traveling back and forth to the past, to prevent nasty things from happening to the protagonists. Both anime contain few good times too, however.
report Recommended by Dark_Abolisher
Both animes are about time travel. Fujinuma Satoru and Okabe Rintarou time travel to past to save someone. Both endure failure and had to travel through time in several times to achieve their goal. This allows them to experience multiple timelines.
report Recommended by Show_Man
Both series feature spirited protagonists, that might feel isolated from those around them, but are determined to the right thing and fix their mistakes - this may sound clichéd, but they both have enough quirks and enough charm to keep them interesting. From a genre perspective - both feature time travel and the idea of alternate worlds and realities, and the idea of preserving relationships across these boundaries. The artwork, particularly the backgrounds, is something definitely worth noting, as there as some stunning scenes throughout. Steins;Gate has more "lighter" moments, perhaps due to the added length, but both series definitely have plenty of suspenseful moments   read more
report Recommended by SionnachD
Both of the anime's main character has the abillity to travel in time to save beloved people. Both are breath taking, If you're looking something similar then here it is! Loved it!
report Recommended by nSect0
Time travelers, butterfly effect, grandfather paradox...Steins; Gates is, above all, an incredible story about friendship. Boku take ga Inai Machi shares the framework, the main idea and goal: change the future from the past. Rintaro –Steins; Gate– and Satoru –Erased–, are in charge of it. The characters share more than it could seem.
report Recommended by kusanagi-330
-Both anime tell about time time travel (especially back to the past). -Both main character try to save someone that important to them.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
they're both about time travel "kind of". and they're both really good... that was enough reason for me to watch it xD
report Recommended by Sad-Kiritsugu
Both stories involve time travel used for the purposes of preventing a terrible event Both stories have a murder mystery and friendship as central plot points Both have light romantic undertones Both stories have a deep emotional impact and are overall quite touching In general, there is a very similar thematic feel between these two animes, and if you like one then you will most likely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Trichotome
Both anime series involve a male protagonist going back in time to prevent a death. The difference is that one involves the use of technology to intentionally time travel and in the other, time travel is a super natural ability that the protagonist has little control over. I highly recommend both series and am confident you will enjoy both series' unique approach to stories involving time travel.
report Recommended by iNoLikeMyOldName
Changing the future by fixing the mistakes done in the past plays a huge part in both series. In both anime, the main character tries to save someone important to them by traveling to the past. Both shows also keep you at the edge of your seat as you follow the protagonist on their mission and see the consequences of the actions and mistakes done by them.
report Recommended by Sande
Both animes are related to time travel and the problems that accompany it. Characters are tested in difficult situations and will face difficult decisions to save their loved ones.
report Recommended by ffall
is about the main guy who has the ability to time-travel to the past to save someone near him.
report Recommended by likepanda
This anime series is really similar of steins gate. Bouth are about time travel.
report Recommended by brunonodera
Steins;Gate and Boku dake ga Inai Machi revolve around the concept of the butterfly effect, where one action causes a chain effect into the future. Both protagonists continually travel back in time to fix the main cause and to fix their futures from something both Okabe and Satoru don't want to have. Both are great fiction animes with Steins;Gate more on a technical, machine level and Boku dake ga Inai Machi with a simple ability.
report Recommended by AurelicButter
Both involve time-travel, emotions and mystery. Both has main characters in the age range 20-30 (Although, boku dake ga inai machi has the childhood past of the main character where he is a boy). Also, both has some romantic moments.
report Recommended by kiner_shah
Why? because they both have deep emotional story lines. Though both have a slow start if you get past the first few episodes, you will be entering a battlefield of emotions. I cried watching both, and so will you. Enough said!
report Recommended by BlueCargo
The way the protagonist has to go through time and solve his problems
report Recommended by Zaikio
Another time-travel theory is present in this series, though compared to Steins;gate, Boku dake ga Inai Machi's time-travel occurs as a natural phenomenon instead of actually (and specifically) manipulating time. Both protagonists are on a quest to change the future by saving their loved ones, and their journey of fighting the evil ones (Criminal in ERASED, Organization in S;g) from being successful in their evil deeds.
report Recommended by leezodne
Boku dake ga Inai Machi is a very confusing anime and it isn't very easy to figure out whats going on,similar to Steins;Gate where your mind gets blown when the main character discovers something important. This isn't the only reason it is similar to Steins;Gate as the main character in Boku dake ga Inai Machi gets sent backwards in time,with his previous memories when a death or negative things happen around that he has to prevent.
report Recommended by MuffinWithAIDS
A powerful and pur love story! This affirmation is perfect for those anime. Like in ,,Stein;Gate", ,,Boku dake inai machi has a unique way to tell a story by breaking time and help the protagonist to protect his lover and his friends. Those anime are REALLY similar but they stil have their original and exciting story involving time traveling and friendship.
