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all you need to know is that none of my ships are straight. also, i forget mal exist most of the time but then i get addicted as soon as i remember its existence.

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Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai.
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Yubisaki to Renren
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LupaTheWolf Apr 28, 2022 4:06 PM
happy belated birthday!
ADR01018 Aug 27, 2021 6:24 PM
Incendies trailer looks awesome, will check it out thanks! It somewhat seems similar to lion ( though that was pretty boring).

Lol and the other ones trailer looks like an ad of Pepsi or coca cola, I'm taking your word for its quality.

Dreams is amazing, it has 8 short stories, I don't want to spoil it, also the title is pretty self explanatory, but each dream is different and kurosawa just knows how to make scenes and characters feel authentic. I'm going through Kubrick, clockwork Orange turned out to be another masterpiece, and now my next one will be Barry lyndon.And then if I have time probably will return to anime.
ADR01018 Aug 21, 2021 11:48 AM
And, the kurosawa movies name is actually dreams not memories, don't know why I remembered it that way. Rewatched it, probably the best looking ( or 2nd best, I do love space odyssey) movie I've seen, and definitely is in my top 10 or even 5.
ADR01018 Aug 20, 2021 10:24 PM
Thanks, likewise to you!

Arrival is actually less scifi than her. It is more about anthropology and linguistics. I strongly recommend at least giving it a chance. It is about communication and how the way we use language affects our perception of the world( in reality not many scientists agree with the theory referenced in the film - sapri - whorf hypothesis, its still very interesting to say the least) and its got a cool twist in the second half which alters ours understanding of the first, and also directly relates to its main concept as well - its awesome you got to watch it.

I haven't heard of those two movies, what are they about?
nope never read poetry besides in school, you should be the one recommending me.

Likewise !
ADR01018 Aug 16, 2021 8:50 AM
Haha, I've been pretty busy lately too, exams got done last week,was alright. Idk if I am too hot on anime rn, but I did enjoy Nuassica (thats to be expected, I love miyazaki and ghibli) . Whats going on with the world( I mean besides covid)? You seem pretty serious. And congrats on doing well in exams.

Similar to rakugo? It seemed action heavy to me, at least from what I'd seen ( 1st ep tbf). I thought it was cool anyways, if text dumps aren't frequent like you say, I think I'll enjoy it. Also I like how your enthusiasm increased with each point.

Not much, Nuassica, arrival and 'her', but all these are fantastic( i would rank them in the same order as mentioned). Oh, and Memories by kurosawa , blew me away(as expected again), now I'm searching for his other ones, especially ran, its trailer is freaking amazing.You've got any plans after zu shi? And reading, Mr. sampath( Indian) and kafka on the shore( japanese), both have been very good so far( because of college things, readings going at snails pace). Wbu?

lol its rainy season here now, due to monsoon winds. Though where I'm staying doesn't rain much. Again,lol idk what else to ask so hows summer going for you?
ADR01018 Jul 7, 2021 9:56 PM
By plans if you mean travel, then none . We have a potential third wave coming, got to be careful . And there's also the delta variant, lol masks and social distancing are not going away until at least next year( but a lot of people will break the rules anyway, hope that doesn't happen too much).

Oh, wish I could visit one(desert) someday(there is one in India but its pretty far from where I liive), never been to deserts .

That must be hot as hell . I live near coastal region myself , heat in summer here is unbearable . Though being able to see the sea from your house must be pretty cool , mine isn't that close to beach . But I just like mountains more than oceans .

Oh, Ma Dao Zu shi ! I want to watch it so badly, but walls of text on screen every 2 minutes annoyed me lol, tell me if you enjoy it .
I haven't watched astro boy either , just know a few stories and Pluto( a must read urasawa manga, especially since you have 20th CB and monster in your favs) . Atom: beginning is a stand alone story , its decent imo .

Do you know about revolutionary girl Utena( its pretty famous here on mal)? Penguindrum is by the same director Kunihiko Ikuhara ,he's a goat like Kubrick. His works are hit or miss for some, just because of how cryptic they can be . Anyways start with Utena then continue in that order chronologically(he references his previous works in the next ones) .

I do plan on watching more Kubrick! Could you recommend me some of your favs from him?

