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Both MC hunt demon to become human again in Dororo it's for himself and in Kimetsu no Yaiba it's for her sister And both travel to find the demons
report Recommended by KamiFL
Japan, demons vs humans, main character who has big losses in life. Decent main character development, good animation. Both MC's have a companion ( Dororo and Nezuko).
report Recommended by Hutai
Both worlds include demons and both protagonists chase "humanity" in slaying demons. Dororo wants his human body back while Tanjirou wants his sister's humanity back. Both time periods are also very similar and the story revolves around travelling a lot as well.
report Recommended by hallythemartian
Both are about samurai who slay demons. The powers and designs of the demons are very innovative and creative in both shows.
report Recommended by MarylandIzumiKun
The protagonist loses his family and goes on an adventure to hunt demons. In both series, there is someone who wants to become human again. similar fight scenes.
report Recommended by FinNote
Both shows feature MC's undertaking a journey, which involves the slaying of demons. They both also have a lot of well-animated fight scenes (albeit Dororo drops in quality during the middle part)
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Provided that the watcher has some unintelligible lust for seeing demons being slain, you can feed that lust even further by watching Dororo. Rage induced bloody battles with the set goal of taking revenge, this is the perfect show for a good adrenaline pump, watching the enemies being slain over and over again, like a drug addiction. Have fun!
report Recommended by UEizo
both are historical action anime that have the element of demon-fighting.
report Recommended by SaltyMusicGuy
Both anime are set in historical Japan where demons exist. The main characters of both series also have the main plot-driving device in which they have to kill those demons to regain something that they have lost. Add in some great animation by both studios, and you have two anime that are very similar.
report Recommended by fitemeillreku
Similar tone and similar theme (Dark tone, and demon slaying). Both have great animation and great soundtrack. They aren't the same, in fact they are quite different on other aspects (for example, the characters, the world setting and the art style). However there is a good chance you will enjoy them if you liked one of them since they have a similar vibe. Sorry the comparison is a bit vague but I don't want to spoil too much here.
report Recommended by WhyCare
Both are dystopian, supernatural narratives that involve demon-slaying & seeking revenge.
report Recommended by soulstyce
Both of these anime perfectly capture the mystical aspects of feudal Japan. While Dororo focuses more on a traditional view of feudal Japan, Kimetsu no Yaiba instead shows a slightly different version of feudal Japan, Demon hunters, and pseudo-magic system. Finally, if you enjoyed Dororo as much as I did then you will certainly enjoy Kimetsu no Yaiba just as much or even more.
report Recommended by Brokeblaster7
Both shows feature a young man travelling Japan (even if in different moments of this country's history) with a younger girl, to hunt demons and seek redemption
report Recommended by Clannadstan
They both deal with demons. They both deal with loss. And they both have sword fighting and are based on the old days of Japan
report Recommended by imaclassicman19
its also demon related and good action but with better story, and it ends in 1 season unlike demon slayer
report Recommended by ONLY_OMNIUS
Dororo and Kny are about DEMON SLAYERS... Dororo is little bit DARKER than Kny, but both series are serious and thrilling.. They both have GREAT animation, nice fights and oc very good story..
report Recommended by Klimsa
Dororo's adventures are similar to Tanjiro's in that they involve demon hunting. Both main characters embark on a quest to reclaim everything, and their challenges are infectious, inducing pain and keeping you emotionally engaged.
report Recommended by Haru2700
Based on loss and demons, with a female companion that helps to propel the main characters further along their journey, although in different ways. In Dororo she helps to keep him from sinking into darkness, and in Kimetsu no Yaiba she helps is the reason he seeks power. Both shows are very good and worth you time, they are among the best I have ever seen.
report Recommended by Hiutsuri
Main protagonist just wants to kill demons because they took something from them. Dororo has a pretty great OP, but what makes it really good are the themes and depth behind the main character's choices. They are also placed in the similar time periods, so if you like that aesthetic or whatever there you go. The two have their share of blood and gore, but they also have some wholesome moments with the main duos.
report Recommended by StardewFellow
Ancient Japan. Demon Slayer and Dororo are both set in history where MCs find themselves having to slay demons, whether it be for a personal reason, or for the sake of others. Demon Slayer follows Tanjiro on his journey to save his sister Nezuko who has become a demon. Dororo follows Hyakkimaru, who encounters Dororo, on his journey to obtain the body parts he is missing due to an exchange his father had with the demons. Both Tanjiro and Hyakkimaru also excel in senses with Tanjiro having an overpowered nose, Hyakkimaru knowing who is good and evil. Both are good anime set roughly in the same time   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Kimestu no Yaiba and Dororo Both Have -similar release dates (early 2019) -stories talking place in late japan -a child side character -a character that's recovering from demons -lots of sword fighting
report Recommended by Fobesha
Demon Slayer and Dororo are two anime that appear to be cut from a similar cloth. Both take place in a historical Japan where demons run amok, and where the hero is tasked with killing the ones affecting human lives. They both question what makes someone human and star protagonists who are driven by loss.
