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Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.
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These are two anime films from 2015/2016 portraying school youth dealing with guilt, alienation, and most prolific — disabilities (being unable to speak and being deaf). Both are very high class, good stories dealing with a slice of life setting focusing on human interactions; like love, friendship, feelings towards self, and how they can vary depending on one's own mood.
report Recommended by Aegidrom
Both are about characters overcoming their shortcomings. Most characters throughout have their own personal problems, be it mental instability, past trauma, physical handicaps, and the movies are about overcoming these challenges. Good drama and good characters.
report Recommended by Xaeveax
Very similar settings, both main heroines have a disability and there are romance aspects in both movies.
report Recommended by anonypc
Koe no Katachi features a deaf girl and Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda features a mute girl.
report Recommended by AoiYuukiHusbando
Dramas about redemption and overcoming past traumas. Both heroines face some form of social ostracism as a result of either disability or psychological scars.
report Recommended by TheKillerAngel
Both main heroines have the similar problem, the main guys are interested with that and tried to understand what they really want. Both have some depressing moments that might make you cry.
report Recommended by renzospark
Both movies involve a girl who has trouble with communicating to the people around her. They both feel as if they are a burden to others, and everything would be better without them. Both girls end up meeting a boy, and are able to overcome their problems, thanks to the boy. Both include reuniting with past acquaintances. (Ishida getting back in touch with his old classmates, just as how Sakagami and Nitou get back in touch.) Both are quite moving films, and get emotional from time to time. Koe no Katachi focuses more on the theme of redemption, and letting go of the past. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda   read more
report Recommended by KingWithoutCrown
In both of the movies we see that, the boys are interested in the girls that could not crack their outer shells. If I explain more, I will spoil it for you. So just watch it and let me know if this recommendation was helpful for you. Thanks.
report Recommended by alwaysprep
They use metaphors to tell the story (like how the MC sees Xs on people faces). Both have good romance, and both are in the school genre.
report Recommended by KIRamadhan
Both have a heroine that have a problem with communication with people around them and both have a MC that is interested in her in a way and both give the same vibe in my opinion and both are definitely masterpieces with a very high score on MAL
report Recommended by Dansk93lb
Both movies has a heroine that has trouble communicating with people. They also think that they are a trouble to the people around. They fear that they hurt other because of their problem. Both movies has a boy that helps the girl with her problem and the girl helping with the boy's problem. Both movies has same genre of drama and romance. I highly recommend you to watch the movies. It's really emotional.
report Recommended by animumbug
Both have silent protagonist, and i feel a similar vibe to it.
report Recommended by Blazeexten
Both films involve a girl that is unable to communicate properly with others, gain friends as the stories progress
report Recommended by Short_Circut
Although the plot differs quite a bit, the vibe/feel is the same~ They both make amazing points for things like communication, how words can be used to hurt or help, guilt for things said/done in the past, etc. Chances are if you liked the character building and topics in Koe no Katachi you'll love Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (or Anthem of the Heart) too. I've personally seen it three times now and I know I'll never forget it~
report Recommended by pineappledango
The female MC has a disability and she is being bullied in their class. The male MC has a heart for helping his classmate and became friends. The drama is pretty good too.The story is centered to bullying.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
The Anthem of the Heart and A Silent Voice have one large similarity, being that both female protagonists have difficulty in communicating with other people. Nishimya and Naruse are very similar characters, who struggle finding their 'voice' and in conveying their opinions. These two films come hand-in-hand in terms of emotional prowess, soundtrack and plot.
report Recommended by soulstyce
Both are good movies about struggling with speech among other shared themes also both have adorable female leads :)
report Recommended by RedMenace