Also after this week, I probably won't be on mal often(till the end of next month most likely) , since I have my exams coming up next month . It's been fun talking to you :) (lol may be I'll still reply to comments later as well, idk) .
ADR01018 Jul 6, 2021 2:24 AM
Also that gif on your profile is terrifying , lol .
ADR01018 Jul 6, 2021 1:50 AM
No problem! I've been good, life's not very exciting rn lol, but fine . We're now opening up , they're slowly lifting the restrictions .

Oh, Best of luck with that!
Also algeria? Then your close to Sahara right? Have you visited it?

I'll check them out, thanks!( both fleabag and black Mirror) .

What about your Aot binge? And I've tried Tokyo revengers , didn't really care for it personally , may be I'm just done with Shonen for now , but I did very much enjoy chainsaw man( first 20 chapters) , it's hilarious imo and is now getting an anime ! What have you been watching or reading now that the exams are over?

Rn I'm reading Atom: the beginning (prequel to astroboy) , I think its fun with some interesting concepts . And watched penguindrum, it's now my all time favorite! I expected it to be good , but my god! It exceeded all expectations.
Also watched 2001 space odyssey and now it's my fav movie ! Completely blew my mind, never seen anything like it . I want to watch every Kubrick movie and ikuhara anime now (lol I'm starting to think at this rate my logh and gundam watch is never going to happen) .
ADR01018 Jun 11, 2021 8:55 AM
>Any unwanted reaction?
I had fever and joint pain since yesterday night to this afternoon but that's expected probably.
>Over here the campaign is really slow, I didn't even get the chance to register yet
Where is 'here'? ( your profile doesn't have the location, you don't need to say if you don't want to)

I think I've watched some eps of black Mirror, it's the weird scifi show right? Where a girl clones her husband, it also has an unusual singing contest and the star wars parody? Felt like too much for me at the time but now I've watched way too many weird things so it'll probably be alright.

Never heard of fleabag, whats it about?

Yeah, I've heard a lot of good things about old boy, need to watch it someday. There's a manga version of the story too(apparently it's ending is different from the film), I've only read the first chapter , seemed very interesting.

Characters in snk are nowhere near as good as the ones in monster,rakugo or evangelion, but they're better than those in an average Shonen like black clover or my hero( I haven't read much of both so may be they develop more later).

So rakugo second season lives up to the expectations? I've avoided rewatching it till now for the same reason.
ADR01018 Jun 10, 2021 2:46 AM
>Are you guys getting vaccinated by the way?
I just got vaccinated(first dose) today! Didn't even know it would happen when I read your comment. My area is pretty remote so the process is very slow here, also we have a lot people. I think it'll take few more(or many) months to vaccinate everyone.

>What type of shows/movies do you enjoy watching? Maybe cite me some of your favorites!
Well I was kinda lying when I said shows, the only shows I watch are anime. Among the very few live action shows I've watched , my favs(they'll be the most mainstream ones you can think of) would be Breaking bad, Mr. Robot,Dark(this is probably my fav) and first season(the only season I've seen) of GoT. I do watch movies though, they're very easy to consume.
Recently a good no of really interesting Indian movies are coming out, other than those I watch mostly english and some korean movies. My personal favs would be Taxi driver, Memento,Whiplash,shutter island, a beautiful mind,Parasite,okja(I've only watched these 2 korean movies tbh lol),
,ship of theseus(my fav Indian film) and probably pulp fiction. I want to watch more films but anime always gets in the way. What are your fav shows and films?

>shall I continue it? Is it worth my time?
I would say yes, but I'm pretty biased since its one of my first anime. Still, I think first time watching aot is very satisfying. The characters in particular Eren is very interesting, really unique(later in the final arc he gets completely butchered, but that is yet to be adapted). Side characters are fun as well. Animation and music will remain as good throughout, also there will be a lot of cool imagery(this is what iseyama does best imo) in later seasons . So if you don't care about the plot(because the 'lore' of aot revealed in later seasons is nonsensical) at all I think you'll enjoy it.
ADR01018 Jun 9, 2021 12:39 AM
I'm doing bachelors in electronics(in second year now). My college doesn't want to conduct online exams(Offline exams wont be happening till next month here due to covid), but the portions were already finished 2 months back . So I'm stuck at my home rn, trying out some courses and mostly just watching shows/movies. Wbu? Do you still have restrictions at your place?

