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A red-haired protagonist, with an evil being inside him, who grants him more power and tries to overcome his consciousness. So this protagonist fights with bad guys/curses. There's an ongoing bromance and rivalry with a cool dark-haired guy, and a senior white-haired guy with face covered by mask (but the masks are in reverse). And many charismatic supporting characters.
report Recommended by Neesan-chan
Hello kakashi sensei little shift in theme but overall it all feels like same people. maybe naruto more about growing and juju is about getting in phase with epic battles without watching tons of fillers.
report Recommended by ArchNiki
Both about OP orange haired main characters who hold a powerful dark entity sealed within them. This dark entity will often come out to aid in battle making the MC even more brokenly OP. Both masterpiece JUMP series.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
-Both focus on a quartet of main characters, with three students and one teacher -Both protagonists have an extremely powerful demon inside of them that grants them adequate fighting power from the start -Both see students with unique powers as the primary cast, and have a skirmish with an opposing school early on in the story to demonstrate relative power levels -Both focus on a similar format, where the heroes will go on a mission, perform their duty and then return to home base, potentially being promoted. In both, missions contribute a little to the overarching story, usually in the form of a villain appearance.
report Recommended by thelectricow
~Itadori is like Naruto, both are jinchuriki holding a demon inside ~Fushiguro resembles and acts like sasuke, is Itadori friend and rival in a sense ~Kugisaki resembles and acts like sakura, but kugisaki isn;t useless like sakura ~Gojou is like Kakashi, cool and powerful and is like a teacher/senpai to the trio Basically it's Naruto but instead of ninjas it's demons and curses.
report Recommended by Akukunshu
- Both feature a similar quartet of main characters which I will mention below: - Yuuji and Naruto are both naive protagonists with a strong drive to succeed, both possess a dark demon inside of them that grants them immense power - Megumi and Sasuke are both dark-haired guys with a cool exterior, they have a fiery friendship/rivalry with the protagonist - Nobara and Sakura are short-tempered girls, they are especially irritated by the protagonists' antics, although I think Nobara is a much more competent character compared to Sakura - Gojo and Kakashi are seniors who play the role of the teacher for the trio, they both have a   read more
report Recommended by Rafizans
The personalities of the 3 protagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen literally mirrors the trio from Naruto. The design of the MCs from Jujutsu Kaisen seems to be based off of Naruto too with the teacher Gojou resembling Kakashi especially.
report Recommended by Fallen_Leaves
Jujutsu Kaisenreminds me of Naruto in many ways. In the protagonist Itadori, Yuuji lives the strongest demon in the universe, Sukuna like in naruto kyuubi. teacher Gojou very reminds me of Kakashi they are gray-haired. kakashi reveals sharingan in battles and Gojou opens both eyes. I think if you are fans of Naruto you will definitely like Jujutsu Kaisen.
report Recommended by Saburiminaru
Both feature incredible powers used in dynamic and interesting fights, beautiful animation which is/was ahead of it's time, and both have Kakashi-sensei.
report Recommended by Ningenocide
I think jujutsu can be considered the seinen cousin of naruto with obvious character parallels & similar sources for its magic system (咒术-忍术;jujutsu-ninjutsu). Also more likable characters & less filler too IMO.
report Recommended by the_teabag_wan
Both are battle shounen anime. Protagonists of both series start off with having an "evil" entity sealed in them.
report Recommended by InfamousCrown
This series reminded me a lot of Naruto, just for the reseason that the main characters are like the same persons.
report Recommended by qCodrin
Do you like Naruto? Well you’d love Jujutsu Kaisen then. Each show has the same premise and character relationships. Gojo is like Kakashi, Itadori like Naruto, and so on. Plus the idea of some type of monster being associated with the main character like that is in both of these shows. They are amazingly well written, and they succeed in giving you just happiness. I fully recommend it because they are alike enough, to give you the same feeling of excitement, happiness, and just pure joy when watching it.
report Recommended by Rubbish_taste
Both have a spiky haired doofus with a good heart for an MC on a quest to fight evil with some kind of monster living inside him. There's a rivalry with a cool dark-haired guy in each, and each teacher is a super powerful white-haired guy. The girl Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen may not be in love with anyone like Sakura was, but they're totally sharing the "I like to be looking cute but love kicking butt" vibe.
report Recommended by AndrewW29
has the same type of aspects of naruto, but is made in a very fashionable way
report Recommended by personnelaccount
both have a main "trio" of friends, in both jjk/naruto this is 2 boys and 1 girl along with a male sensei who guides them and is quite strong yet carefree. both are well regarded shonen series with good action and plot and both incorporate a good amount of comedy in between. both mc's have a power sealed inside them, in jjk its a curse called sukuna, in naruto its a nine tailed fox, kurama
report Recommended by radvfxzz
If you enjoyed Naruto Jujutsu Kaisen is, pretty much, Naruto 2.0/ modern version.
report Recommended by Robby2time
Both are Shonen-type, action-packed series. Has protagonist mysterious background before it was revealed in the very later episodes. Though there are some notable differences, both are still worth watching. With a hot OG white-haired sensei's that covered parts of their face, and iconic trio. One is a ninja set on the earlier times, and the other deals with sorcerers on modern times.
report Recommended by YoungDongSun_
A red-haired protagonist, with an evil being inside him (like nine tales), who grants him more power and tries to overcome his consciousness. So this protagonist fights with bad guys/curses. There's an ongoing bromance and rivalry with a cool dark-haired guy (Sasuke), and a senior white-haired guy with face covered by mask(Kakashi).Comes in a highschool to to become a jujutu and meets a girl that completes the team seven. The red-haired protagonist learns how the cursed energy (Chakra) works and learns how an attack that gathers cursed energy in hands and has a late impact (Rassengan).
report Recommended by MHack84
Jujutsu Kaisen has a similar cast of characters to Naruto. Jujutsu Kaisen's main charcters are Gojo, Itadori, Fushiguro, and Kasumi. For example, Fushiguro has similar traits to Naruto's, Sasuke. Both characters have black hair, good at what they're doing, and they speak less than other chacters around them. Jujutsu Kaisen also have similarities in its plot. I won't go into much detail in the show's plot, but both shows kinda follows the Shounen fomula. Though Both of the protagonists has a monster or a strong being in their body. To sum it up, if you seen Naruto, watch Jujutsu Kaisen next.
report Recommended by WithyCone
Pretty similar everything except JJK is way smaller... yet
report Recommended by aNuclearPasta1
Well main similarity is is the characters. now just like naruto theres a protaganist whos not the strongest in the group. he's fun and all. that is yuji in jjk and naruto in naruto lol. then we got the useless female main character. in naruto its sakura ofc and in jjk nobara. now nobara is not useless but she is the least powerful and is very weak. then we got the cool and badass male main character. in naruto its sasuke and in jjk its megumi. both of them r very cool and powerful. then we have the cool sensei. in naruto its kakashi and   read more
report Recommended by touhifromhell