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Love So Life
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ABHISHEKV Nov 16, 2016 10:02 PM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D
1236Peter Jan 7, 2015 6:53 PM
Damn it this is going to go world wide. Soon everybody will recognize you as the 2014 manga champion and I will be forced to suck your cock for eternity. Must resist Jon's cock, must resist the power of the champion. Must run away and become stronger in order to beat your manga cock. Must harness the power of the anime boobs inside of me to fight the mighty cock. (No idea where I'm going with this but it sounds cool)

WILL YOU STILL WAIT FOR ME, WILL YOU STILL PRAY FOR ME? COME AND TAKE MY HAND!! This song sounds great and is really epic.

Dahhh that's really cute, I've never done that with a big dog but when I house sit for my Uncle's, their dog sleeps with me in the bed and we cuddle.

Well right now in the manga they are just finishing up the currrent arc, like I would say there's less than 5 chapters, although I could be wrong. (doubt it though) There have been some humongous reveals though, holy cow. Stuff like the origins of the titans. Eren's dad, Historia, holy snap so many "OH MY GOD" moments. If I were to take a guess on the reason for waiting I would say that creating anime doesn't happen instantly. First they've gotta get the go ahead and after that happens they have to get their staff together and start working on the episodes although technically that maybe takes a couple months. It could also be that because the arc isn't finished they want to wait and so they just said "to hell with it, let's wait till 2016" No idea what it is but at least it's happening and that's what matters.

Ok laws are important and science is pretty fucking awesome but damn it science why can't there be anime girls in real life? Why is their hair on my ass, and why is it that men get erections in the morning when they wake up for no apparent reasons? Seriously I woke up at 5:30 a.m. in the morning recently and had to go to the restroom really bad. Problem was that I had an erection and it did not wanna go away. So I'm there trying to pee into the toilet with a half way erection and it did not go well.

Women you think your periods are bad but try having an erection and trying to go pee. Does not work well.

(Ok periods suck a hell of a lot more than erections so women you people are amazing for putting up with that shit)

Ok ok, sorry you never know. Ya that's what sucks about growing up is everything you used to love you start hating on and you just don't love it as much. Now granted the stuff you still love can be considered a "classic" but it still sucks. Why I remember when I was a wee lad of 12 years old and watching School Rumble for the first time. This song is what that feeling was like:

This magic moment ohhhhhhhhh so different and so new, wasn't like any other. Until I met you, and then it happened. It took me by surprise. I knew that you feel it too by the look in your eye. Sweeter than wine, softer than the summer night.

Perfectly describes me and School Rumble ;_;

Here's going to be my "before" and "after" look



Going from a wimpy shrimp to the ultimate muscle man. This song perfectly describes me and exercising:


I always heard that the Village People were gay and I'd never seen this video until now, but now that I have......ya they're flamboyantly gay but who cares it's still great.

Ya what I'm doing is going to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and then on Wednesday I'll go for a walk or something because my mom does shopping in the morning on that day. When we do go to the gym though we're making sure to take breaks from the weight machines every so often so we can rest. Yesterday we did the eliptical and we got a really good workout. Mom burned 400 calories and I burned roughly 380 and man did I work up a sweat, it felt good.

Lolz that would be really funny to have this guy in drive through finishing his order and all of a sudden he hears you singing Blind Guardian. I haven't started singing while doing drive through although it's easy to forget to turn off the mic and start talking without realizing it's still on.

Ok to set this all straight I wouldn't jump into those kind of questions from the beginning. I'd definitely enjoy dating the girl and getting to know her and when we start seriously considering marriage that is when we start asking those type of questions.

This is the part where I point my finger at my moniter while reading those words and cry out "No way! If there's one thing I've learned from shoujo manga it's that true love does exist!" I apologize brother Jon but I believe in a thing called love!

..........I'm going to stop posting these songs I remember hearing when I was 12 even though they fit what I'm saying.

Good good, subscribe so you can get caught up on all that anime you've missed. Another great show that ended was Akame Ga Kill. The ending was a little iffy because they deviated from the manga at episode 19 but the final fight was awesome (Esdeath versus Akame) so I felt it made up for the two horribly done character deaths and poorly thought out at times story line.

Lolz I could see that being a future update for MAL is where they put a chip into your brain and every time you finish an episode or read a chapter it would automatically update onto MAL for you.

So really cool news! My Grandpa and I were eating lunch today and he says to me, "Now Caleb I already talked to your mom about this but you know that pool tournament over in Lincoln city Oregon I go too? Well I was going to have you come with me and I'm pretty certain it will work out but I gotta double check."

This is really awesome and I am crazy excited about it because this pool tournament is a huge thing that happens every year inside a casino. There's 80 tables with professionals from all around playing pool. We're going to be gone roughly four days and it's almost gonna be just like our trip we had in summer except it's shorter and we aren't doing all the sight seeing and meeting with relatives. I can't play in the tournament since I'm not part of a league but I'll be able to watch all these proffesionals playing pool and it's just going to be an awesome atmosphere to be in.

1236Peter Jan 5, 2015 6:56 PM
Looks at your profile to make sure my message sent.