>I'll probably give it another chance someday, though.
Do it!

> I have a rule to follow with anime: don't force yourself after 2-3 episodes
I have a similar rule too , if I dont know or not familiar with a director and the first ep doesn't appeal to me then I'll drop that show.

>I don't mind different artslyes, plus pingpong had a good start (i need to finish it!). I have high hopes for ONGAKU
You'll enjoy it for sure then!
ADR01018 Jun 6, 2021 12:22 AM
I've been good thanks!
> my mind's everywhere (finals are starting in less than 20 days)
Oh! What are you studying? is it offline or online? Also best of luck!

> I was content with the anime's ending and didn't even feel like a continuation was necessary but many people told me to read the manga because it ends after that.
I'll start with the anime then.

>Unfortunately, I don't like FLCL, but I will not hate on an anime don't worry!
I was just joking about that haha, no problem! FlCl obviously is a divisive show, also I think you need to be at the right age when watching it for the first time. I was 15 or 16 when I watched it first ,left a deep impression on me then and I love it even now.(Its the anime I've rewatched the most I think, besides aot)

>Yes i DID add ONGAKU to my PTW because I saw it was in your favs! I will let you know when I watch it! What shows/movies are similar to it?
Thanks for giving me the credit! Idk if youll like it, since it is kinda like kids on the slope(you gave that a 2) i.e its about finding your passion, expressing yourself and similar things. But its not melodramatic, has a very dry sense of humor and the mc is pretty different from the usual ones . Oh its a music anime btw, forgot to mention that.

For other similar shows,(besides kids in the slope ) I would say its like a masaki yuasa show,particularly pingpong. It has that weird artstyle(but its not over the top hype action like pingpong) and the themes overlap in some areas .
ADR01018 Jun 2, 2021 9:57 PM
>depressing from start to finish but it is one of the most beautiful ones and is extremely worth it!
Now you've convinced me! I'll give it a shot.

>I did read "No Longer Human" by Dazai Osamu as a book
So how is it? How does the anime compare to it?

>Aoi Bungaku Series is a series of multiple stories and not just No Longer Human so you'll find one that you enjoy + they are short!
That is interesting, I thought all of the stories had similar themes , so they're all very different?

>Rainbow Nisha is a MASTERPIECE
Added to PTW, thanks for the recommendation! Dark shows are fine, but they need to have a hopeful ending for me. Which one of them do you think is better(anime or manga)?

>I'm sorry if I talk too much, I just get excited to recommend anime, haha!
No worries! I get carried away when talking about my favs too! So mostly restrain myself during initial conversations and just try to listen to their(your/others) opinions. Ramble all you want, just don't hate on the shows I like (especially FLCL) :) .

>Glad we are on the same side regarding Isekai because I got tired of it!!
Me too! But there are a lot of people who genuinely like it, so can't do anything about their rise I guess.

Did you just add ONGAKU to your PTW? thats one of my all time favs!!! Do tell me if you enjoy it.

jegs44 Jun 2, 2021 8:03 AM
Oh but just give it try when you feel like it
ADR01018 Jun 1, 2021 3:40 AM
Rakugo is amazing! It doesnt even feel like anime( not saying anime can't be as good but very few anime that I've seen contain the sharp dialogue and complex characters like it). Also the 2d season's just as good if I remember correctly ( yet to rewatch that one).

Just read your review( its very cool!) On Bungaku. I'd heard of it before , but always been very afraid to watch it. For one, it has three versions , anime,book and manga. I don't want to start with the weaker one. But more importantly the author osamu dezai died ( of suicide) after writing it. Also, It supposedly has a very dark and depressing ending and I personally dont like depressing endings. What do you think ? Is it worth picking up despite its ending? Also have read either one of the other 2 versions of no longer human?
Havent heard of rainbow, what's it about?

> I don't like the Isekai trend so don't ever expect me to talk about it haha!
That's great! I dont like it either, especially because of how everyone's praising konosuba, rezero and slime nonstop lately.
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