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Both are great shounen series with "fight for nakamas" plot, and goals characters have made their mind to accomplish. Also it looks like naruto somewhat resembles Luffy. If you enjoyed Naruto, I'm sure you will find One Piece amazing.
report Recommended by dacon
With the main characters wanting to become the best at what they do and wanting to protect those that are precious to them. Wanting to achieve their dreams, they become more powerful and meeting more friends along the way too. (its pretty similar aside from the famous Naruto filler)
report Recommended by username-here
you can find the action piling up in this anime series as it also filled with nothing but action and adventure and many more of the Drama and comedy moments that will surely bring you to tears and laughter....
report Recommended by missmmg
The mood of the series is pretty similar and the goal of the main characters is to be the best in their league. That's what I noticed when I completed Naruto and began with One Piece. If you liked Naruto you might like One Piece even better.
report Recommended by Demekuro
Two people that have their own goals and dreams. The main characters for both show are very similar. They are very clumsy, lazy, and funny, but when it comes down to protecting their friends from danger, they get serious. Both is filled with excitement, action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy.
report Recommended by Plun
I really like onepiece because it tells the classic story of the hero archetype, i like the refreshing way in which the story is told and the way the crew overcome obstacles, i would rank naruto and onepiece joint first in my favourite animé due to the hilarious humour and invigorating take on a well known character archetype.
report Recommended by OtakuPrime
Shonen anime. About a young hero who wants to become the best. Similar messages about friendship and determination to reach your goals. Characters fight using their super powers to defete evil villians who stand in thier way.
report Recommended by PirateCusman
Both have main characters that act pretty dumb/stupid. And both act without thinking and do unexpected things. Also both main characters are willing to risk their lives for their friends.
report Recommended by XyaoiX
If you can replace Pirates with Ninjas and vice versa, Naruto and One Piece are a lot alike with the exception of art. Naruto=Luffy (Both pretty slow and oblivious to a lot of things, but pretty badass at fighting and can be brilliant in combat), Hokage=Pirate King (Both main characters strive to be the best in the world and their dream is often looked down upon or acknowledged by various people). Both series are very humorous, deal with characteristics of friendship/teamwork and have intense fighting.
report Recommended by Nymphetamine2791
These are both huge battle anime, where the main characters both have a huge goal, Luffy wants to find One Piece and become the Pirate King, and Naruto wants to become the best Hokage ever. Also, at the beginning of the series, Naruto and Luffy are very alike, causing mischief as they go along. Even though Luffy hasn't changed that much over all these years, Naruto has matured way more and has become more serious, now that the series is nearing it's climax.
report Recommended by AllHailSephiroth
In both anime protagonists continue to go on a life with the dream which was defined in their childhood. And which has strongly changed their life. It helps them to meet new friends and as to overcome the difficulties arising on their way. In both anime the main character has the promise, given to the friend, and as" likes to eat ". xD In both anime very interesting abilities of heroes, their characters, charisma. And as the important place is borrowed with friendship and fidelity. At both anime as there is a lot of humour, the cat well dilutes many heavy situations occuring during adventures of characters. So   read more
report Recommended by Die_Mann
Shounen, action, adventure manga, both with a main character who wants to fulfill their dreams. Both of them have many special combat elements and a similiar story line as getting new friends, win against enemys, some drama sequence etc. All in all I find that One Piece stands more out, but give Naruto a try!
report Recommended by Greenmelon
Luffy is very similiar to Naruto. They´re both really childish characters with the biggest dream in mind. Even though they act like an idiot most of the time (not a bad thing), when their friends are in danger they give all they have to save them. There is in both an ero-dude. And there are people who were villains but eventually become nakama.
report Recommended by Chimera_Ant
Both are awsome shounen series,has pretty much the same premise.The idiot main character then gets serious when it's needed,comedy,action,and characters you just hate to not love -__-.One Piece is not very story driven at all but is very enjoyable,while Naruto has a developing plot after the first 13 or so episode.If you liked anyone of these check out the other you'll love it.