See's profile*

Me: -_- God damn it he went and proclaimed his victory to the whole internet. This year I will dethrone you and laugh when I see you laying in a puddle of tears. Mark my words!
1236Peter Jan 5, 2015 6:55 PM
Damn mothafucka you talk dah talk but can you walk the walk. Ahhhh lucky 0//0 I love cats they're freaking adorable, especially when they're all cuddly like that and lay on your long as they only stay on the lap. I hate it when they get on your computer keyboard and you can't type. Dogs are great too. I remember being at my Aunt's house in Wisconsin and she had these three dogs (two shitzu's and one mix breed) and every morning when I woke up and came downstairs they would come bounding towards me and tackle me onto the couch where they would lick my face and give me kisses. Best mornings ever, even beter than waking up and watching Saturday morning cartoons. (wait that's pretty awesome too.....ok maybe waking up to dogs and waking up to cartoons are equally great) Man this song get's me pumped up so much!!!! Been watching a lot of Attack on Titan videos (mainly Eren's titan moments) and it get's me in that titan roar mood. Speaking of Attack on Titan, you've probably already heard this but season 2 is planned for 2016. Kinda dissapointed that we all have to wait another year but it's still exciting. I swear I can not wait for the Eren and Reiner fight, that moment is going to be phenomenal and worth the wait.

Hmmm nice, I haven't listened to that much Blind Guardian (this is probably the most actually) so I can't tell the difference in the styles but it all sounds great. I really like the voice though, the lead singer has this really unique sound, almost medieval. It really fits the tone of the songs and what they're about so it's a perfect combination.

;_; Oh ok.......I try to sound scientific and smart and then you come in with you "laws of physics" and bring me down. Fine be that way....

Just kidding I don't mind. I haven't taken that type of science or seriously looked into what science says about time travel so I was speaking in ignorance. Ya when you put it that way you would need to have powers of a God like being in order to manipulate time and what not. For me personally though I won't rule it out completely as being impossible even if science says so because a lot of things we deemed as sci fi are becoming real. Although time travel is really pushing it so who knows.

Ok thank god, I thought you liked it and then I'd be a downer on you. Ya the cinematography I thought was beautiful and the music is always great. Now I know I might be sounding biased when I say this but I thought the original trilogy was great even though it had some "things" you could say, like all the amazing stunts Legolas would do. In this new trilogy I just thought they pulled things out way to long, strayed from the book too far (I was ready to cry when the earth worms from tremor popped up), and I personally did not get into that elves/dwarf romance stuff. Almost feels like Peter Jackson turned into Michael Bay with the way he directed these movies which is a big shame because again, I loved the original trilogy.

I've seen a few trailers for the originals and by what I've heard people loved the first two but hated the third one because Hollywood got the rights for it and screwed it all up. I know that the original Mad Max came out in 1979 so I don't think I mind as much that they're doing a reboot which they do too much of these days. (You hear they're doing a Rambo 5 -_- ). I'm still gonna wait and hear if it's good but all I know is that it looks like the craziest D-derby the world has ever seen.

Well started my exercise routine today and it went great. I woke up at 7 a.m. and went to the gym with mom and we did the bike for 35 minutes. After that we had one of the trainers show us how to do the weight machines which is really good because I've never done weights before. My goal is to exercise five days a week and I really need it because a lot of times I find myself unusually tired and I know exercise helps with that.

How can we take it away from someone who has no right! No right to control the divine! Another song I like from this album.

Damn that's a good deal, anything? Man if I had that type of deal at my McDonalds I'd be eating there every shift I had. (probably would make me gain a lot more weight so maybe it's good that I don't have that deal here)

Ok well what I see too much happening is couples that get married and then because they didn't talk about the important stuff, bad things happen such as the wife wanting a baby, the husband loves football but the mom hates it and won't let him watch it, the couple doesn't discuss their economics and they have problems. Like with my parents I know they love each other but they have a really iffy relationship. When I look at them I don't want to be like that where there's bad communication between me and my spouse.

I know where you're coming from though and I think it has its merits but I personally would want to make sure me and my to-be-spouse are on the same wave length before getting married.

Last of Us was really the only game I played for the PS4 mainly because it was really addiciting with how good it was. (would've played other stuff if the games I got were good) My sister and I played some minecraft today and we're replaying Guacamelle on hard mode so that's good since I haven't turned on the PS4 in a couple weeks.

(man this A Voice in The Dark song is so good!)

Speaking of Hellsing Ultimate have you seen this yet?

Integra: You killed Father Christmas 0_0

Alucard: Well I guess I've gotta save Christmas then


Alucard: No I didn't!

Seras: Master the sleigh is ready, although Blitzen died

Integra: ALUCARD


Best Christmas special ever.

Ya I was talking to my mom about it and that's what she said is because Scandinavia is in Europe there are probably a good amount of people there that can speak English. Well definitely keep thinking about it because you won't figure out anything if you don't. I'll keep brain storming to and maybe we'll be able to figure out something.

*sigh* I'm looking at all that moment while thinking "you bastard, you bastard, you bastard, -_-" Now the question is, did we agree on winner get's to have the loser do anything he wants him too because I'm not sucking your dick like on South Park.

I'll get you this year just watch. I focused too much on anime which isn't a bad thing but this time I'll buy more manga.

So I've been kinda catching up on the fall animes but I lost my mojo (seems to happen a lot) so I'm kinda on hold for now. However before that happened I got caught up with/finished Log Horizon 2, One Piece, Fate/Stay Night 2014, Shirobako, Denki-Gai, and Your Lie in April. Since I know you don't care much for Log Horizon and a few of those other titles lemme just review Fate/Stay night 2014.