report Recommended by UndercoverDevil
Both animes have time travels and they need to solve one problem in the past for get a better future. The main characters need to rescue a girl for being murdered, even if their life becomes more dangerous...
report Recommended by Ran30
-Both series are based on time travelling -While in 'Erased' its the main character's ability to do so, 'Steins;Gate' tries to put it in a scientific and logical way -In both anime, the main character time travels to save the ones close to them specifically females -Both seem very boring in the first parts of the anime but get excellent later -Erased focuses on the main character most of the time when but steins;gate puts the characters in groups and give an overall view of whats happening not just the main character's thoughts -Both have some great plot twists and one of them revolving around a character -Both have the main   read more
report Recommended by HyperBrid
Time travel can become interesting when coupled with great plots, if you look for it in another anime in this story line Steins; Gate was made for you.
report Recommended by Nownownownow
This anime also deals with time travel, and has a strong focus on suspense and mystery. It features complex characters and an engaging plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by FAKECROSS97
Both features the ability to time travel. They also bring up the subject of tragedy and sadness of attempting to go back in time to save loved ones. Steins;Gate does go on a more scientific route when it comes to time traveling while Erased tends to gear towards the subject of crime and mystery.
report Recommended by JinAxel
Steins;Gate and Erased share a lot of similar traits: - both involve time travel (though it's explained more thoroughly in Steins;Gate) - MC travels back in time to save a loved one - both have a similar atmosphere/feel - intriguing plot and keeps you on edge Even though Erased is more of a mystery anime than Steins;Gate, I found myself frequently drawing similarities between the two shows. If you liked the feel and premise of one anime, you will most likely enjoy the other
report Recommended by Shion
ERASED had a potential that was unfortunately never utilized to its full potential, with its conclusion failing to wrap up things as satisfyingly as it should have been. This may have been recommended time and time again, but Steins;Gate is the epitome of time-travel anime, after all, with its science fiction elements fully explored within the course of its whole run and a deeper and darker feeling...that ERASED should've had, mind you, if it was only ever expanded upon aside from being a mere plot device.
report Recommended by TeKSMeLater
Both anime focus on the male protags travelling through time to save the girls most important to them. However, SG focuses more on the science aspect of the story, while Erased's focus is more on solving a mystery, as well as the protag's feelings about the "new" set of people around him. In my opinion, SG is far better because it does not have one tenth the number of plot holes that Erased does, but then again, others will have a different opinion.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
In both cases the protagonist returns to the past, trying to stop something from happening in the future, while struggling to cope with the fact that he is the only one that knows of this future event. Both protagonists are also seemingly helpless when it comes to action, so their struggle is completely intellectual.
report Recommended by LaBord
Both of the shows are based on the chaos theory called "The Butterfly Effect" which is quite interesting to watch - because I, myself am a big fan of the theory. Both of them have likable characters! Both of them are serious but still have humor in them, even though "Boku dake ga Inai Machi" is more serious and much shorter than the epic "Steins; Gate"
report Recommended by gashina-
Both series involve going back through time. I don't want to reveal too much so I'll leave it like this. Both are great anime for sure. :)
report Recommended by Limit_Breakrr420
Both got time travel fantasy on it. Both got alot of drama and plot twists within it. Steins Gate talking about the consicuinces of changing the past. While boku dake ga inai machi changing the past for better future.
report Recommended by yajlan
The main character has Time travel manipulation powers which is able to assist him in saving the ones he cares about.
report Recommended by ReiAyanamii
The MC went back in time to save a girl. Romance is pretty good. Entertaining to watch. Same dark vibe, in my opinion.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
These are both great shows. Both main characters go through similar struggles and repeatedly re-do events for a different outcome. The setting albeit differ from one another still make for very similar shows. Both are great thrillers. I love them both.
report Recommended by jzujhu
They both focus on a basic concept of time travel(of sorts) and focus on saving a loved one by altering past actions. High on suspense and moments that could give you goosebumps no matter how many times you watch them...Great Stories...Highly recommended.
report Recommended by Astitva
Both revolve around time travel to erase past mistakes and fight for a better future. They have really good characters (with similar main characters) and animation, both have a very interesting and engaging story and you really get invested in whats going on.
report Recommended by Keita2014
Both impossible love story Both male lead doing time travel Both this is best saddnest anime ever
report Recommended by Syureria
If you enjoyed Erased, chances are you'll love Steins;Gate. Both anime delve into time travel and are intelligent seinens that prioritize character development and logical storytelling. However, in my opinion, Steins;Gate is the best time travel anime I've seen and happens to be my favorite anime overall. Considering this, if you liked Erased, Steins;Gate is an excellent choice in every aspect.