report Recommended by Angra-Mainyu
Both protagonists have an ultimate similar goal they want to achieve. Fighting lots of enemies along the way and many great adventures. Humor and action are prominent in both series. If you like one you'll like the other.
report Recommended by Jackson_H
Both have a main character that gets stronger throughout the story. Both main characters are sort of idiots. Both main characters fight to protect their comrades. There is a lot of comedy, and the fighting scenes revolve around honor and doing the right thing. One piece is about pirates, and Naruto is about ninjas. They are both extremely long running, and they are both "gateway" anime. If you love one, then you typically will love the other one in my experience. Both are unique in a lot of ways, and both are heavily inspired by Dragon Ball.
report Recommended by explicit707
First of all, I started to watch both anime because of their first endings. Naruto ending is incredibly true&sad at the same time, even if - at the first sight - the story doeasn't look very smart it's deeper then you think - just watch first two seasons! One Piece first ending I also liked because of the song (it's catchy). On the other hand it's easier to start watching One piece than Naruto, because like I said before, Naruto's story at the beginning looks pretty dumb. Much dumber than One Piece's ;D BUT I like both these anime :) (much more Naruto <3)
report Recommended by Patry-chan
•both are a shounen series, •both main protagonists are a knuckleheaded, never give up, i will conquer my goal/dream type of person •both males as the anime progresses through each episode, collect new friends and enemies along the way towards their goal they must achieve to be the best •both have the never give up attitude with their super natural powers, to help good and conquer evil and be the best in the world •there dreams as kids help them progress further to be more braver/stronger/protect friends •they are a similar in a child sense yet mature way of portraying it, with the adventure and action.
report Recommended by Lupta
Both series are long running (lots of episodes) series that center around action and fighting. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. Both characters don't have their parents with them anymore. They want to become stronger . The reason i just can't stop watching these series is because you can see the characters become stronger and stronger episode after episode.
report Recommended by Darkbow
Kind of common sense really.Along with a few other anime Naruto and One piece would be considered 2 of the 5 kings of long running anime. And by long running i mean 100 or so episodes. Anyway both anime are very similar in characters however luffy is strong but stubborn however Naruto acts dumb but when in tough situations he is quite the tactician. I'm one of those people who never really liked anime's such as death note. So yeah, it should be easy to fall in love with both anime. I will sow this however, both anime have a story which i would consider   read more
report Recommended by weaselhead2
Both series involve a young character with one big dream; Naruto: to become a hokage and Luffy: to become pirate king. Both characters are also not taken seriously and doubted at first regardless of how much potential they have.
report Recommended by KaizokoNichan
Both animes have a wonderful cast of characters and part of the big three (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach). They're both long running shonens capable of telling a great story, although it might be a bit slow at first.
report Recommended by SIOPAOBUN
Both are awesome, inspiring, looooooooong Shounen anime series that I think every Anime fan should watch (or at least start XD) at some point in their lives. ^3^
report Recommended by Otaku_Kaizoku
Both main characters are very active and hyper, giving the same tone to both. Both stories revolve around one boy putting up a goal and trying to achieve along the course of the story. Both are apart of the Big 3 and long running shonen battle anime. The fights are really intense but naruto as more dialogue in the story.
report Recommended by Guap
Both protagonists have the same energy. However, Naruto is young all the way through and there will be training arcs and tournament arcs galore, if you're into that. The early 2000s vibes are also very nostalgic.
report Recommended by JikoSama
•Both main characters in the series (Luffy from One Piece and Naruto from Naruto) share many similarities. They also have the catch phrase where they want to be the best. (ex. Luffy says, "He'll be the Pirate King" while Naruto says, "He'll be the Hokage"... •The main characters have the "never give up attitude." •Similar genres (action, comedy, fantasy, etc.) •Both are long series.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both Mcs have pretty similar goals, and set out on a grand journey to achieve said goals, on their way they make lots of friends, suffer losses, and fight in epic battles.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Both of these Anime have characters who have goals to be top of their game. One wants to be Hokage and other King of the Pirates. Both meet people and become friends with them and go on many different adventures around the lands or seas.