Let me just say I'm super glad this came out because it easily makes up for how bad the old one was. Ufotable worked their magic and made Stay Night just as awesome as Zero was. Animation is off the charts and it's like the word "budget" means nothing to Ufotable. I mean they have like four hour long episodes and on top of that the animation/artwork never falters. The story is a lot better too, although at the end it kinda slides downhill a bit but not that badly. Shiro is a lot more likeable character too where as in the original you hate him, especially when he says that oh so well known line "People die when they are killed' *face palm*

So back on the story it follows the original at some points but towards the middle and end it branches off in a differnt direction which kind of works out but not perfectly. The ending episode is around 47 minutes long and for a finale stuff you wanted to see happen doesn't happen. Shiro makes a really stupid choice and it ends on a big cliff hanger which wasn't near as epic as Fate/zero's one. One other thing I have with Fate/stay night in general even with the new revision is the school setting. Fate/zero didn't have that and it added more seriousness and brutality to it. Not that the school setting does horrible damage to the show but you see a lot more themes that don't mix as perfectly with the ideal of the story.

But when you have those amazing fights and everything else this show is pretty darn awesome. So I definitely reccomend watching it when you get a chance because it's highly worth it.

Anyways hope schools goes well for you and same for work ^_^ Catch ya later
1236Peter Dec 31, 2014 4:59 PM
So remember last year how we had that challenge to see who would have the most manga at the end of the year? Well lemme count here.....Eighty-Five volumes of manga. And if we're including novels, I own 12. Breaking it down I own:

All you need is Kill omnibus
Assissnation Classroom
Attack on Titan 14 volumes
Attack on Titan Colossal edition
Attack on Titan Before the Fall 3 volumes
Attack on Titan no regrets 2 volumes
Attack on Titan guidebook (there's manga scenes in there so I think it counts)
Bakuman 20 volumes
Blood Ladd
Code Geass 3 volumes
Deadman Wonderland 6 columes
Gakuen Polizi
Gintama 2 volumes
Girls Und Panzer 3 volumes
Heroic Legend of Arslan 2 volumes
In Clothes Called Fat
Magi 9 volumes
Manga Bible (lolz, I almost feel bad including this)
Maximum Ride (technically not listed on MAL but it's Manhwa in a sense so I would say that it also counts)
Monster 2 volumes
Vinland Saga 5 volumes
Wolf Children Ame and Yuki


Accel World 2 volumes
Attack on Titan Before the Fall
Spice and Wolf 5 volumes
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 3 volumes

So you're probably going to kick my ass with all you own but that's ok. If I had wanted to I could've bought a huge load of manga and beaten you, but you probably could have done the same now that you have a job so who knows what the outcome would have been.

Go ahead rub it in my face, I hereby declare you:

(Didn't have enough time to create something nice but this will do)

Next year things will be different and I'll be the champion, just you wait.
1236Peter Dec 30, 2014 2:13 PM
Listening to the album right now and as I progress through the message and the album I'll tell you what I think. Only 20 seconds into this first song and I'm already impressed, this is some damn good choir/fantasy music. Lately I haven't been looking into any new metal bands or new songs, I've mainly been sticking with what I usually listen too (Sabaton, Equilibrium, Gloryhammer, etc...) I still haven't listened to all of the albums I bought waaaaaay back in early fall, I need to do that soon. Maybe I'll put them onto my mp3 and listen to them while I'm falling asleep.

I agree with you, they do explain everything so it isn't like Evangelion per say where you seriously have to think hard about the story. It's more so the concepts because that is some crazy stuff, mainly the ending with the fifth dimensions. As for it being science or science fiction I don't know enough of both to be sure but I don't think multi dimensions are fiction. Here's what I think about it:

So you know how in Steins Gate they have the different world lines/parallel universes, right? Well I think those exist however at this point in time. The reason for that is that time is flowing in one direction and can't be changed. I think when time travel happens and we can actually go into the past, then those multi universes/world lines will come into being because time is no longer a solid line but a tree with many branches.

One other interesting theory I've heard is Haruhi's explanation of time although I don't know if I 100% agree with it. In Haruhi Mikuru explains that time is like a picture book, but if you draw in a picture book with a marker does that change the story? (no) Therefore time is still a solid line and you can not change the future. Steins Gate has that theory where if there isn't a big enough change in a world line you can't change the future hence the reason the girls keep dying.

Now I could be wrong on all of this of course because let's say there's a god being, and that would change everything. Then there's the theory of "Fate" and all sorts of other things so who's to know how it all works. But I would say that the idea that world lines don't exist until time travel sounds pretty appealing.

Speaking of movies I went to go see the new Hobbit movie on Sunday. I honestly did not get into it and it reminded me why I skipped the second one and disliked the first. Really didn't like how it strayed from the book on a lot of parts in order to make the film longer than it needed to be and how in some ways it feels goofy. Now believe me I love the original trilogy but I don't like this new one, Peter Jackson did a really bad job in my opinion.

However, one thing that was worth going to see the movie was this: God this movie looks fucking insane! Now I know trailers make things look a lot cooler than they probably are (hence the reason I went to go see that Hobbit movie) but I am excited about this. My hope would be that this movie is truly as insane as it's showing to be and have awesome music to go along with it. I mean we're talking 50's style vehicles doing battle with each other amid dust storms and chaos. I never watched the first Mad Max movies but if the trailers keep looking good and it get's good reviews when it comes out, I'll go see it.

