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Ranma ½
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Ranma ½
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Urusei Yatsura
Another really funny anime series, written by the same manga-ka. Both series are very alike because they don't focus on a main plot. Instead, they tend to concentrate on the characters, their evolution and their relationships throughout the series.
report Recommended by SailorKagome
Urusei Yatsura was the first big series and success of Rumiko Takahashi, it was on Urusei Yatsura where she developed her clever and wacky classic comedy stories that she would also use later on Ranma. Both series went to being highly influential on the anime industry and comedy anime was never the same after them, especially Urusei Yatsura.

Needless to say that if you enjoy one, you'll also enjoy the other.
report Recommended by RobdeFR
Firstly, they're by the same mangaka, Rumiko Takahashi, and they have the same wacky, absurd type of comedy, stupid, crazy, unique characters, and surreal, insane (mis)adventures, all put into a rather normal, slice of life-ish situation.
In both anime the 2 main characters don't exactly get along well with each other, even though they live under the same roof and are destined to get married.
Also, the male and female protagonist of both series have about 3 or 4 people who are hopelessly in love with them, and constantly chase after them trying to break the couple up, and who, also, deeply hate the fiancée   read more
report Recommended by RenaPsychoKiller
They are made by the same manga-ka.
The main characters don't get along very well even though they live together and are destined to be married.
Other people who are desprately trying to break them up both sets of main chartacters who live with their parents and go to the same highschool.
Both shows are long running comedies that emply lots of slap stick and ironic humor and mnisadventures. Also both shows have their share of movies and ovas, and a huge OST set.
report Recommended by EtherealMerc
A lot of the themes of Ranma 1/2 were first developed in Urusei Yatsura. There are so many similarities, in fact, that you may wander why you should watch one if you've seen the other (just remember that Urusei Yatsura was a hit in Japan and Ranma wasn't).

There is a character Ryuunosuke that has a very similar relationship to her father to Ranma's and his dad. That character is also a female martial artist like Akane and a female crossdresser like Ukkyo. Lum and Ten wear tiger stripes like Ryoga, and all of them have fangs. Themes of Japanese folklore   read more
report Recommended by Bradaphraser