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Tatsumi and Elizabeth set off an adventure. Night Raid (NR) and Nanatsu no Taizai ( Seven Deadly Sins ) are portrayed as villains. But in reality are the good guys who face off against the corrupted rulers. Both NR and SDS have unique members who wield awesome powers and have unique personality.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
I don't know how to put it.. I just got the same vibres from them.. If I must say it, I admit I think they are not really special or anything. But for some reason, I enjoyed them in a good way.. Maybe in story telling I think, both series are good in story telling..
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Both are set in Medieval Era type worlds. Both are about a group of people who are portrayed as villains, but in actuality fight for the good of the country and its people.
report Recommended by Alaczer
The so called 'villains' and people who everyone refuses to accept, who actually are good people and likes to help the weak. Fight scenes, powerful characters and a very decent amount of comedy.
report Recommended by Heiize
Group of powerful characters set out to try and overturn a corrupt government that pretends to protect its population while instead oppressing it. Akame Ga Kill is more edgy whereas Nanatsu no Taizai is more fantasy.
report Recommended by soramimicake
Both of these anime have an organization that people consider as an organization of criminals (At akame ga kill night raid and here-the seven deadly sins) but these criminals are turned out to be the good ones and the country or army is the bad one.
report Recommended by dadnaya
When I first watched this anime, I thought it was really similar to Akame ga Kill, except I enjoyed Nanatsu no Taizai way more. Similarities: - Both Night Raid and Nanatsu no Taizai are seen as antagonists in the country, though in reality they were the good guys being framed. - Both Elizabeth and Tatsumi set out on an adventure, with Tatsumi being in Night Raid and Elizabeth with the Seven Deadly Sins. - Main characters have a bit of a romance with the main girl characters.
report Recommended by kurokenshi07
Set in a medieval setting with characters appearing as the villains in their respective worlds when they're actually the heroes. Action gets quite brutal in both and the main mission of the heroes is to overthrow the rulers of the kingdoms they once called home.
report Recommended by Protaku
Based on a group of heroes who are being attacked by their own kingdom. Powerful characters fighting their way to the kingdom to reach their goal which is peace and get rid of the rotten people within the kingdom.
report Recommended by Mostafaz60
Both main characters are seen as the villains, when they have a noble cause destined to a greater cause. In the end of Akame ga Kill! you can't say that there is an happy ending or that could be anything more in the plot. Good comedy, the theme "love" is very explicit in both, and there are present very good battles with great awesomeness.
report Recommended by STEREOo
both are in the middle ages and talk about revolutions and overthrow the Kingdom by the same organizations...
report Recommended by Baqerali
Both of these anime take place in a very similar setting. The overall concept of "evil" group against the "good" government is the same. And they are both action anime with great fight scenes, and great characters.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Both kinda the same as they both have a list of wanted people that turn out to be the good guys.kinda like Akame ga kill
report Recommended by Enzed_Senpai
-Both have a medieval environment. -Both have action packed fight scenes. -Both have opposite factions fighting each other. Night Raid vs Jaegers (Akame Ga Kill) and The Seven Deadly Sins vs Holy Knights (Nanatsu no Taizai) -Both share some romance in the story. -Both have some comedy and ecchi moments.
report Recommended by Sodium
If you liked Akame Ga Kill and it brought powerful emotions to you Nanatsu no Taizai introduces you to corrupted place where good guys were framed for committing murder of superior. This includes a lot of special powers and Night Raid is similar to Sins.
report Recommended by Felix
Like Seven Deadly Sins, Akame ga Kill sets you up with a rag tag team of criminals who are not as bad as society would have you believe. The group undergoes challenges from the reigning government and seeks to destroy the evil growing within and free the people of the city. I think they both share similar general plotlines and if you enjoyed one you will probably enjoy the other.
report Recommended by Ojogbane
In both series the main characters try to overthrow some kind of corrupt political power in Nanatsu no taizai's case it's the kingdom and in Akame ga kill it's the emperor. Both of the series are very entertaining and they are both 24 episodes long. Both of the series are Action, Adventure shounen.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
In a world of kingdoms and knights, of incredible powers, where a group of people are treated like villains, when they fight against the tyranny that is in the same town they swore to protect. Wrapped up in amazing skills they fight against a similar group, of which will be linked emotionally. Two animes full of action, occasional comedy, a bit of fanservice (which will never be so badly received) and of such personal and dramatic stories that they contain in each chapter of their life.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
The two are very similar to each other two groups Night Raid And the Seven Deadly Sins who to the public sees as a menace do battle with corrupted authority figures
report Recommended by WeebPaddy
Besides both being a great anime. This animes has many similarities. Let's start with the story line. Both of them shows a group of people rebelling against their country's government or kingdom shall we say. Those bunch of rebellions are bound to fight against the superior of their country in order to gain peace for the people. But what the people actually sees their doing that they are a group of traitors who brings sorrow and deaths to the country. The main male protagonists also does have similarities. Other than being a badass, They also have overpowered skills and their swords skills are far beyond than any   read more
report Recommended by Tsururugi
They are both shonens which follows the life of the protagonists who fight the dark goberment prevailing
report Recommended by KaxyOP
Both have very smilar stories, characters and include a bromance. The beginning starts out about the same with some minor differences but the stories get more similar as you move along.
