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The relationship between the protagonists are really similar (especially the girl main). They both are in a love-hate situation, and is really entertaining. The only thing that differs is that there is no detective work.
report Recommended by KyonzumiNagato13
If you liked Toradora you will defiantly like Go sick because the relationship between the two main characters are very similar to Taiga and Ryuji's. The whole love hate thing. Although the plots are no where near similar. But, Taiga reminded me a lot of Victorique!
report Recommended by katiexmarie6
Even though Toradora is more Slice of Life whereas Gosick is Mystery, the main characters are really similar: there's a main guy whom eveybody thinks is scary because of his appearance when in reality he's kind-hearted and soft, and a main girl who's tiny but rude and treats the main guy like her servant. The main girl has problems with her father in both anime (though the situations are very different).
report Recommended by xpaula
It has an adorable girl with an attitude and a boy by the same name who people find scary because of his appearance. They become friends and go on adventures. GOSICK is a scary and midly grusome show though.
report Recommended by FallBreeze27
In both of the series the main characters have little to no friends since everyone is scared of them.The feelings of the 2 main characters for each other grow stronger as they go through hard times and the boy takes care of the helpless tsundereloli. They are both based on light novels.
report Recommended by TsunLemonDere
LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP: Victorique and Kujou's relationship reminds me so much of Taiga and Ryuuji from Toradora! Victorique and Taiga are both TSUNDERE characters. They're both abandoned by parents, so they somewhat go through the same childhood experiences. Kujou and Ryuuji are both responsible individuals as they take care of their opposites and the girls rely on them heavily. Plots may have been different since Gosick is about mystery and Toradora is just an average highschool story.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
These are both romance anime at heart. Though they have very disparate themes, they feel fairly similar. The female main in both are tsunderes, and their relationship with the male main has the same dynamic. If you liked the romantic aspect of this anime, I would really recommend checking this one out as well.
report Recommended by Lrdwhyt
both anime are about short girls, that enjoy bossing a certain male around. GOSICK has a very touching ending, and so does Toradora. Both female protagonist are a little violent and blunt in their behavior.
report Recommended by KiIIjoy
Both stories have a love-hate relationship and slow romance, though Toradora focuses more on slice-of life-while Gosick focuses more on mystery. (Perhaps the plot is really different from each other.) There are also a lot of similarities between the two main characters. People are scared of the guys (Ryuuji and Kujo) in both anime, but both care a lot for the girls. The girls (Taiga and Victorique) are both small, long-haired girls who are bossy to the guys. Both also have problems with their father.
report Recommended by a-cupofcake
Althrough different genres, both anime have similar dynamics between the two main characters - a couple in which the girl is a small, agressive and borderline abusive tsundere who warms up to the male mc through as the plot progresses.
report Recommended by abystoma2
Both anime have a similar relationship between the two main characters Victorique is like a quieter, more refined Taiga, with the same (or more) amount of cuteness If you liked one of them, your bound to like the other :D
report Recommended by ZachM
Alright listen up. Literally during the first episode of Gosick I thought that this was going to be like a mirror of Toradora, and I was excited. The only real difference between the two shows is that Gosick is darker, and has mystery elements to it, while Toradora is completely rom-com/slice of life. However, both plots both progress the romance of the two MC's very well, and the characters are almost IDENTICAL. Let me give a few examples: -Both MC's are misunderstood and feared by most of the outsiders. -Kujou, the male-lead from Gosick, is a little less aggressive than Ryuji, but not by much. And they BOTH   read more
report Recommended by Omega_Male
If you liked Taiga and Ryuuji's relationship and personalities then Gosick would be a pretty good match for you. Victorique is just like Taiga. Freakishly long hair, tsundere behavior, and small stature.While Kujou has a similar personality to Ryuuji. A lot of drama and romance too. Both have satisfying endings that can leave you with a tear or two.
report Recommended by kiyokoes
The relationship between the main protagonists is very similar, and not only that but they are even similar to each other. The main girls in both are of extreme edginess and also very agressive. The main boys are both calm and are very feared in school (for very different reasons though). Basically, in the plot is when they differ but in the romance... it's the same.
report Recommended by SuzuMine-chan
Not the most friendly of greetings, although such a thing of the past is just that. Before such, however, we are met with the growth of two characters who draw closer together through a series of events featuring multiple ups and down. An unlikely match brings forward a beautiful story. Welcome to Toradora and Gosick. Gosick, a detective story, in the land of Sauville, with multiple other plot details dwelling into the lives of our protagonists, is something of a realistic story with a good mystery in the mix. Toradora, a love story that only knows how to meddle in its own triangles, with our protagonists   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
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