By the way here's the song that plays during the trailer, freaking amazing!

I don't think I'll have any problems either but you never know what can happen. If the Coast Guard doesn't work out I'll try the Navy, the Airforce, and finally the Shipyard if everything else doesnt' work out.

Lolz I've never heard those sayings but they're hilarious.

Good deal. I'm at chapter 10 of Vagabond and it's still great and the story makes more sense now that stuff's been explained. First chapter throws you into everything and it's like "eh?!" but then it makes more sense by like chapter 2 or 3. I've been buying the Girls und Panzer manga and they're good. Mainly they're just side-back stories but they're still interesting. One's about the main story showed in the anime except it's from the eyes of Yukarin. I like all the tanks in that one and at the end they have bonus information on all the new tanks showed in the volume. The other series they got "Little Army" is about Miho Nishizumi when she's in middle school and it takes place before the anime story. That ones more slice of life and less tank action but it's cute.

Ya this year my new years resolutions are (might've told you some of these so I apologize in advance for that):

Get into the Coast Guard

Start a regular exercise routine (probably gonna join my mom's gym)

Drink less soda (one per week if I can)

Save more money (100$ in savings every paycheck)

Watch more anime and read more manga

Learn how to use a sword (pretty crazy but I was watching Fate/stay night 2014 and I was like, I wanna learn how to use a sword)

Study Japanese again

And I think that's pretty much it although I'll probably add some more. Not sure about learning how to use a sword but all of that seems possible to do so we'll see how it goes.

Ride into Obsession!!! Been paying more attention to the message but this is really good holy cow. I'll need to go back and listen to some of these songs again because the instrumental sounds great.

One thing I do when I work at McDonalds is I pack myself a sandwich because that saves money and calories at the same time. Although if I have a half hour break and get that 50% discount I'll generally buy myself something.

Ya I know what I'm saying isn't really realistic but we'll see how it happens. One thing I do know though is if I start dating and possibly consider marriage then that will change life drastically for me. Because then I have to make sure I have a good paying job to sustain us. But who knows again, we'll see how it happens. What I do know though is if I ever start dating and we plan on possibly getting married we're going to have a lot of discussions on what we'll do if that happens. (economics, babies, etc...)

Wow, well I'm glad you had a magical adventure because of that. Back when I was younger every Christmas season we'd watch those shows. The Grinch, Frosty, Rudolf, Charlie Brown, those were good times. Ya more recently though I used to have this tradition called "Mech-cember" where the whole month of December I would watch mech shows. Didn't happen last year and this one too but next year I'll try to do that. One other thing I do is watch 5cm per second but didn't do that either because on Christmas I was really sleepy after maraphoning Log Horizon 2 and getting caught up with it. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow hmmm....

I'm on Curse my Name right now, I think you've showed me this before, it's another great song.

I haven't been playing my PS4 that much. My sister got minecraft for Christmas so we played it then but other then that haven't been doing much on it. Now that I'm back to watching anime that takes priority so who knows when I'll play on it next. Probably when a good game comes out for it and I wanna play it. You beat Last of Us yet, I remember last we talked about it you were at the Subway part.

Let them curse my name, on these blood stained pages of misery! Let them call me a tyrant so cruel, let them curse my name but remember the truth!

The sale ended Sunday so now we gotta wait another year for the next one. Wish I had enough money to get Brotherhood and some other things because those were on sale for an amazing price.

Ya I agree entirely with you because most of the time everyone's in a good mood but when things get crazy people get stressed and moods flare. Not to mention a lot of them don't have the greatest private lives so working at McDonalds doesn't help their moods.

Ok I'll take back what I said on Alucard being emotional because I do agree that I found his humanistic side of him really interesting. Like in episode 3 when he's in the hotel and the police are attacking him. Then one of them commits suicide and he's seriously pissed off. Or as you said the part with him in episode 8 where he's facing Anderson and views Anderson as his savior who will be able to kill him. But then Anderson uses the Nail of Helvena and Alucard is angry because he tells Anderson that only a human can kill him.

However I still think that episodes 9 and 10 were not done well both in animation (literally an hour of characters standing still and talking to each other) and story. I wish that Madhouse could've done the last two episodes which would've fixed the animation and if they had said "screw it we're redoing the story the way we want to!" then that would have been even better.

One thing I gotta say though is episode 4 probably has my favorite moment in the Ultimate Series. That moment when Van Winkle and the Nazis hijack that carrier and Alucard crashes a high speed jet into it. The moment Winkle senses Alucard's presense and starts freaking out is amazing and it just keeps getting better from there when the Nazis are trying to kill Alcuard and the finale where Alucard impales Winkle with her rifle. *drools* (º﹃º) Fucking awesome.

By the way thanks for always listening to my rants on my issues because I know for the most part they're usually confusing and I keep changing what's happening to myself, but you still listen and give me advice. A good portion of the stuff that happened was due to my vitamind D defiencency because I get people with a lack of vitamind D have mood swings and are generally depressed. A lot of it though was me being stupid and refusing to adjust to my situations in life. Hell I'm still being stupid as I've realized recently although a big part of life is being stupid and getting smarter so I guess it's alright. But thanks again for always being there for me even though I sound ridiculous. In return I promise to always listen to your rants and when I can I'll try my best to give good advice. *give thumbs up sign*

That's a hard question because I don't know the jobs they got over in Scandinavia. Maybe, possibly, one idea I would have is being an english teacher over there. What I mean by that is you'd go over there and help children/teenagers or who knows what age group practice their english. I've known people that go to Japan and do that type of job and they get paid for it. A further problem is I have no idea if they have that type of job opportunity in Scandinavia so you'd have to research that if it interest you.

