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It's made by the same director, who pays attention to great details in movies. Plus, that other movie's characters make cameos here. Both movies have supernatural themes, and romantic relationships developing between their poster couples.
report Recommended by keithmaxx
Love stories with a touch of supernatural. Both done by the same director and are awesome movies everyone should watch. They share the same universe(Tenki no Ko has cameos from Kimi no Na Wa's characters) which is irrelevant for the plot but fun fact to know.
report Recommended by tass46
Overall, Makoto Shinkai's films tend to complete themselves, since all the films are set in the same universe. Also, in the search of a visual experience at same level (spoiler: its very hard to find) or if you just want to watch a more deeper story, Kimi no Na Wa probably its the right choice to you
report Recommended by Darumyro
Same director, same art design and the story structure itself is quite similar
report Recommended by rererayendra
-Amazing soundtrack -Amazing Artwork -Good plot -Super good climax scene -RADWIMPS/Makoto Shinkai -Both anime focus on the relationship between the two character -Both anime create a supernatural situation
report Recommended by godman32770
Both: from the same universe same director and amazing animation Radwimps musics Romance, drama and adventure Very epic climax
report Recommended by Boli_UwU
-Two absolutely stunning movies by the man himself - Makoto Shinkai -A love-story infused with the supernatural and more -High production soundscape and OSTs -Definite must-watch titles if you've watched just one :)
report Recommended by Joeywatches
Very similar and EXTREMELY SAME formula by Shinkai as well. Country kid goes to Tokyo, meets girl/boy, relationship develops, drama happens or lose contact (basically any shinkai film type thing)..... The only thing that this movie has better than Your Name is that: it has action throughout the whole film, better animation (2019), more romance and development, and comedy. Your Name is better at everything else and even the art (not animation) is more vibrant and pretty. An amazing film but almost as good as Your Name. A must watch
report Recommended by jai_jai
This is an obvious comparison as both share the same visual style and director, but Your Name and Weathering With You are well-animated anime films with themes of romance and the supernatural (the latter is even set in the same universe as the former, though it's not necessary to watch the former to enjoy the latter). Several other similarities are well-done musical montages (as well as RADWIMPS), family problems, an emotionally charged climax, and a touch of Japanese culture.
report Recommended by Fario-P
Other than the fact that these two were crafted by Makoto Shinkai and his team thus having the same art style and animation, they also contain the same formula and elements. Both revolve contain Shinto religion, both are love stories with supernatural aspects revolving around them, both contain extremely similar story/plot and pacing structure (especially during the climax), and both have RADWIMPS for the music.
report Recommended by jtmOnii-Chan
Tenki no Ko takes a more cynical approach to the supernatural, showing what happens when the will of the gods/supernatural interferes in the lives of the modern age. Instead of going on a desperate love quest to look for his destined one, he finds her at the beginning, easy right? Wrong. Life is simply unfair, and much more punishing than that. Overall, I feel like the flow of the story was much more fluid than Kimi no Na Wa. However, I would say the emotional parts aren't as powerful. Granted, this movie works wonders as a sequel, occurring 1 year after Taki and Mitsuha get together. The movie   read more
report Recommended by Skywalker1026
It's made by the same director, who pays attention to great details in movies. Plus both movies have stunning visuals
report Recommended by Anime_lover_2004
made by shinkai makoto animated by same studio similar animation heartwarming story
report Recommended by Sreedrive
A transcendental love story. Your Name and Weathering With You are both great boy meets girl stories around two teenagers who are caught up in supernatural affairs. Your Name follows Taki and Mitsuha as they continuously body swap with one another leading to a journey to find one another. Weathering With You follows runaway Hodaka and 'sunshine girl' Hina on their journey of helping others via weather changing powers and finding a place to be. Both simple supernatural romance but are visual eye candy with amazing OST, made by the same director Makoto Shinkai.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Kimi no Na wa and Tenki no Ko are both created by Makoto Shinkai and Radwimps did both of the stunning sound tracks. ~ Both are romance, drama, and fantasy/supernatural ~ Both have really unique storylines ~ Really pretty visuals and amazing music ~ Both are really bitter-sweet and are full of feels ~ They also both have appearances from characters in other Shinkai works Overall they are both really amazing films that I think almost anybody could love.
report Recommended by Ashlyn_Desu
Made by the same person, very similar character personalities. Art style is amazing in both.
report Recommended by jakouu1
They are both from the same director. Both of them start using the logic of the real world (meaning that everyone know that time traveling or super powers are not real for example) and then they start being illogical like allowing time traveling for example. In both of these anime the same band sings. Both will make you cry. How the story flows and everything else are really similar in both of these animes.
report Recommended by hacker09
Both of the movies are directed by same person. And they both have stunning visual's with a very good story.
report Recommended by Roshan_Rai
Also directed by Shinkai, has both supernatural and romance elements with gorgeous visuals and storytelling.
report Recommended by Salty_Boi
They are both linked and the visuals are absolutely stunning with great stories! Both directed & written by Makoto Shinkai Production Company: CoMix Wave Films
report Recommended by Hypnotictrooper
both films are very good and a perfect anime for anybody looking for a romance film.  
report Recommended by Yuuki_Otakuu
Both of the movies are directed by Makoto Shinkai, and they exist in the same universe. Bunch of references to the previous movie, similarly beautiful scenery and animation. Both movies are awe-inspiring in similar ways, you will be immersed so greatly that the fictional world will become real and you will wish to share the experiences with the characters yourself. Both movies TRULY AMAZING.
report Recommended by Ernismeister
Both are about a mysterious event happening, also a developing relationship between a girl and a boy
report Recommended by Cubalibre012
Its another Makoto-goddamn-Shinkai movie, need more convincing? He manages to somehow perfect Your Name's visual fidelity, by some voodoo black magic make it even more detailed than before, with even the skidding of a shoe launching into a sprint off a floor slick from heavy rain looking perfect. RADWIMPS makes a return, orchastrating only another perfect fitting OST for Weathering With You. The only concern you should have is to not ride the tsunami of hype that Your Name brought over into your watching of Tenki No Ko. Its not a sequel, it wasn't written to be one, and should be respected as its own film. You'll want this   read more
report Recommended by GunAxsassin
Both have touching romantic love stories, both unique, and both are made by the same animator.
report Recommended by Teratsuki
Both masterpieces by the same director Makoto shinkai.
report Recommended by Yaksha_R-Y3N
Both are made by the same studio and they are about a romantic relationships developing between a couple. They're also wonderfully animated, great soundtrack and there's a touch of supernatural.
report Recommended by Joseph-666
The same author.Same artstyle. You might enjoy Kimi No Na Wa more but it's both amazing
report Recommended by HelProcks
With the same studio and director, both movies give great detail to the scene and surroundings, making it really enjoyable to watch. The two stories are based on a supernatural idea witch carries the story of two students and the adversities they have to go through. If you've watched either and enjoyed it, the other is a sure must.
report Recommended by Kaigan-zoi
Same atmosphere, same director. Happen to be on the same page, but different timeline. Both about romance, both have some supernatural stuff.
report Recommended by KuroiYuusha
Both are written by makoto shinkai and have the perfect mix of fantasy and romance that'll cling to your head like nothing else. I couldnt sleep for a few days cuz i was constantly thinking bout these
report Recommended by NoelTom123
Both sad, both very aesthetically pleasing :)
report Recommended by Mikasascumsock