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When I watched the first Episode of MonMusu, I couldn't help but to remember my old friend Rosario to Vampire. That may be cause of the high amount of Ecchi with many Monster Girl or the nice, kinda shy, all in all average Protagonist in both shows. Ecchi with Monster Girl's is the main plot in the shows and that would be enough to enjoy the shows, if that is enough to make you happy. In MonMusu though the Girls show more traits of... "Mutation"? I guess.. Where in R+V a Vampire just got fang tans a Lamia in MonMusu has a LOOONG and BIIIG   read more
report Recommended by Rupdedudludu
A harem involving a generic looking human boy surrounded by love interests that are....girls...youkai monsters that is...the only difference is that the human-youkai co-habitation doesn't exist and is shun from the human world. Also the youkais are supposed to blend in human society instead of unleashing their true youkai form in the public.
report Recommended by dagengarmaster92
Every monster girl the MC encountered, everyone falls in love with him. Rosario to Vampire has the highschool setting and MMnIN has more of the family bond setting. The two anime has mythical "human creatures" and the MC is just a plain human bait, but they're sincere. Definitely ecchi for both shows.
report Recommended by Onininichi
Both series are about a human boy who interacts with monster girls. Both main male characters have a harem with the monster girls. Both series have comedy and are extremely ecchi. Although both series are harem and the human characters love all the girls in the group, there's usually only one girl who he cares the most over the others.
report Recommended by Sodium
Both are Ecchi Harem Anime about a human boy being loved by multiple monster girls. While Monster Musume takes place in the human world, Rosario + Vampires setting is a school for monsters. Both male MCs have a major problem: Kurusu is not allowed to have sex with the girls, Tsukune must hide the fact that he is a human.
report Recommended by TrashDax
-Both anime tell about everyday life of a boy surrounded by a non-human girl. -Both anime have same genre, especially harem, ecchi, romance, comedy, and fantasy. -And of course, both anime contain many fanservices scene, better watch the anime alone.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Both have a main male character that is normal but one day gets himself into a life full of monster girls... There is where their adventure begins
report Recommended by Arquarion
If you're into non-human harem, then this is it. You've found it, congrats. However, be aware of the differences : Rosario Vampire is more serious and "school life" while Monster Musume is entirely focused around ecchi and comedy.
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Both are ecchi/harem anime where the girls are monster girls of various sorts. Also in both cases, even though the girls are friendly toward the primary male protagonist, their monster nature sometimes gives rise to problems or awkward situations, both for him and with each other.
report Recommended by mwalimu