report Recommended by Figva
Similar in the aspect of the protagonist being a character who is weak and is gifted with power which allows him to be better and struggles to master his power and overcome the odds. Main Character being being a person who is both acting like a fool and has good plans in a while.
report Recommended by 00Lone_wolf00
both stories are full of heroes, heroines, villains with superhuman physical abilities, ridiculous training, fictional races and creatures, supernatural powers, and something like "chi". Both stories have a strong male lead as center character of the whole stories. Naruto and Luffy. you can see extraordinary battles that involve from fistfight to melee combat. from conjuring destructive elements to manipulating nature.
report Recommended by windymarion
Overall vibe is similar to one piece, as expected from 2 of the big 3 shows.
report Recommended by Frist_anime
I really like these two shows because they have accompanied my childhood. Something similar for this anime is the main character's motivation. They have big dreams for their lives. also they are very committed to protecting their friends from harm. In addition, the plot formulas for both are the same. Then, some characters have similar strenghts.
report Recommended by Chan_Chun
Both anime about a boy who want to achieve his dream Both anime has amazing drama Both anime are shounen Both anime has a main character who loves eating Also One piece and naruto are masterpiece👌🏻
report Recommended by Vee_And_Vee
well, one piece is very similar to naruto (lmao no) they are both shonen animes. but one piece is wayyy better. it might be a bit longer, yes, but they watching experience is more satisfying. i think the only aspect where naruto is better than one piece is that naruto+naruto shippuden have better songs.
report Recommended by tchdhrui
In both series, the protagonist is trying to become something. In Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto wants to become Hokage while in One Piece, Monkey D Luffy wants to become the Pirate King. Both series are very long, the character development is good, while the plot is more better and more enjoyable for One Piece.
report Recommended by georgecretuu1
Fighting,both want to become the highest rank of their passsion.
report Recommended by AlexandruRudi
Both are long animes, so if you watched Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, you won't care about watching too many episodes of One Piece. I firstly watched Naruto and thought I wouldn't find something similar or even better, then, I started One Piece and i saw it's even better than Naruto. Both are my favourite animes now.
report Recommended by Killis_24
If you love shounen characters that love being absolutely ridiculous and yet strangely likable, Naruto is another classic you could start watching today with plenty of content! A horrific beast, named the Nine-Tails, is sealed inside the body of a young boy named Naruto. His ambitions to be a great ninja, and even the Hokage of his village, will not waver despite how much he's looked down upon. Much like Luffy, he's loud, ridiculous, and he never gives up.
report Recommended by NyeLink
both goated animes that you should give a chance
report Recommended by LuffyStomps
If you are looking for fighting anime with good story development, good character development, and to get you laughing this is it. Both Naruto and One piece have this in common. But in my opinion, One piece suppresses Naruto in character and story development by a lot. In the end, they are both godly when it comes to fighting. Don't be a pussy and say 'oh it's too long get your ass on One piece cuz it's going to be your favorite anime.
report Recommended by MeChaVeGita
Both follow their titular protagonist to achieve a certain goal, in Naruto's case to become Hokage, and in Luffy's, King of the Pirates. As being part of the big three both should be recommended to new anime watchers.
report Recommended by WaryNiklas
they are not really similar but you will like both of them , both have really great story
report Recommended by CaptSleuth
"I wanna be the Hokage!"
report Recommended by Xelnaeox
Both are action adventures following a goofy protagonist and their friends. They both have sad and emotional moments throughout the comedic plot.
report Recommended by MermaidTsundere
both protagonists work hard to achieve their goals
report Recommended by hakime13
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