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Same feels and void. Both have really good character developments for main male MC. Similar kind of lesson too. As a character, i think female MC in Shigatsu is better than Nagisa. And I think that the story progression in Shigatsu is a tad better. I would say Shigatsu is kind of slow but if you enjoyed the pacing of Clannad, then it won't be considered slow. Beautiful soundtracks in Shigatsu also. Another difference is the seriousness in Clannad usually progresses. In Shigatsu it sometimes gets cut off by some gag humour. But when Shigatsu has to be serious, it does it really well.
report Recommended by Jonahtang
It will wreck you emotionally after making you laugh for most of the series. The cast of characters in both series are not groundbreaking, but how they interact to shape the story (and make you laugh) is what make each anime shine. If you were to combine Clannad and Nodame Cantabile, I think you'd have a pretty close approximation to Shigatsu~.
report Recommended by No1shero3
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso and Clannad: After Story are similar in several ways. Both of these series all build up to a point where the events are dramatic and emotional, as this is seen in the transition from the first half to the second half of the series, along with some comedies time to time. As the story progresses, you start to feel strong emotions within both of these series. With the steady pacing, the main characters develop a lot together.
report Recommended by SteveTF2gamer620
Stories about love and hardships, both are filled with emotion evoking drama and tragedy. Main characters try to overcome their past as they face many barriers, hurdles, and hardships. With the help of their main love interest, they try their best to open up a new life in their lives. May require some boxes of tissue. *sniff *sniff
report Recommended by Liivsandbox
It's easy to draw parallels between Clannad and Shigatsu. In both, there's a protagonist who doesn't really have a direction in life anymore, with a dead mother and a father who neglects him; while the female lead has a terminal illness and parents who run a bakery. When the two meet each other, their view of life changes, similar to Okazaki and Nagisa. However, you could say that Kaori's personality is the polar opposite of Nagisa. Both are great anime with beautiful soundtracks.
report Recommended by nekobob
For me, the first episode was lame, although needed for the fast introduction of the characters. Once you are drawn into the story it becames a masterpiece. Your lie in April is a Slow paced anime that has a character development similar to clannad, hosting a MC which is very traumatized about his past, making it difficult for him to move on. For those who didnt reach the message in the beggining, it all becames very clear in the end. This was quite a ride.
report Recommended by zecagold
Watching both of them I had similar feeling. They have got funny and very touchy moments
report Recommended by natty83
Both of them are about girls with a strong personalities. Similar Soundtrack which is in harmony with the emotions.
report Recommended by Yooz
Both series are emotional rollercoasters that beautifully execute their dramatic narratives and character arcs without going way over the top and becoming a cringe-worthy melodrama (looking at you Anohana)
report Recommended by postitnotes
- both male MC are greatly developed as the series goes on - both female MC had a strong character supporting both male MC - both female MC had frail body or some kind of illnesses - both series serves kind of Feels Trip - both OST are top notch and match the situations, totally worth to have them in your playlist somehow Clannad AS often gets more into seriousness, while shigatsu gives a mediocore dose of humour
report Recommended by einzburg
Ok, right off the bat, both are beautiful series with sad moments and tear jerking endings. Both series hold a lot of meaning in them and depending on what kind of person you are, these series can really touch your heart. There are really good life lessons that can actually be learned from both of these series. Both anime contain beautiful soundtracks and really good development for its characters, especially its main male characters. While Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso contains more humor than Clannad, it still does the job well of hitting you with feels. I must warn you that if you are one   read more
report Recommended by Janster24
-Both have the school-theme -Both have lovely characters that u start liking really quickly -Both have a cute love story that unravels the potential of the main character and... Feels...damm dem feels
report Recommended by Rastaz
Both anime's pretty much some of the saddest anime's out there. Your Lie in April is just 25 episode so it is quicker leader up compare to Clannad which is 2 season 40 plus episodes that build up to some of the tear jerky plot. Both should be watch in dark room with no one around.
report Recommended by Ace19
they arent similar at all not even in tags: Clannad :Slice of Life but (your lie in april): is about music both are sweet and good to follow , in my opinion Clannad is a little bit boring Shigatsu is way better its about Music but they both share a sad ending after all its up you guys . Dudera (ClannadS1&S2)
report Recommended by Dudera
-Both deal with the main character having to go through losses of people he cares about -In both, the main character is kind of reformed (Tomoya from a delinquent and Kousei from his trauma of playing the piano) by the main heroine -In both, despite being able to predict depressing events, they still are extremely saddening to watch
report Recommended by thelectricow
Clannad After Story and Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso both hit you with the feels hard and often. They both have a lot of comedic moments as well. Both stories are about overcoming barriers in life. Both male MC's develop a lot through the anime with the help of the female MC. Both female MCs are "out of this world," although through different ways, and both help their respect male MCs to see the world differently. Also, both female MCs are fragile and have illness and also have bakery shop owning parents.