report Recommended by JakklL
if you really liked akame ga kill so you will absolutely adore nanatsu no taizai. these two animes are too similar to each other. the bad guys are the good guys. and the gouverment which people think that they are good are against with alot of funny moments in both of them.
report Recommended by ZakExFinity99
-Both have the heroes portrayed as villains -Similar worlds and 'powers' -Goofy characters and comedy, but drastically serious at some times
report Recommended by thelectricow
First we have the Seven Deadly Sins in Nanatsu no Taizai, then we have Night Raid in Akame ga Kill! - Both sets of main characters are seen as the villains of the world, when in fact, they are the ones who are keeping the peace and balance in the world. - Both shows have a giant cast with lots of fighting and violence. Good guys, bad guys they are all awesome! - The story for both shows start out slow but eventually get super interesting and you'll be glued to your seat wanting more. - Both anime are about a group of vigilantes   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Villains who seeking for the truth and justice are the real hero. Meliodas (NnT) and Tatsumi (AgK) will bring you to the world where justice can not be found. Therefore, they will give you an amazing adventure and awesome battle to bring back the justice and reveal the truth about the fake world where they lived. Anger, sorrow, and other emotions are part of their adventures. And sacrifices are the most painful reality on their journey. With their amazing power and ability, Meliodas, Tatsumi, and their companion will slay everybody who opposed them. Support and join them to reveal the painful truth...
report Recommended by Ranseurs
Epic stories with a similar setting, characters with cool powers, main characters that are portrayed as villains, but are actually working against the corruption of the government and being framed. Both really enjoyable with lots of comedy and goofy moments, yet really serious situations and fights.
report Recommended by disruptor483
In Akame ga Kill the main characters are potrayed as the bad guys, or according to kingdom in the show, the same goes for Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) They are also potrayed as the bad guys, by the kingdom, but through the show we learn that there is something else going on! and things isn't as it seem! i really recommend you to watch it. (Full of action, funny parts and got sad moments too)
report Recommended by Ronakus
They both have similar feels to the anime, a government that is corrupt and a traveler joins a group of strong people except in akame ga kill they are assassins an in nanatsu no taizai they are knights
report Recommended by Jueviee
I just like to put it in my recommendation cant explain that much its just amazing / good anime itself
report Recommended by iTouchMe
If you really enjoyed Nanatsu no Taizai, then you definitely gonna enjoy this one. Full of fight scenes, rescues and some death's.
report Recommended by iRavenN
Both are fantasy action shonen esque anime. Neither are deep or thought-provoking but both are a great watch if you'd like to watch something dumb and stupid but also a bit fun. Both have decent fight scenes. Both have weird romantic sub plots.
report Recommended by spacebishijesus
Both of them feature groups of "bad" and "good people" (Night Raids/Seven Deadly Sins and Jaegers/Holy Knights) Both have romance between some characters Both are about defeating the politic system that rules the kingdom Both are a bit gore and have fanservice Also, I found them very similar from the beginning, I don't know why, and enjoyed them so much. If you liked one, you'll probably like the other as well.
report Recommended by ShinkafeMagna
The main characters are fighting the government. They are powerful even their enemies. Great battles. A must see anime.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
these two anime-themed kingdoms where the kingdom fell in error and both anime is also equally moving in groups
report Recommended by Syureria
Both Nanatsu no Taizai and Akame ga Kill! have a similar vibe. Both have somewhat similar premises (But not super identical), and a similar tone as well. Akame ga Kill! is darker, however. But if you enjoyed Akame ga Kill!, watch Both Nanatsu no Taizai. If you liked Both Nanatsu no Taizai, watch Akame ga Kill!, you won’t regret either (Maybe).
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
Cast upon A Medieval Era world, the group of protagonists are looked down upon to the point of being villains. Either animes portray youths righting of wrongs and protecting the weak. If you enjoy an action packed anime with a hint of comedy, ecchi and even romance then I recommend both of these animes.
report Recommended by Masterbos175
Aside from the obvious "rebel group fighting tha corrupt government" theme. What really got me in both series are the characters interactions, the entire cast is a joy to watch bouncing on each other, there are no boring boring characters in either Night Raid or the Sins. PD: if you are on the market for a waifu there is a nice catalog of girls with actual personality to choose from in any of these. not the typical helpless dumb girl waiting for the hero (aside for certain princess)
report Recommended by andrewgon
At first they seemed bad guys but actually they are the good ones. :-)
report Recommended by Rahat_Dpi
7 teenagers with overpowered attack-styles fight shounen-type of battles. These animes have similar atmospheres. 7 deadly sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) is about a group of legendary criminals (they are actually good people), this anime is an adventure-type, with fantasy-like attacks. Akame ga Kill is about a group of assassins, possessing legendary weapons, who wants to create justice.
report Recommended by invisibleumbrela
-they both fighting for peace -teigu to sacred treasure -night raid to seven deadly sins
report Recommended by djamesl3
idk why, but I think that this two animes have tha same vibe
report Recommended by gabizu