I'm thinking of doing college once I get out of the Coast Guard and getting a degree in something related to computers. Like being a graphic designer or something sounds pretty cool so I might give it a try. Do you know what kind of degree you're going for when you get into college?

Lolz that's what I need to do is Vagabond in Japan, going around to the different dojo's and beating the heads. On my journey I'll sleep in the woods and seek shelter in old people's houses where they'll have me chop firewood.....Ok more likely I'll get arrested by the cops for being a creepy foreign homeless dude and deported.

Why yes I do, have a happy Yule, a jolly winter solstice and a great new year brother Jon!

Might write more later because my mom just told me I'm going to go try out some snow boots. Catch ya later until then ^_^
1236Peter Dec 7, 2014 7:57 PM
Oh ya so Hellsing Ultimate I forgot about that almost.

So as I was saying volumes 1-8 are amazing, I love the brutality, nazi vampires, the dub, and mothafuckin anti tank rifles! But then you get to volumes 9-10 which I've been waiting two years for and it's a total dissapointment. Madhouse got kicked out and another studio I've never heard of took over and because of that the animation really suffered. I think almost one hour of the two ova's combined is the characters standing still and talking to each other.

Then there's the story......Hellsing Ultimate needs no complex story. All you need to know is the motherfucking Alucard and Nazi Vampires, the end. But nope we gotta have all this stuff which is never fully explained like Walter turning traitor, the reason for everyone fighting, Alucard being emotional.....come on people. Now I know it isn't the studio's fault about the story because I heard that in the manga volumes 9 and 10 were not all that great and were delayed for a long time.

So overall it is a big shame that this happened and I disliked the last two volumes so much that when I rewatch Hellsing Ultimate in the future I will literally skip volumes 9 and 10 and just watch volumes 1-8.....and maybe like the last 10 minutes of 10.

But more importantly what did you think of it, did you like it or hate it, or somewhere in between?
1236Peter Dec 7, 2014 7:49 PM
Ah man today is a good day. Went to go see Interstellar with my dad today and it was amazing. I made sure to go see it in a high quality theater (Galaxy is the one we went to) and it was well worth it. I think this is the first movie since the Matrix Trilogy where I've really had to think about the storyline and have been amazed at how well done it is. (ok technically the Matrix trilogy isn't outstanding but back when I was 13 it sure was) Right now I'm house sitting and it feels magical because the house is all decorated and they even had Christmas music playing on the radio. I don't need heavy metal today, I'm just gonna let that wonderful holiday music play as I type.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh niigghhhht diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh night when christ was born- Ohhhhhhhhhhh nigghhhhhhhhht diviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine oh night, oh night divine.

I don't know about you but I love Christmas music.

Well at the moment nothing is set in stone and in fact I don't even know if I'll be able to get into the Coast Guard because I've been hearing they have a long waiting list in some areas. However if everything works out here's what will hopefully happen. (quick note though, in April my mom and I are going to go see a recruiter so they should be able to give me more solid information. We emailed them a while back and they said to come see them a little before I turn 18) I'll go in when I'm 18, take the ASVAB test, and get in. I'm hoping to strike for Bosamait (sorry can't spell it right) although I might go for something on the electrician side.

Ya I should probably post that disclaimer again to make sure everyone see's it.

Legal Cock Block and Shit


Jon and 1236Peter's messages contain mature content and
are not intended for young audiences. The following pieces of
writing may contain as such: Foul language, heavy sexual content, i indiscriminate religious smack downs, spoilers, and uncontrollable

You have been warned

Hmmmmm old enough to pee sounds good to me. To be honest with you I'd love it if we got in trouble for the stuff we right. Like remember that message I got from the queen of the weeaboos, that was hilarious. I need more messages like that, it would brighten up my day.

Dang that's a long time ago. I'm keeping a com-com page of our messages open while writing this because I don't remember everything I wrote perfectly.

Berserk is damn good stuff man, like it'll put some real hair on your chest. I'm at chapter 88 or something and it's at the part where the big betrayel happens with Grythith so it's gonna be intense. I need to pick it back up again and continue reading, I think I'll do that once I get caught up with this season's anime.

You know what's pretty awesome and a little funny? Last year when I was feeling terrible and being a total idiot I made three new years resolutions. 1. Become employee of the month at McDonalds before I've worked there a year: check 2. Become efficient on table at McDonalds: check and I went farther than that, I mean I'm almost a crew trainer. 3. Cure my depression and stop feeling horrible: check. I literally took care of all of my resolutions which generally doesn't happen.

When I look back at last year I don't feel all that bad about it. I mean ya I admit it was kinda painful what with feeling depressed all the time but a lot of awesome stuff happened like watching Bakuman, reading Vinland Saga, going on the trip recently (ok some of this stuff isn't last year), and a bunch more.

In a sense I'm completely different as well. Some of the stuff that's changed is a little discouraging like how much time I spend on anime and the way I feel about it at the moment but other things I'm glad have changed like I feel I've become more mature. I guess that's life for ya, nothing you can do about it. What'll be crazy is when I'm 18 and start really turning into an adult and strike out on my own with the Coast Guard.

