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Both Lovely Complex and Toradora involve a girl and boy who act harshly to each other but then end up becoming friends and helping each other try to get together with their love interests. Eventually, the main characters began to develop romantic feelings for each other... I adore both of these series'. <3
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
From episode one it was easy to tell who SHOULD REALLY be going out, even though they both try to go for other boyfriend/girlfriends (in each show), also making me having to cover my mouth in laughter so I wont wake up people and just about falling over from the hilariousness (is that even a word?) of it.
report Recommended by kristin
Those who like Toradora, will definatly find Lovely Complex as intersting, if not even more. Lovely Complex, like Toradora, has a misleading image at the start, but the same deep charater development in the middle. The plotline drives the watcher mad and leaving him wanting for more. The animation is top of the class, there is a wide range of many, interesting, and deeply developed charaters, and excellent voice acting.
report Recommended by Peerkons
Both have a guy and a girl working together to get together with another guy and girl.
report Recommended by love95
Both are high school love comedy with a lot of bickering between protagonists.
report Recommended by hajil
The main couple are very similar, as is the overall feel of the show. Lovely Complex focuses a bit more on comedy though (a very unique kind) and the romance happens much earlier on in the series.
report Recommended by adamantine
Both of these animes have a guy and girl that initially hang around each other because of ulterior motives, but while doing so they slowly start to gain feelings for each other. Also both are romantic comedies that are in a school setting.
report Recommended by Defiance
Are both Romantic, Slice-of-life school anime which share similar aspects in the dynamics between the main male and female characters. Storyboard seems to follow the same formula.
report Recommended by boiledhypotenuse
Main characters are helping each other getting together with their love interests, they become friends and in the end fall in love, both are crazy comedies (but LovCom much more)
report Recommended by doorotka
Both series are romantic comedies about two people who have problems with love. Also they are dealing with similar complexes. In Toradora they are misunderstood for their looks and in Lovley Complex there are problems around their heights. Also the humour and atmosphere are like each other. Funny, liively and energetic with a little drama ^^
report Recommended by naoom
Both of the female protagonist are really bossy. It's easy for the viewer to tell, as well as the two protagonist friends that the to mains characters should be going out. The comedy in both of these is similar. The only difference in comedy is from some of the dialect from Lovely complex since it's all from Osaka.
report Recommended by Hisashikun
Both are a in a School Setting, both are great comedies and both give a suitable amount of drama.
report Recommended by eX
They both have similar plot development. great story and character development
report Recommended by honghsien5
The main characters are both trying to set each other up with one of their friends, working together. You can tell how it ends.
report Recommended by TheFukoMaster
Series are similar in terms of plot. In addition, both series are full of humor and fun characters. Typical anime for girls.
report Recommended by treemore
How are they not alike? 1. LOTS of comedy & romance 2. the main girl and guy characters are always fueding 3. the main characters try to set eachother up with someone else in the beginning until.. :) 4. the development of the characters are similar 5. if you loved one youll definately love the each other! :))
report Recommended by marie789789
So called "Slice of life". Both are good romantic stories with a good humor.
report Recommended by Captain_Brain
Lovely Complex and Toradora are both great high school comedy series. They are about 2 people who are in love with each others best friends, and are helping each other to get them together. In the end, they both are falling for each other. It both contains romance and comedy. If you liked Toradora! you will probably also like Lovely Complex.
report Recommended by Nerdo
Lovely complex focuses on complexes between the two and mainly on the two main charcters' long road to love, while Toradora is more heartwarming and deeper stuff as they try to help each other to get in love with their respective targets whom they liked. Lovely complex is a lighter version of Toradora imo, and lovely complex has more comedy and less deep moments than Toradora. The later 1x - 25 episodes of Toradora seems more similar to Kanon 2006 though, because of the complicated relationships involved.
report Recommended by Dunkjoe
It showcases the struggles of ones image, and overcoming the stereotypes. They both show that love really does come in all ways, shapes, forms and sizes and when you're not looking for it, it'll sneak up behind you. both animes are heartwarming and makes you sympathetic towards the characters--even the unlikely ones--at times.
report Recommended by mylovelyfate
First, they hate eachother. Then, their friends. And I think you know how it is going to turn out in the end.
report Recommended by Jackster27
It has around the same plot.
report Recommended by Nixzilla
Romantic comedies which focuses two friends helping each other achieve their love interests.
report Recommended by -Erikku-
At first both look like a typical high-school romance, however both the stories as well as characters are made so perfectly that they really stand out.
report Recommended by kuroioni
This has been done quite few times , why? because in both series the 2 main characters struggle in order to finally reach true love while there are obstacles in the way like cuter boys and girls ......
report Recommended by EmmyAltava
They're both funny love stories, and the main characters are sort of outcasts, and they get along because of that. Not too typical, but romantic.
report Recommended by zoefreak
Both are lighthearted romantic comedies with just enough drama.
report Recommended by Tired_Smurph
Similar premise, and group of friends drama, comedy
report Recommended by mangoseller
Its very similar due to the fact that they got different height but alter in toradora but Lovely Complex got tons of funny moments and focuses more on the main character love interest and meant to be love interest unlike Toradora takes a very long time but aside of that Toradora has unique display of storytelling.