report Recommended by Yuni
Both are dramas, romance, and sad. Both have compelling stories and great character development. Your Lie In April is far better, the only big difference is that Your Lie in April is very music oriented, but that's about it.
report Recommended by STROKEMEFASTR
Really similar in terms of plot and characters, female MC a bit more developed compared to Nagisa, but eh.
report Recommended by mitho880
The feels!! Just the huge impact on emotions. I seriously cried a bunch from both xD
report Recommended by Kagetane_Hiruko
Very similar, both were tear jerking af! Both these shows are master piece belonging to the same genre and their rating justifies that
report Recommended by Vatsal_Jiraiya
Your Lie in April:If you like sad animes then you must watch this one.Genre-Shounen,Romance,Music.
report Recommended by Murunique
Both series involve comedy, drama, romance and a story that will tear your heart in two. The characters are relatable and 3D. Whenever there is an upsetting moment in either, I was left distraught mainly because of how the other characters felt and how easy it was to empathise with them. In terms of soundtrack, both are astounding. Both of the openings fit perfectly with the shows and good in their own rights. The OSTs for both are spectacular in their own, unique ways. Clannad involves music that will make the scenes even more of a tear-jerker. Whereas Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso has a   read more
report Recommended by Betsyspaniel
In addition to making you cry, this anime brings incredible songs and beautiful drama with a touch of romance.
report Recommended by Luh_meneses
Both are very deep and emotional , a must-watch
report Recommended by ItachiDxD
Both MC's deal with trauma from their past until one day a girl comes into their lives and seemingly changes them for the better. There's heavily relatable characters whom have to struggle with overcoming their grief. Lastly, both series are just incredibly sad and probably will leave you a mess.
report Recommended by Jus1294
Both feature the most meaningfully tragic but beautiful stories ever told through captivating animation, characters, and soundtracks.
report Recommended by MontuBGTB
I couldn't stop my tear drops after completing this series ... Really , it's a masterpiece. It's pretty similar to " Your Lie in April " too based on story processing , love , romance, emotions, school life etc. But remember, if you want to get the complete feelings and emotions of this series , then you have to watch " Clannad " first and it's a must to all of you. At last I want to tell you that , don't even dare to die before watching this series. If you do that, then you will regret for it later and I can   read more
report Recommended by FahimFBA
Both of these anime mainly focuses on the aspect of the distress the world can give you. Basically it gives both of the m.c's the meaning of love, and being love, and being able to deal with the outcome.
report Recommended by asseu
Dealing with unresolved feelings is hard. Whist in Shigatsu there's a lot of emphasis on the "how" it's done after the damage has taken place, Clannad (and :After Story) is overall a better journey through the beginning, middle and end.
report Recommended by have_a_starfish
Two stories of life lessons where the main girl try to achieve a goal in her life, overcoming sufferings that we all can relate to. Unique soundtracks, touching story, amazing world building, spectacular character development and a conclusive end, that can't ever be forgotten. Two wholesome stories that has everything to change someone's life. Oh, prepare the tissues. A lot of them.
report Recommended by Endless_end
They are both immaculate storytelling and tell the story about losing a loved one. Both OSTs are very powerful, as well.
report Recommended by Kanavi
Both animes are very sad have a very beautiful romance story.
report Recommended by Bruno0_0o
Both anime start of light-hearted and funny, but as they progress they become a lot more dramatic. By the end you will most likely be an emotional wreck so be careful going into these anime. Both Tomoya (Clannad) and Kousei (YLIA) have no direction in life until they meet Nagisa (Clannad) and Kaori (YLIA) who give them a reason to keep going. It is around the second half of each anime that the tone shifts and they transition from comedy to drama. They are both two of my favourites, Clannad being #1. So if you like one you'll most likely like the other as they   read more
report Recommended by dango_daikazoku_
These two are similar but also very different. They are both amazing animes. Personally, I prefer Clannad AS. They both deal with kinda heavy topics. Both male MCs are really good and the development is clear as day for both of them. - Make sure to watch both of them because they are both amazing
report Recommended by iskarzzzy
As a person who loves dramatic anime, I am almost certain that there is no better than them in the world of sad drama. They both deceive you with a calm and comedic beginning, but in the end they make you feel all kinds of sadness, especially Clannad which is considered as the best dramatic anime on the global level and even your lie in April is on top I recommend both
report Recommended by Ra_co464
As a person who loves dramatic anime, I am almost certain that there is no better than them in the world of sad drama. Both of them deceive you with a calm and comedic start, but in the end they make you feel all kinds of sadness, especially Clannad, which is considered as the best dramatic anime on the global level, and even your lie in April is on top
report Recommended by SH_928_RN
Your Lie in April deeply explores the human feeling with some moments of struggle and suffering, as well as love for life, by making use of stunning visual art depicting Japanese suburbs, something which I similarly found also in Clannad: After Story.
report Recommended by Mur-CuoreDiVirgo
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