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A foregin life form invades human society and starts infecting the population. Faced with thes alien creatures, the lines between man and monster, and good and bad start to shift. While these shows quite differ in characters and atmosphere (Shiki is a dark fantasy/mystery and Parasyte is more sci-fi and action oriented), both ultaimtely tackle same, age old question: What makes a human human and what differentiates us from animals/monsters? Parasyte goes one step further and gets a bit enviromental, questioning man's relationship with Earth, but not in an annoying, preachy fashion.
report Recommended by Crochax
Both series involve the human race being terrorized and eaten by another species so they can survive. Mysteriously in both series people end up becoming the other species, some find interesting ways to use their new found abilities. Both Narratives have Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller, and Mystery genre components.
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
New forms of life invade a city/town and people start dying. The whole premise of both Anime is that humans often consume animals or other species but when they are the prey they ignore that fact. I feel Shiki gives us a better perspective and is more representative on the theme. Meanwhile Kiseijuu is more about trying to co-exist.
report Recommended by Ripstuff
Both are Horror/Thrillers with heavy themes about the difference between man and monster. They both are highly intellectual and don't portray right and wrong in a clear sense. The biggest difference between the two are -Shiki is about Vampires, Parasyte is about Aliens -Shiki is plot driven, Parasyte is character driven
report Recommended by KeyboardKafe
A foreign lifeform invades human society and infects the humans that it comes in contact with. Those lifeforms are trying to multiply and take over human society steathly at first and more openly later on,while some of the humans are aware of this and are trying to stop it from happening. Both shows are dark themed and have got a lot of gore.
report Recommended by iwsifakismag
What makes humans superior to other species? Isn't it okay for predators to hunt humans? We eat livestock, how is it any different than an alien species thinking of us as livestock? In Parasyte, the main character Shinichi Izumi's right hand is taken over by a parasite. Pretty much, the parasites try to take over the human brain and they can morph whatever body part they took over. After taking over the body, they eat other humans as their source of food. People are dying around the world but they don't know what the causes of the deaths are in Parasyte, which is similar to   read more
report Recommended by Arakris
They both have unnatural creatures involving with humans. They both question the life rules of creatures being alive.
report Recommended by idohatewalnuts
Just like the relationship between Tokyo Ghoul and Kiseijuu, Shiki and Kiseijuu are similar in almost the exact same way. It's essentially a transition from humanoid creatures to very much alien creatures. Still, I think it's worth watching them both. Just as a warning, Shiki is technically a part of the horror genre. It's not gory at all, but the atmospherical tension is intense.
report Recommended by Akugitsune328
Both titles involve a parasitic focus that 'infects' humans and turns them into human killing monsters. In both series' the general population is unaware of the cause at first, until they realize later on which starts a war between the 2 sides
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Feels. If you want anime where plot is great and at the same time you need some attachment or say feels to the anime then Parasyte The Maxim is what you're looking for. Both contain strange creatures suddenly appearing in their town and then shit goes down (damn that rhymes). Both Have Great OSTs. Both Have Great Suspense. Both have some amount of Horror. Ending In Both Animes will leave you mesmerised. Thanks.
report Recommended by dragomegaman
Both of these anime wonderfully weave a narrative that begs us to ask the question that has held our interest since Shelley first popularized it with Frankenstein: Who is really the monster?
report Recommended by CosmicOwlDream