Oh wow I didn't know that. If you ever come up here give me a call and maybe we can go to to one together.

Ok so she didn't turn into a Gasai Yuno type of girl that's good. That doesn't sound too good but at least it isn't a worse situation (like her going Yandere). Well I don't know if I'll ever have a girlfriend or get married for that matter but if I ever do fall in love it'll be with someone I know is the one....or at least I hope so. Can't really predict this thing called love but we'll see if it ever chooses me.

Never saw the second one but the first one isn't too bad. Kinda dislike the fact that they took out 90% of the original cast in the second film and replaced them with other guys.

So Intersteller! Wow, lemme pause for a second here. So what really interested me was the science behind this like the time relativity, the black holes, and that multi dimensional thing at the end. When I think about it, it gives me one of those "woah 0_0" moments because I can't comprehend the feeling of it. The cinemetography was spectacular and there were a lot of moments where it felt like you were swaying along with the movie. I liked how when they were in space they stayed true to science and made it completely silent outside, and you know that part where they docked while spinning? 0_0 Dang that was crazy!

Another thing about the movie and this might be my favorite thing about it is that moment when Dr. Angelina Joline *cough* *cough* sorry Dr. Brand says "Love is more than just an emotion and it has a powerful meaning" And later she's right when love is the reason that Murphy is able to figure out the missing gravity equation.

You know what sucks? When you're using your touch pad and you somehow manage to click the X button and close all your windows. Seriously how does that happen? I don't know but thank god I've been making sure to save what I've been writing until now.

Lolz turn that church into a grilled christian sandwich.

Ya the other night I couldn't stop thinking about anime and I got really excited about watching it again. I'm gonna wait until Christmas Break to start working on this season's shows but tonight I'm going to rewatch Wolf Children and if I have enough time I'll rewatch Die Buster too.

*Listens to radio*

Me: Hey it's Charlie Brown!

Right now the Charlie Brown Christmas piano theme is playing so that makes me happy.

Eh ok I might have phrased that bad a while back when I wrote that message. I wouldn't say I no longer give a fuck but more so I just don't let it get to me. Although sometimes I have trouble with that, especially at work because sometimes I have bad days or something goes wrong and it really get's to me. The past two weeks have had some bad shifts and there were especially bad because certain coworkers of mine weren't happy and overall it just didn't go well.

Ya I'm still kinda amazed that I managed to watch all of that in a little over a month. By the time I get back to this season's shows I'll have like 6 episodes of each one to watch so that's going to be easy.

I should do that. Right now I'm just going on walks/runs and doing push ups when I feel like it. What I'm hoping to do now though is wake up at 7 a.m. and go to bed at 10 p.m. so that way I can get more done. If I can I'll join my mom at the gym and we'll pump iron together.

Rightstuf still hasn't had anything that makes me say "I NEED THIS!" still a lot of shows I don't care about or stuff I already own....Ok I take that back because some of it is great and if I hadn't bought that PS4 I'd be snatching it up. Like they got all the released collections of One Piece for 18$ per collection and the same goes for Yu Yu Hakusho on bluray. So far I've just bought Golgo 13 the complete collection because they had it for 30$ where as it's usually 230 something. Then for my Christmas presents I got Angel Beats Bluray, Garden of Words, Bluray, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex second season dvd, Hetalia Paint it White dvd, and Grave of the Fireflies bluray. Still waiting for that Berserk manga to show up although they may not discount it because they did that last year.

I'll make sure to facebook you my address after this.

I've seen how people put together a computer and it ain't too difficult, it's just costly. Maybe in the future I'll do that, although maybe not if I'm super into anime and just want a laptop to watch it on.

Just another worker and now I've found out he's been having some complex issues. Not going to go into detail but he's been having a hard time lately. Believe me though, I do respect this guy and he does a great job. Most of the guys I work with are great but at times they can be difficult.

School's been going great for me and I get it done really quick too (by at least twelve o'clock) Hopefully when I start waking up earlier I can get it done even earlier so I'll have more time to do stuff during the day.

You know I read your idea on how the universe started before I saw Interstellar and was pretty confused and couldn't grasp it. But then I saw the movie and now it's like "ya now I get this better" Multi dimensions and time are pretty fascinating subjects, which is why I love it when movies/books have them in their stories. I should rewatch Steins Gate soon because that's a really great show. El Psy Congroo!

Gosh I think that's it for now then. It's nice that we keep in contact via facebook because then I can tell you about current events quicker. Well until next time hope you're doing great and merry Christmas man ^_^
Naisto Dec 1, 2014 6:48 AM
haha what about metalcore?
geniobastardo Nov 18, 2014 9:04 AM
hmm pretty interesting. Are you interested in history? what is your favorite era (in terms of interest)?

No School is nowhere near like that. Well, I'm not studying under the national board here, but even at that, school day usually revolves around 5-6 hours. These days, school starts at 8:15 and ends at 1:45. I'm doing GCSE Advanced Subsidiary Levels, I have only four subjects and the max. classes I have to attend in a day are around 5-6. The rest are free so I play basketball in the free classes. Cram School is optional. I only attend one class at cram school which is only 45 minutes long. It's easy life here.
ABHISHEKV Nov 18, 2014 1:29 AM
You're Welcome :D's displayed on the My Panel page.
ABHISHEKV Nov 16, 2014 10:39 AM
Wish You a Very Happy Birthday :D
futaaisora Nov 2, 2014 1:38 PM
u re welcome!
geniobastardo Oct 29, 2014 11:40 PM
hmm the lyrics are actually quite good. If only I could understand. Guess I'll just stick to melodies.