report Recommended by IAmGrace
2 anime in which a duo, consisting of a boy and a girl, where one of which can't talk for a significant portion of the show, travel the land slaying demons. Main difference being that Demon Slayer has the better animation, Dororo has better writing.
report Recommended by JWolf2000
-Protagonist In Both The Series Are Slaying Demons. -Both Want To Be Successful In Estabilishing Their Dream. -Both Are Full Of Action But Dororo Is a Little Bit Dark. So If You Watched Demon Slayer Watch Dororo For Full Action And Emotion .
report Recommended by Kanush
Both anime share demons as enemies. Their story happens at around the same time period and the action is mainly sword fights
report Recommended by Atenorus
In both anime titles, the protagonist fights demons in order to achieve his goal and protect the inhabitants because they are powerless against them. In addition, the main character travels with a close person (friend in Dororo, sister in Kimetsu no yaiba), these two titles are very similar in their atmosphere. In general, I even recommend these two anime titles because they are great, they have very good music, plot, drawing (especially in Kimetsu no yaiba), I really liked them, I gave them both a 10/10 rating. I think you will love these two anime titles, I recommend!
report Recommended by _Mixonic15
pretty much dororo is having these checked sad,short,drama,action,supernatural and a lotta gore for those gore anime lovers xD
report Recommended by cocktailjail
Both MC hunt demon. In Dororo its to get his body back from demons and in Kimetsu no yaiba its to cure his sister and both travel to find the demons
report Recommended by SimYeon
If you liked Demon Slayer then you will definitely like Dororo! It's basically the same concept. Dororo follows Hyakkimaru and Dororo. Hyakkimaru was sacrificed to the demons as a baby. As a result of that, he lost all his senses. To gain those senses back, he must kill demons. It is similar to demon slayer in the aspect of killing demons to get something back
report Recommended by vasaline_noodles
In short Dororo is KnY but is more mature and is set century(-ies) prior
report Recommended by TRC_Randy
Both the anime have mc with tragic past ,mc fight demons for existence or for the family and beautiful brother sister relationship Both the anime have a prehistorical japan setting where Sword fighting is common.
report Recommended by ZXEAN
If u like fighting demons with swords that anime is for you (*^_^*)
report Recommended by Ifcho
These two anime are very similar in the plot, however I slightly prefer Dororo's way of doing this over Demon Slayer's; but they're both really good anime. If you liked the plot of Demon Slayer, then Dororo is certainly worth a watch! :)
report Recommended by taramisu_
Dororo contains amazing fight scenes in which the mc fights demons to get his body back. Dororo and Demon Slayer both have awesome and mind-blowing animation with an emotional storyline. Dororo has been finished with only 1 season containing 24 episodes while Demon Slayer is On-Going.
report Recommended by PR0TAKU
Katana wielders, magic, man-eating demons, curses, and revenge. A sibling or sibling-like relationship between main characters, one with normal speech, one functionally mute.
report Recommended by valgranaire
why i think this is similar to demon slayer? its because they both have demons/curses and i know not every anime with demons is related to demon slayer. dororo also have specific people who can kill demons. And also in dororo they use swords just like the demon slayer corps
report Recommended by yumnanoor
The protagonists kill demons to recover something that was taken from them (Dororo: His body) (Kimetsu no Yaiba: The humanity of his sister).
report Recommended by Patata_Otaku
they both historycal they both action they both 2 go a journey they both a cute romance and my favorite anime is demon slayer i mis demon slayer than i watch dororo
report Recommended by Kawai_Suki
Hyakkimaru hunts down the demon who stole his body parts, with a young sidekick named Dororo. Though '''Dororo'' is decidedly darker than ''Demon Slayer'', both shows are set in the past, in worlds where demons and humans live amongst each other.. Both have amazing stories. Both have amazing animation
report Recommended by izumi-_
Both of the main characters have a vendetta against demons. They have either lost something or someone and are fighting to get that/them back to how it was/they were originally. Both of the main characters create friends along the way who help them fight the demons in their own way based on their personality. They also are both full with fighting scenes given the nature of the anime.
report Recommended by The_Neighbour
Demons and supernatural abilities. Main character loses something and slays demons in order to achieve his goal. Premises are very similar, as well as the concept of demons.
report Recommended by adeeb91
Dororo is just a bit more adult and a bit better
report Recommended by akoist
If you like katana or Japanese culture like Demon Slayer, or if you like the concept of demon directly, I recommend you to watch it.
report Recommended by Charchw
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