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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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There is, for both of these series, a place that should be left untouched for the simple reason great disasters will occur. And, for the most part both series are light-hearted with the plot that follows the main characters who are young, still learning, naive, yet hanging around is that beginning of the show, that gives a hint at how dark things can get.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
If you're looking for a series about brotherhood, then both series would have to be the best recommendation as both tell a tale of the bonds 2 brothers have and the trials they go through. Whilst both series may be of different plots, what they both share is the highly-packed action and spectacular graphics.
report Recommended by Scrypt
Even though it's a bit too early to tell, the relationship between Rin and his brother Yukio seems to be a major theme of "Ao no Exorcist," as is the importance of Ed and Al's bond in "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood."
report Recommended by PikaJew
Ahhh... Brothers, the most intimidating relationship that is a little mysterious but appreciatively amusing and mature. Both series sets off a dejavù experience of brothers battling their way to survive after the death of someone precious to them. In FMAB, Ed becomes a state alchemist right away but in AnE, Rin takes on multiple steps to achieve his goal. Both shows have something going on their respective institutions. Plus, the characters are quite the same. Ed and Rin, being the older brothers are quite a handful when it comes to sticky situations. They easily get mad and erupt their emotions quickly. Al and Yukio, on   read more
report Recommended by connielas
Both shows are about two brothers and their relationship as they struggle to accomplish their goal.
report Recommended by KawiNinja
Although their storylines are quite different, Ao No Exorcist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood have similar themes of brotherhood and semi-scientific special abilities. I found that the governmental structure and the moral intricacies were explored in similar ways, encouraging the viewer to question their understanding of these elements.
report Recommended by katieshmatie
-Similar art -Story about two brothers -Their mother is dead -Their father isn't human -Both are really enjoyable and worth watching
report Recommended by ValkyrieCain
Brotherhood is a very strong theme in both FMA: B and Blue Exorcist. There's also a fair bit of action and comedy to keep you laughing the rest of the time. There's no doubt that if you like one, you will enjoy the other.
report Recommended by AvatarSama
Both have dark undertones, stories of brotherhood, a decent-sized cast (though Brotherhood has much more time to expand its number of characters) and a MC with some serious daddy issues. If you liked Blue Exorcist's short and sweet fight scenes, mysterious villains and complicated family relationships, you are sure to like both FMA and FMA: Brotherhood as long as you are willing to commit to a longer series. Trust me, it's worth it.
report Recommended by sjvgrift
I don't know how to explain what's similar between these two animes but trust me, if you liked FMA:B, you will like Ao no Exorcist. The story line in both of these animes give the same feeling/vibe.
report Recommended by KowaiiKat
-Both feature a pair of brothers as main characters -Both brothers have similar qualities, with the older brother and main character being more intense and aggressive and the younger being more collected -Both feature similar tone shifts and humor -Both protagonists lose a parent early in the story
report Recommended by thelectricow
Two brothers with supernatural powers, team up against evil forces. However, Ao no Exorcist has less drama and more silly moments.
report Recommended by Dark_Abolisher
Both have comedy and action both are great for new comeings and vetrens alike both are great starters [ao no exorcist was my first anime] both deal with whats right and wrong have some sought of magic or power both can be very depressing
report Recommended by anigate
A tale of two brothers who love each other to death, have a sad past and live in a world of fantasy. AND they have a female friend they've known for a long time. Both the animes are surprisingly similar and I'm shocked nobody has yet been able to make a connection between the two.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
The plot of the two anime deviate away from one another, but where they connect is in the partnership of two brothers who strive hard to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead of them. Elric is the older of the two much like Rin, and the two share a very low tolerance for patience. They get hot headed fairly quickly, while Yukio and Alphonse are more level headed and help guide their older siblings along the right path using their sound judgment. The pair fight for a greater goal which is to unify the world around them, while strengthening their bond as brothers.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
They are both about two brothers. With a dead mother. Rin in has a similar personality (kind of) to Edward. (I don't even know what I am saying anymore). And alot more I can't remember.
report Recommended by strawberrysz
If you enjoyed Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood you should watch Ao no Exorcist. They are both amazing action animes with amazing animation and storyline. They both have very inspiring and funny main and side characters. They are both mainly action animes, but there is also some romance here and there in both animes between characters which I think is super cute. Both animes are very inspiring and I love them both!
report Recommended by _mcwilli_
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