report Recommended by Romcom-Lover
Both MC's try to help each other get their "loved one" however in both animes something incredible happens :D
report Recommended by Fryth
Both in Toradora! and Lovely Complex the male protagonist likes the female protagonist's friend. The romance and comedy are similar in multiple ways but has its own unique ways of doing so.
report Recommended by johngee
Both anime talk about a boy and a girl that join forces to conquer the heart of the person that they like. Both anime are funny and also talk about physical complexes.
report Recommended by Jchibi28
This has the same kinda vibe going on between the two characters. :)
report Recommended by shojotaku
Both are very good anime with very similar plots. Like how in love complex otanti and koizumi help each other with relationship advice like Takasu and Aisaka. Love the romance scene's specically the confessions Both are great anime to watch. If you like Love complex you will love Toradora~~~~ <3
report Recommended by jacklin213
both series involve a relationship between a short person and a taller/normal height person. cute romance.
report Recommended by kimbap
Two very close friends who suddenly realise they're probably more than friends. Just like Taiga and Ryuuji, Risa and Atsushi have problems. Taiga, being short and cute but extremely fierce, and Ryuuji looking like a delinquent who is in fact quite gentle and considerate is similar to Risa the extremely tall girl, and Atsushi the extremely short boy. It can get dramatic at times, as some conflicting characters are introduced, or the two do not full realise their feelings for each other. However, the comedy is golden.
report Recommended by theninthtail
Both have characters very stronger, especially Toradora! Is a rare relationship between two persons
report Recommended by pakito_anime
Height issue, two different people in false love with two other people. This sums it up how those two animes are similar. Other than that I prefer Lovely Complex as its better written, characters are way better not that I dislike Toradora but Lovely Complex is just better.
report Recommended by Shole
These anime are mostly based on romance and comedy. Both of the protagonists in these anime have a large height difference from the other protagonist. Both start out as a friendship-like situation, neither imagine the other as a romantic partner.
report Recommended by Natiepinkx
1) Both start with a friendship between two completely different characters. 2) Both start their friendship to date each other's friends.
report Recommended by GiveMeHaru
What we have here are two unique love stories that are thought provoking but at the same time hilarious. You might even tear up a bit on them, I know I did.
report Recommended by Mariaknexx
-Both have a main friend group, and they play off each other in a dynamic way -Both have the main heroine and hero at odds with each other, however everyone but themselves can see they get along better than they understand -Both begin with the hero and heroine attempting to help the other with their respective crush -Both achieve a similar dramatic tone during sensitive scenes
report Recommended by thelectricow
- Both are romantic comdies which revolves largely around the main male/female lead's comedic bickering. - Both the male and female share similar complex about their persons, Lovely Complex revolving around their heights, Toradora around being misunderstood for their looks. - The starting premise for both also revolves around the leads helping the other to go out with a different person, and a relatively slow progression of the relationship between the leads. Lovely Complex is perhaps the more 'girly' of the two, as it focuses more on Risa's point of view, where Toradora focuses more on Ryuji's viewpoint.
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Lovely Complex and Toradora contain similar agendas by exploring the relationship between two people who share an ambition for romantic acceptance from others.
report Recommended by SummerMambo
People who like Toradora will definitely find Lovely Complex as good, if not better. Lovely Complex, like Toradora, has a misleading image at the start, but the same deep character development in the middle. The plotline drives the watcher mad and leaving him wanting for more.
report Recommended by Arquarion
Lovely Complex is similar in the way that the male and female leads are misunderstood or seen differently because of their appearances. Both anime are romances between the two. Highly suggest reading the manga for both as well. In my opinion, the manga makes it better.
report Recommended by AnimeGirlArtemis
In both series's it takes a while for the Main characters to realise that they actually love each other after chasing after other characters.
report Recommended by Nightmare_Eyes
if you like toradora then I'm sure you will enjoy lovely complex. there are both "ignoring their love" couples and humor in lovely complex is really on another level. you won't regret.
report Recommended by patarasan
Love story in which opposite personality attracts.
report Recommended by wanderere
have a love comedy that have happy ending and tells the story of the main character's life journey until they graduate
report Recommended by OtaRobo
Beginning is very similar, but after that both anime follow somewhat different paths But in general: - both anime has 2 main heroes who work on their relationship. Side characters either help them with those, either put spokes in the wheels - both are nice comedies (but Lovely Complex is funnier) - both are nice romantic shows (probably Toradora is better at this buuut it depends). Lovely complex is lighter, funnier and easier to watch, while Toradora is more atmospheric and a little bit more serious
report Recommended by Leenbow
Both cute high school romcom anime. Main couple start out as friends and both have a significant height difference.
report Recommended by Skerf01
Both anime involve a girl and a boy who acts trash to each other but end up became friend to help each other to get gf/bf that they are friends with it, and they both began to give romantic feelings for each other
report Recommended by de_dencin
Both series are romcoms. Toradora is arguably the best of the genre, so if you liked this, you'll probably love Toradora
report Recommended by ElYori
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