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Kimi no Na wa.
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Kimi no Na wa.
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ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen
Really good romance and slice-of-life stories with a mild sci-fi/fantastical twist. ReLIFE deals with more things however (the comedic elements and serious societal issues). The relationship between the two main leads is perhaps the biggest similarity. All I can say is, they are both in love and have to deal with a terrible truth somehow.
report Recommended by Fortress_Maximus
Though the situation is different for both anime, both contain similar vibes that allows me to make a recommendation. Embracing the moment to make the present worthwhile, in a desperate attempt to not forget. This is perhaps the most spoiler free thing I can say regarding these two anime. If you have watched one, you will most definitely enjoy the other. (Tip for maximum feels: Watch s1 of ReLIFE)
report Recommended by G_Oda
Even though the story aren't similar, both anime share some things in common (even to the smallest details) that will blow your mind.
report Recommended by renzospark
Both of them deal with remembering the name of your soul mate that you forgot, one with ReLife program, the other with the main character which is in a state of oblivion about the name of the girl he love. There is also a lot more of similitudes between these 2 animes but I can't say more because it would be spoiler for both so I will stop there.
report Recommended by ANTONIADE
The feeling of losing something. Something that you can't quite recall, but you know that it's somewhere out there. Something, or someone... both of these anime capture that emotion in a similar fashion, and if you want to continue the feels train, I would suggest watching this too.
report Recommended by MScientist0
- Both are composed of slice of life genre, with high school setting - Both are spiced up with a bit of romcom - Both has a beautiful and perfect ending that leaves you crave for more - Both touched on memories and regret, and how painful it can be to be forgotten of to be one that forgets, that tingly feeling that always linger around They both are composed of almost the same storyline and the ending is truly satisfying.
report Recommended by Ethan_07
These guys flying to and from breaking rules of the universe. Quite a ton of physical similarities between the two, which I won't get into due to spoilers on both sides. This works more like a ReLIFE --> Your Name recommendation, but go watch ReLIFE if you have seen Your Name. Both are alright.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
It just is,I can't say anything without giving away a spoiler. RElife has a series before the special.
report Recommended by Exadon