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Both series are really similar with the idea of a male protagonist being pestered/bullied comically by a very strange/publicly embarrassing female protagonist that believes in the occult. Both girls make hybrid clubs which a few characters join for various reasons, and along with these people the main protagonist must figure out the story behind this strange girl in order to help her.
report Recommended by MangaPancakes
-Both male protagonists have to take care of a peculiarly eccentric girl -Both animes are school life that have a balance of comedy/romance/drama
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Our normal hero gets dragged into a weird club by the main heroine and other seemingly normal people join in the clubs crazy antics. Not only to form outstanding friendships but even love.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both involve a guy who more or less prefers a normal life, at the start. Weirdo girl who does as she pleases, and forms a club.
report Recommended by Aeralt
Both Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu are base off novels from the main guys point of view. Also both series are about a guy trying to move on from his past involving supernatural and occult things.Then get the exact opposite when the main girl protagonist comes in and drags them along into making a club to help them search for and do supernatural and occult things.
report Recommended by Johanathann
Both shows feature a weird girl and a normal boy. While Haruhi is a firm believer in the supernatural, Rikka thinks she has supernatural powers. Both series will make you laugh from their randomness.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
The similarities in these two series are quite alike in my estimation. First of all, both series takes place at a school life setting that have been adapted from a novel. Both series also employs the same studio hence the similar feeling and atmosphere. In regards to characters, both series has a fun cast to get to know with. The main male protagonist is a normal boy who has to deal with the strange personalities of the other characters namely the main female protagonist. The main female protagonist in both series are strange and has a strange fascination with a mind strange of ideas. Both series has great   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
both have a normal guy taking care of a weird girl, or he trys to in haruhi lol they both act like they dont want to be involved with her but they're always there supporting or guiding her. (or trying to guide her)
report Recommended by andrewisgod
Almost the same plot :)) Male protagonist drag into creating a weird Club then start going there because of beautiful of girl
report Recommended by crescent917
Both tell the story about a fairly normal, socially conscious boy who meets a girl with strange obsessions and is near enough forced to hang around with her, and he may even fall in love with the mysterious girl.
report Recommended by gloomlp
Female protagonist is very similar to Haruhi, both in her delusions of extradimensional grandeur and her domineering personality. Both involve useless, quirky high school clubs. Chuunibyou is definitely more light-heated, but fans of Haruhi will enjoy.
report Recommended by ADiosMio
Both stories feature school clubs which focus on the super natural and mysterious, which naturally leads to the members said clubs standing out and looking foolish in front of their peers. Also, there is a decent amount of action in each series, although (possible somewhat spoiler here) it's imaginary in one series and not the other.
report Recommended by Aurumai
Both have a girl who has trouble socializing with others, thanks to their own supernatural/fantasy interests. Their obsession makes the people around them not want to interact with them, so they are isolated. Then there is the guy, who helps them slowly be able to connect with "normal" people. The guys are also forced into building a club with them, both clubs being fantasy/supernatural based. Plus, they are both really good :)
report Recommended by PotakuCat
A crazy yet loveable girl drags around a passive guy against his will into shenanigans inspired by her hyperactive imagination. Each series has a similar comedic style and story development, although Chuunibyo is more dramatic while Haruhi Suzumiya is a bit wittier and more unpredictable. Both shows are also produced by Kyoto Animation.
report Recommended by Zadion
-Similar Male Protagonist who has abandoned a past way of thinking which is awoken by a female lead -Similar female lead who creates a club to do with a magic/supernatural theme -Yuki and Kumin both involved in respective clubs due to lack of members for their own
report Recommended by KHRoxas
Basically the same thing- Main character starts high school and meets a girl obsessed with the supernatural. They meet in a club room with friends after school and go on adventures and stuff, and then everyone falls in love yay...
report Recommended by Murdaj_Steve
Tells the story of a guy seeking a normal high school life, only to be caught up with the most eccentric girl in the school. Both include the formation of a club, collecting members and the friendships between them, as well as the careful monitoring of the lead girl to make sure her imagination doesn't get too out of hand.
report Recommended by Calcature
Protagonists dragged by heroins into super natural club to do something akwardly and distinctive from other people and both featured various characters that made you like them. Eventually,these two animes are produced by KyotoAnimation too.
report Recommended by santicres
Both series revolve around a main protagonist that is put into weird situations having to do with supernatural powers. The only difference is that in Haruhi Suzumiya the supernatural powers are real while in Chuunibyou they are not. In Chuunibyou they also establish a romance while in Haruhi Suzumiya there's not much romance.
report Recommended by Scyres23
While telling different types of stories, both center around a quirky energetic girl and a guy that gets dragged along in her antics. Definitely worth watching if you appreciate Haruhi and Kyon as characters and would like to see similar characters in a romcom/coming of age setting. And just worth watching in general.
report Recommended by Gman8r
These shows have many interesting parallels to each other with a few differences that make them different shows in the long run. However, the character interactions can be pretty similar at times. Both shows have an eccentric girl who drags the typical straight-man "I believe what I see" main character into their world of the supernatural and the main character has to adapt to this. The girl then makes a club which all of the supporting characters then join and the entire show is set up based on this.
report Recommended by HyperMonkeyBird
MC interested in a strange girl who believes in aliens and other fantaisies
report Recommended by Pumpkinyaaan
Both shows have a girl who believes in magical things and the protagonist is embarrassed by her but stays with her anyway. Both girls start a club for supernatural things but don't have enough members in the beginning. Both shows focus on comedy/slice of life.
report Recommended by aliquae