report Recommended by Joceclayson
Both shows feature lovable MC's and heartwarming characters. Both shows also deal with Time travel in similar but unique ways.
report Recommended by ManThighs
-TIME TRAVEL/THRILLER best combo -GOOD OP -Well written plot (especially S;G) -SMART MC (yes okabe 200IQ confirm) -Both characters are a leader of their group of friend -Both characters got a special time related power -Both characters trying to save their partner
report Recommended by godman32770
Time travel, changing the past to save someone motive and a serious tone ♥ Suspense;Mystery
report Recommended by Arisua
Fairly dark and psychological time travel shows with interesting art styles and presentation, though with stories that go on different directions.
report Recommended by Kww_121
Time travel anime about preventing certain events from occurring.
report Recommended by Cozye
both about time traveling and changing destiny and saving someone.
report Recommended by 9aziz9
The concept of time travel is very similar and if you watched one of them you'll probably like the other.
report Recommended by twootiefrootie
Erased draws the easy comparison to Steins;Gate in that they're both time travel anime. Running the connection a little deeper, Erased is also home to its own set of likable characters and time travel consequences.
report Recommended by Codex23
Similar kinda story but you'll get much more different between 'em. Boku Dake ga Inai Matchi has a great story with the MC.s supernatural ability to go to the past and the desire to save his classmate from a kidnapper.I am sure you'll enjoy it. 😊😊
report Recommended by hassan097
Both animes have interesting time travel tramas and both characters travel through time to save their dear friends! If you liked Steins;Gate you might like Erased as well.
report Recommended by _Gaidenn
Both about time travel and saving someone
report Recommended by KD_35
Same "return to past mechanics" and very intricate and interesting plot. Just like Steins; Gate, is very fond of the characters.
report Recommended by DeltaLight
both are about time travelling and will surely make you loose your breathe
report Recommended by maxfdt
Both MCs try to make changes the past occurrences in order to save the girl's life. They both a have an opportunities of traveling to the past, even though in different ways.
report Recommended by Ashiru_Zarin
-Both anime revolve around time travel -similar if not same concepts -the main characters spend the entirety(mostly)saving others but in an completely different manner -Awesome ops
report Recommended by Legacy401x
Both are similar because of the going back in time/time travel aspect. Using time table to save your comrades
report Recommended by Mr_Bush
If you like such a masterpiece as steins gate, then you may also like Boku dake ga inai machi, in both anime titles the main character moves in time, into the past in order to change the future, to prevent someone's death or change the future in a good way ... In steins gate, science is used, a time machine, in Boku dake ga inai machi there is no science, the main character has the ability to travel to the past if some bad event occurs. I advise you to watch Boku dake ga inai machi, good anime, that's for sure, you'll love it! I'm   read more
report Recommended by _Mixonic15
If you loved the time travel aspect OR the characters of Steins;Gate, Erased should be your next stop. A short anime that features both time travel and lovable characters, it is almost able to match the intensity and depth of Steins;Gate even as it spends most of the story focused on elementary school children.
report Recommended by Ragerrodent
Both are great animes. In ERASED there is no scientific logic for the revival but the theme is somewhat similar to that of steins gate. However, steins gate will still be the best.
report Recommended by SimYeon
Both of them have time travel element. The main character is somehow similar to each other, to protect/save everything he loved. And at honestly, Erased is Steins;Gate but lite.
report Recommended by KuroganeAkira1
They are similar due to the time travelling mechanic both animes possess. But Boku dake ga Inai Machi uses the time travelling mechanic in a kind of different way than Steins;Gate. If you like Steins;Gate's plot I can almost guarantee, that you will love the story of Erased.
report Recommended by Kameloof
1) Both of them involved a travel back-and-forth between the past and future and the effort to change it 2) Both of the characters are a man who want to change certain event to change the whole sequence of the future 3) Both of the series involves an intense story and real-life interraction just like your typical daily activities
report Recommended by poirotto
If you enjoyed Steins;Gate for being intense and jaw-droppping, then you might also like ERASED. It has a similar way of revealing shocking moments that make their show interesting and time traveling is evident. ERASED only has a few episodes to watch so it is good if you are looking for a short anime that might give you a similar experience as you watch.
report Recommended by OmniCheese
Both are emotional masterpeice. They are psychological horror/thriller and twisted time travel perfectly done. One is HARD scifi (S;g) other is fantasy (erased). Both deals consequences of time travel, butterfly effect, Chaos theory and both protagonists are Not in good mental state at the end of anime. Well both are stunning masterpeice for me. Erased is hindi dubbed also!
report Recommended by sha_ra_d
-Thriller Anime with Heavy Emotional Beats - Great soundtrack - intriguing mystery elements
report Recommended by SamUnderStars
These two go well together because they deal with time travel and the plot twists are as shocking. The protagonists are pretty similar in the way they act which gives them the same appeal.
