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Both are slice of life workplace comedies about the food service industry. They both feature a cast of zany characters that fuel the comedy with their banter and clashing personalities. They're even both animated by A-1 Pictures.
report Recommended by nobodysdawn
The series depict the life of teenagers who take on a part-time job and work in a cafe/restaurant. The art styles are very similar, featuring moe-blobby character designs that exert similar vibes. Both stories are slice of lives with similar comedic approaches capitalizing on their romantic tones for comedic sucess. On top of this, the anime series have a large cast with a variety of characters to fit the archetypes that are common for the romance genre. Using their casts, there's a lot of development on a variety of characters - that also leads to vastly increased amounts of world building.
report Recommended by -Alians-
SoL comedies with action mostly taking place in a workplace (restaurant). Diverse casts with quirky characters. Background romance.
report Recommended by Yukikaze_sama
Both are A-1 Pictures's amazing Slice of Life comedy with mild romance. Also the have exact same setting, identical cast (like girl who looks much younger than her actual age, guy who loves all things cute, adorable main girl). Overall cute girls, handsome boys, funny characters at work.
report Recommended by Piromysl
Lighthearted SoL/Comedies in a workplace setting full of funny interactions between the diverse characters. These series were made by A-1 Pictures and that can be seen in the tone and execution of the scenes.
report Recommended by MetaThPr4h
Both are rom-coms and working in a cafe or restaurant.
report Recommended by thetsundereguy
Both involves in a Restaurant setting where anything funny goes and cute girls were abound whom have a myriad of attitude.
report Recommended by Whoahoho
- SOL anime; - Stories about a daily routine on a restaurant; - Very catchy characters.
report Recommended by Bagrile
Restaurant Theme. Cute girl 2 boy Maybe a lil romance?
report Recommended by Ryzm
Similar SoL-Comedy anime revolving around an F&B workplace environment, Both have quirky and unique characters, including a dysfunctional store manager and male kitchen staff. Both are animated by the same studio (A1 Pictures), although Blend S has a more moe and brighter/colorful art style.
report Recommended by Limexd123
Both have a similar situation involving the mc getting a part-time job at a local place (Cafe in Blend and Family Restaurant in Working) Both have a variety of different interesting personalities in all the staff members Also, the way the characters interact with each other seem very similar in both shows
report Recommended by Short_Circut
both about working and messing around with another crew members, awkward scenes everywhere and still fun to watch.
report Recommended by mcid47
They are both calming slice of lives that deal in a restaurant
report Recommended by Maplejuno
Working!! is Blend S but with less common (wayy less common) character traits and less lewdness. The fact that the character traits are much quirkier in Working!! adds up to an overall funnier and more unique show. Blend S was a whole lot more fun though.
report Recommended by badvillainy
Both MC worked in a cafe/restaurant and was exposed to the quirkiness that is their fellow employers.
report Recommended by MrMcBunch
both bout ppl working n a new person working at the place ones a cafe ones a family restaurants
report Recommended by wangorango