Again great song but ummmm ... is it an Alien language? there's no translation I mean. It must be an Alien language.

There are but mostly those where you won't want to work. Plus, student life here isn't as easy going. You're already dealing with a boatload of crap and a job over it is going a bit overboard. I'll just try and see if I can get a job when I make it to the College.

1236Peter Oct 26, 2014 7:49 PM
GIGA DRILLLLLLLLLLLLL BREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!! Was listening to this last night and it is all levels of awesome. Man now I wanna go rewatch Gurren Lagann but that probably won't happen for a while, although it'd be great if I could do it before I go into the Coast Guard.

Anyways before I continue I should probably write this disclaimer first:


1236Peter and Jondude's messages are not suitable for children and are intended for mature audiences.

Messages may include the following:

Heavy swearing

Extreme sexual content

Spoilers with no warning


Unrestrained criticism against anything and anyone

Thank you

Eventually someone's going to take legal action against us so with this it's like a legal cock block so we're safe.

I know right it's crazy how long it's been since I've been back from my trip. Even crazier how fast the time is going, I mean next week is Halloween and then we enter into November.

HOLMGARD AND BEYOND! Ya I have no idea where Miklagaard and Grikland are but it'll be interesting so I can't wait to see what'll happen, especially with Thorfinn and Gudrid.

Well dang, screw you youtube. Ya what I really hate is when youtube bans amvs because I have like five playlist filled with nothing but amvs and it really annoys me when one of them get's taken down and I forget the name and can't find it.

Some good news in regards to Terraformars is that Crunchyroll is going to be uploading uncensored episodes. Right now they've got episodes 1-3 uncut and I think they'll continue doing that with future episodes but it might be a week after the episode is released. I'm going to just wait for the uncut episodes because I know I'll enjoy it more and then I don't have to go back and rewatch the show uncensored.

Damn though when I saw that picture I was like "fuck the hell yes!" I seriously need to read Terraformars because that artwork looks amazing. Right now I'm working on Love so Life but once I'm done with that I'm gonna go on a seinin reading spree. Gonna read stuff like Berserk, Hellsing, Claymore, all that violent as hell mature stuff.

Ah man lucky dog! You people in Texas get to see all the metal bands 0_0 and on top of that you get to meet them in person that's awesome.

Btw not sure if I should ask this so I apologize in advance but how are things with your ex? I know you told me you broke up with her a while back, but are things okish now? Like instead of bf and gf are you just regular friends now?

Yesterday when the power was out I pulled out my battery powered portable dvd player and rewatched G.I. Joe and it was surprisingly good. The story and dailouge were meh because they have to rush it but the action scenes were pretty awesome. Not sure if you've seen the movie but they've got these over the top awesome scenes with rockets and explosions and iron man suits so I really liked that. One funny thing was that while watching this I realized that they used a ton of CG. Back when I first watched it when I was like 11 or 12 I didn't notice it but now it's like "wow it almost feels like I'm watching a cartoon with all that CG" Still a good movie but funny how you don't notice those things till you're older.

No idea what this dot and feather stuff is but ya I was quite the lady's man on the trip as you can see with the story about me and my cousin.

Phhhh that's hilarious I would have loved to join in too. Kinda reminds me of Saints Row III where you have the dildo bat and can go around mauling innocent bystanders with it.

Amon Amarth! That guy's beard is so manly. Man I was at an airsoft war yesterday and one of the guys there had a full face beard. It wasn't super long but it was still really good looking.

Lolz ok "I love you man" ya that was crazy. I remember being in church and thinking how much I wanted to do yaoi stuff with you. At work we do a lot of sex jokes too late in the night when business is slow and it's pretty funny. Like this one dude has this big long scrubber and he was sticking it in this other dudes face and we kept razzing him about waving his rod in people's faces.

WE RETURN BACK HOOOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!! God I love his voice! *drools*

You know that's the funny thing is before my trip and even during part of it I thought I had horrible memory and that was part of me giving myself stupid standards that I had to live up too. I thought that I had to remember a song perfectly only once after hearing it and if I watched an episode of anime I should remember most of the lines and be able to picture what happened in my head.

Now honestly that stuff probably isn't going to happen but I'm still surprised at how good my memory is. Like I can listen to a song like once or twice maybe even three times and remember it decently and just overall I feel my memory is fine.

Well again I am not sure on how it started but I really think it involved working and a big change in my schedule. After that I just spiraled out of control not knowing what was wrong and creating delusions of what I should be. Like what's funny is right now I notice nothing, literally nothing, I feel just fine.

Like the way I view things now is, if I don't find something amazing then that's fine. If I don't feel like watching anime on a certain day then that's quite alright. I was thinking about it and almost literally everything I do involves anime. All I do is watch anime and besides that I don't really have any other major hobbies. I admit that sometimes I don't really have an urge to watch anime and then maybe a couple days later I do and I maraphon like crazy. However instead of freaking out and thinking "Oh my god something's wrong with me" I just say "well hey that's perfectly fine because sometimes you get tired"

It also helps when I remember that in the past I've had times where I don't watch anime for a week and one time I think I didn't watch anything for a month and just played online games. Then there's the fact that my schedule is really busy, like this week I'm working 20 hours and all the shifts are in the evening. It used to be that my evenings were always free and that's when I watched anime but not anymore really and that's alright.