report Recommended by mangalight
Both include time travel and have good amount of suspense.
report Recommended by mechastro
Great time travel stories about saving someone.
report Recommended by thydbc
The same type of story, but this one is less sci-fi. Almost the same epic and thrilling experience as Steins Gate. The consequences is as big as Steins gate, with faster pacing
report Recommended by noe9
Steins;gate is infinitely times better so if you liked Erased this will be amazing. Both revolve around time travel, yet only truly captures the essence of it.
report Recommended by Kool-Kaa9
Similar to Steins;Gate, Erased asks the question "If you could go back in time to prevent a tragedy of a loved one, would you?" While Erased ignores science for a more supernatural explanation of time travel, it follows the same principle. Distinctly, Erased touches on the nostalgia of childhood, while teasing the audience with its engaging murder mystery throughout the series
report Recommended by QuiteAshraf
Both series use time travel similarly and tell a similar story, since in both shows the main character travels through time in order to saved a loved one.
report Recommended by Pitxurra
Both involve time travel of sorts and highlight the struggles one must face when given the power of time travel. Also in depth characters and very engaging storylines
report Recommended by jordskelly
- The protagonists travel back in time in order to save their friend; - Lots of focus on the characters and their relationship with one another; - Cozy yet suspenseful atmosphere.
report Recommended by Yakazi
Both animes consist in saving important people to the main character, it is done in a way to make them understand better the mechanics of their ability to time travel, In each anime, is presented a mystery about the murder, they unravel the mystery throughout the anime presenting new characters, and linking the pieces of the puzzle together, They have extremely amazing history and direction,
report Recommended by Makima_D_SIMP
Both are about time travel psychologically and the storys are kinda similar, going to the past solve everything be done
report Recommended by Andr3w_
Two absolute master pieces of time travel. Words can't describe how great of an experience these two animes gave me. From the awesome narrative to the genius use of time travel mechanics, i guarantee that'll you'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time. If you're a fellow time traveler and haven't watched both of these, what are you waiting for?
report Recommended by JustCallMe_B
-Time travel -Best Heroine -ULTIMATE PUROTUWIZU -Best sung (ost/op/ed) -hmm etc
report Recommended by NUT_aku
The two characters always striving to save the people who love them... they are very similar, all involving sacrifice, hope, death and others. I recommend.
report Recommended by Matheus050
The MC from both series try to save someone important to him from a certain fate.
report Recommended by Malone3443
A time travel mystery about a boy trying to save a girl, while also trying to uncover the reason behind her death. Probably the most similar show to Steins; Gate that I've seen, but it is significantly worse.
report Recommended by slimysteak
It is almost exactly the same as steins gate, with its subject and processing style. Like Steins Gate, time travel and romance are successfully combined. It has a gripping plot. Their music and visuals can't even come close to steins gate level, but give it a chance. While watching, you should not expect much humor as in steins gate.
report Recommended by cdepiedra
They talk about time travel. If you like one of them, give the other one a try.
report Recommended by CoolIcedTea
Rintaro Okabe is a "mad scientist" who spends most of his time inventing random things. One day, he invents a device that allows him to send messages backward in time. This unexpected development gives him the opportunity to save his freind from a terrible fate - which isn't too far off from Satoru's time-traveling feats. Steins;Gate takes things a little further than ERASED does - rather than just trying to save one person as Satoru does, Okabe is trying to take down a massive conspiracy. If you're looking for something a little more complex and scientifically minded than what ERASED had to offer, this might   read more
report Recommended by Lakshay2208
Both explore the main characters psychology pretty well, altough Erased is far more weaker in this aspect. Both feature a main character who posesses time traveling abilities. But the abilities are handeled very differently. Both include extensive amounts of drama.
report Recommended by dicloflom
- Time travel & time loops to save a loved one - Intelligent main character & cast
report Recommended by MyStereoHeart
Both have time-travel mechanics which are eventually used for saving someone dear to the protagonist. Both are amazing animes as well, featuring a variety of plot twists that'll leave you at the edge of your seat.
report Recommended by DrDuccy
If you're a fan of time travel-themed anime like Steins;Gate, then you might enjoy the anime Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi). The show follows a struggling manga artist named Satoru who has the power to go back in time to prevent tragic events from happening. When he's accused of murder, he finds himself transported back to his childhood, where he must prevent a series of kidnappings that happened in his hometown years ago. Erased offers a complex and thought-provoking plot, with well-crafted characters and intricate plot twists. The animation and soundtrack are both top-notch, and the show has received critical acclaim for its storytelling and   read more
report Recommended by CertifiedLucky
Both series are about time travel, the protagonists try to change the time line.
report Recommended by Wildfangtanz
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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