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Mousou Dairinin
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complex stories, similar people, and 'real' world with a supernatural twist
report Recommended by Vesey
These series are about people on the edge and how everyone can be driven to psychological collapse if enough pressure is added. Boogiepop Phantom is extremely confusing for the most part and demands constant attention from the viewer, while PA is as odd and requires some analysis to be fully comprehended. A dark atmosphere pervades both efforts; in Paranoia Agent it is edgy and at times quirky, while in BP it remains somber and moody through and through. Both deal with the effects of self delusion taken to the extreme of alienation and conflict.
report Recommended by Nocturnal
They both have a very strange psycological atmosphere, they have similar characters and they both deal with human and society problems. The taste this series give you its very similar.
report Recommended by Kaz--
Both Boogiepop Phantom and Paranoia Agent involve a group of people who don't seem to be connected but are all affected by a strange supernatural phenomenon. Both have dark undertones and are very psychological, requiring your full attention.
report Recommended by Sinari
Similar setting - modern Japan, in both people are facing some kind of urban legend, origins unknown, that helps them reach katharsis
report Recommended by helensan
Both series have a dark atmosphere and mystery revolving around different characters with storytelling of different perspectives. Both series are quite dark and focuses more of the psychological theme involving murder, mystery, and twists. A psycho drama pleasing to eyes of fans into the psychological side of anime.
report Recommended by Stark700
They're both dark urban fantasy and also share many similarities in the way the narrative is set out, jumping from person to person to tell stories that are connected in some way.
report Recommended by SOSBrigadeGoon
Both series have a feeling of unease about them, with a dark and eerie atmosphere and a supernatural "main character" (?) lurking behind the scenes each episode. The way the story is told is very similar, with each episode focusing on a different person (or group of people) and the strange events surrounding them.
report Recommended by scarletjam
Under the hand of a mysterious character who wears terrorizing a city of Japan. Whose mission is to "save" the protagonists of their suffering, where everyone has some kind of connection. Both series play with the minds and feelings of the characters, which brings to light their true personalities and therefore freeing them from their pain.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Life is hard. Sometimes we face a situation that pushed us to the edge to the point we want to run away, escape from our reality. Boogiepop Phantom and Paranoia Agent have shared escapism as one of their main themes. Some of the first episodes of them focus on different characters with a serious life issue to the point they want to escape from reality. Both anime can be considered as a serious show, even though in contrast, PA have some funny moments and comic relief (even having one episode that full of comedy). While BP is a serious show without comedy with a really   read more
report Recommended by Kurniawan_Ktr
In a society, some people are having social problems, then someone/something comes to "save" them. Both series focus on a different character almost every episode. There are also some strong rumors spread about the.. [spoiler]
report Recommended by FinNote
Both are anime about a group of characters, with certain connections, being involved in supernatural cases within an urban fantasy.
report Recommended by Kuroiru
- Episodic formula, focusing on a different character each episode; - Themes about dealing with reality and wanting to escape from our personal problems; - Supernatural events influencing the real world; - Everything is somehow connected; - Mysterious and dark atmosphere.
report Recommended by Yakazi
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