So right now what I'm thinking of doing is tackling my "plan to watch" list because I have like 500 animes on there and I honestly have no idea of anything else in particular I wanna watch. I don't really feel like watch anything really long so for now I'll just stick with shorter stuff.

One thing that I do feel ashamed of though is that during the past year when I was lost and being stupid, I acted so immature. I mean ya I was in pretty bad shape but I feel like I was acting like a 13 year old at times. I know that when I wrote messages I had a tendency to use caps way to much and it felt like I was swearing for no reason but just to do it, and on top of that I had that ridiculous anger at Christians which I later realized wasn't right too. Anyways I'm not particularly happy with how I acted so I really apologize for that and hope you don't hold it against me. (although the yaoi thing I can understand)

Anywho the bottom line is I no longer have lost my way and I don't restrain myself with rules and unatainable regulations. I feel a lot more chill now and while it's different it

God damn it I pushed a wrong button and it erased a part of my message. Thankfully I make sure to save my message while writing this but a big chunk of what I was writing and hadn't saved yet got deleted -_-

Anyways what was I saying before......ok this song is awesome

(sorry I'm just gonna rush this now)

Ok reviews here's what I gave each show with a few side comments for some of them

Level E: 6 not bad but not good either, although it kept me interested the entire show which is good

Haikyuu: Amazing, gave it a 10, I can't wait for the second season to come out

Captain Earth: The show tried to be Evangelion and that wasn't the best option although the animation was amazing at times and I did like the characters. 8

World is still Beautiful: pretty bad, I lost interest after a few episodes. I think I gave it a 3 or a 5

Mekaku City Actors: 9 love you Shaft

Nisekoi: 9 Love you even more for this Shaft

Knights of Sindonia: Slightly dissapointing and didn't live up to what I hoped for. Attack on Titan does the "humanity pressed against the wall" scenario much better however this show was still good, loved the opening though. 7

Summer Season

Alnodah Zero: Biggest dissapointment of the season, not lying. Everyone was hyping this show and I was hyping because Sawano Hiroyuki was doing the music and the dude who did Fate/Zero was doing this. Then I watched it and wasn't impressed. Continued watching and realized that this show was actually not all that great but kinda good. Finished the show and concluded that this show was very bad and one of the biggest dissapointments. Might've given it a 5 although I won't dimiss the thought that I gave it a lower score.

Blue Spring Ride: This show really surprised me in that I thought it would be a typical meh shojo show. While it may not be ground breaking in any way when it comes to the shojo genre I still enjoyed it quite a lot. The characters were the best part and I really liked how they solved their problems and I learned a few things from them too. Wished that there would've been more romantic progress but hopefully we'll see that next season. 8

Barakamon: Now this show is good stuff, like I'm talking serious good stuff. Really reminds me of Yotsuba and it's pretty funny with a warm hearted feel to it. Good job Funimation for licensing this! 9

Free Eternal Summer: I swear to god every time I watch Free I am dying of laughter from the yaoi over tone and the fact that this is moe for girls. What amazes me and I'm not sure if I should be ashamed for this is that this show did make me cry. I gave it a 9 and I am very happy that Funimation licensed this because I wanna buy it.

Monthly Girls Nozaki Kun: Didn't get into this show and I found it kinda boring: gave it a 5

Resonance in Terror: THIS SHOW!!! Gonna say it here, Resonance in Terror was THE show of the season for summer 2014. Shinichiro Watanabe and Yokko Kanno did an amazing job and this show was hella impressive. Very high 9 although I was very tempted to give it a 10

Tokyo Ghoul: Not a bad show but could have been great which is slightly dissapointing. Didn't like that they skipped over a lot of stuff with no explanation and if they hadn't done that and kept the show 100% uncensored. (wait was this show censored to begin with because I don't remember it being that bad) Ok never mind on that second part but anyways if the show had been done a little differently it could've been great. However I have gotta say that the opening theme is amazing. I have that song stuck in my head every day and I love it. 7 (but going to buy it for sure)

Hanamonogatari: As always the Monogatari series never fails to deliver although one episode could have been more interesting. Animation is great as always, thank you shaft, and damn does Kanbaru look good. 8

Hanayamata: This was another big surprise show that I didn't expect to like. After Tokyo Ghoul I had pretty much finished all the shows I knew were gonna be interesting and all that was left was to try out all the other shows I thought I'd give a go. I think I went through like 7 shows before I tried this one and within the first minute I knew I was going to like it and watch it. Loved the atmosphere of the show and the ending was great. 8

Ok now for some awards that I'll randomly hand out:

Biggest dissapointment: Aldnoah Zero

Best show: Resonance in Terror

Best opening theme: Tokyo Ghoul

Biggest surprise: Hanayamata

Best Soundtrack: Resonance in Terror

And I think that's gonna do it for now. Although what've ya been thinking about Akame Ga Kill because that show is great. Today's episode was really sad though because two characters died (what is with this show and everyone dying ;_; ) and I really liked one of them.

Anyways until next message hope you are doing great and I hope school is going well.