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Pain and sorrow are felt in both series however they are not on the same caliber. Fighting for a better future, teamwork, sacrifice are all shallow similarities. 'Claymore' has a wide range of characters with dark past which you will feel sorry for whether they are friend or foe, it shows you the hardship of characters who only fight for themselves but in time come to terms with close friendship thus fight for one and another. 'Shingeki no Kyojin' excels in its epic twists and turns where you cannot trust anyone even in your own team. You will constantly be wondering about the next death or who   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Both have that aspect of living in a desolate world, focusing on survival
report Recommended by Chai_
The setting for both is a medieval world where humans/half humans have to fight against stronger creatures. I think both anime were well executed. Both are also violent.
report Recommended by Xi__s
it has the same dramatic feeling, also both stories are dragging you in a word afar from normal point of view about life.
report Recommended by YUE3899
It's hard to explain without spoiling both series, but there is just something about the two that feels similar. The rather bleak tone, monsters that normal people have no hope of defeating who eat people for fun, a mysterious organization controlling things behind the scenes.... But more importantly, both series pass the Bechdel Test. Claymore is known for it's strong female characters, and Shingeki no Kyojin is just the same.
report Recommended by rava
I am almost instantly reminded of Claymore when watching Shingeki. Both anime have many similarities in terms of plot, character, fighting style, and the overall theme of survival of the fittest as well as revenge story. If i have to choose who is the better main character Clair or Eren, i'd pick Clair hands down. Giants in Shingeki, and Yoma in Claymore are pretty much the same. They are monsters that are impossible for normal humans to take down, they also treat human as food, and there is much mystery surrounding how their creation. Clair and Eren are made of the same mold; their important   read more
report Recommended by eien_kiseki
I recommend this show due to the central themes. Both are about humanity struggling against overwhelming odds against monsters. Both have organizations and solutions to deal with the problem. Also both main characters seem to share the trait for vengeance.
report Recommended by EternalWinds
It has the same premise of a group of organised warriors fighting against some overwhelming monstrosity. The setting (medieval Europe) is also the same. Like Shingeki, Claymore is also a serious, action oriented, fighting anime. Both have the same level of violence. However, we get a sense that there is a greater story/conspiracy underneath Shingeki. But at least for the Claymore anime, (due to constraints) what you see is what you get and the story is relatively simpler.
report Recommended by xxwattcherxx
Claymore is very similar in atmosphere, storytelling, and battles. Both anime are similar and would be the same sub-genre. I am an expert on anime like Claymore and this is definitely similar. I think Clayomore, Berserk, Shingeki no Kyojin, and Hokuto no Ken are very similar and should be considered inseperable. If you like one you will definitely like the other.
report Recommended by Radiation_
More than just dark fantasy, both series features the brutal reality in which in the world the characters resides in has monsters that threatens their very existence. In technical terms, Claymore and Shingeki no Kyojin both features monsters that exists for the purpose to kill and puts mankind in jeopardy. To combat the threat, there exists warriors who are trained specialists to take on these monstrosity. Some of these warriors have witnessed blood spilled and death themselves. However, they do their jobs and are one of Mankind's last hopes against the monsters that terrorize their world. Both series' main female character are dominant, strong, and have tragic   read more
report Recommended by Stark700
They are both humans and crossbreads fighting vs much stronger creatures. Both animes seem to have lots of blood and the art work almost resembles eachother in a way.
report Recommended by LunaNoodle
Both Attack on Titan and Claymore are about humanities struggle vs a foreign race of monsters that are nearly impossible to kill. Titans in Shingeki and Yuma in Claymore. What happens to humanity when they're no longer on the top of the food chain?
report Recommended by phatbat100
Animes with the same thematic domain where there is a race and the only way is to face them. Shingeki Kyojin in Claymore and show exactly that.
report Recommended by Shinya_Kougami
Seriously even from the first episode I realized how similar - but still different- those animes are. They both have this "medieval" atmphosphere, creatures that attack people and certain "teams" that are responsible for dealing with/fighting them. While Shingeki has Titans, Yomas take their place in Claymore. The characters are strong in both animes and gaining more and more power and will is also another similar point beetween the two shows.
report Recommended by Rinkashikika
Both settings seem to be in the Middle Ages. Both plots have man eating monsters, and focus on the soldiers (claymores) that kill them.
report Recommended by Ayane
Similar medieval feeling. Both have man eating monsters, that must be destroyed. Both involve organizations, that are about killing those monsters and also have their soldiers' ranking system.
report Recommended by CherryAqua
Both settings are in the Middle Age where humans are hopeless to beat superior creatures (Titans in Shingeki, Yoma in Claymore) that treat them as food, so they are depending on organizations to deal with the problem. Both anime are tragic and dramatic. As for main characters, both are seeking vengeance. And one last similarity, both are easily spoiled. If you enjoyed one, you will definitely enjoy the other.
report Recommended by icybankz
Both animes are about humanity fighting against a superior race.
report Recommended by Felixu
Both have scary monsters that like to eat people and those that have suffered by their hands and are determined to kill these monsters.
report Recommended by misterferrari
- Both have similar art - Both have a dark story Claymore and Shingeki no Kyojin are based about monsters being overpowering and humans trying to survive Claymore is a dark story but both have action Main character are useless until the climax
report Recommended by VoLKyyyOG
Humanity constantly fears Yoma(demons) who like titans, devour people. Both animes have the same atmosphere, set in a medieval, dark, hauntingly eerie age. Both have their fair share of gore and action. The main protagonists even look similar.
report Recommended by clarestanfield
In both series humanity are cornered by another species and the characters are fighting to survive, and to discover better ways to fight against the threat that this creatures represent for humanity. Although the history and character background in Shingeki is bigger (mostly because they explain the circumstances of many characters), Claymore also has good story background, and characters that have been through many hardships and take their decisions having their past experience in mind.
report Recommended by PewxPew
Both Claymore and AOT are very similar for one both are set in the medieval times, where humans are fighting against man eating monsters. Both animes have alot of fun kickass action scenes and both also have really badass female characters.
report Recommended by Jayage
Both have humans fighting against monsters in a fight for survival. Both are quite violent and make use of swords in combat.
report Recommended by Promek
I gotta say yo', this series really did remind me of Claymore. Both series share a very similar dark vibe by: -Having lots of violence and fighting. Claymore has blood... everywhere. People get their body parts chopped off too. -Having scary monsters that threaten humanity. Shengeki no Kyojin has the titans, while Claymore has the youma. Youma are humanoid creatures that consume human flesh and take the appearance of the people they eat. Claymores, female warriors created by a group called 'The Organization', are tasked with dispatching these wretched creatures. BUT keep in mind that Claymore is not entirely focused on how the Youma threaten humanity.   read more
report Recommended by kcal41
In both series we have group of warriors who fights against monsters for humanity (Middle Ages). They have a lot of blood, death, great fighting styles, sad moments.. The main characters are weak on start but they are becoming stronger during the series. Graphic is and animations are amazing in both series.
report Recommended by Doctor035
Pseudo medeval setting, man eating monsters, gore, grim atmosphere and a constant struggle for survival. Also the main character has a montrous site that he/she tries to bring under control. And the soundtrack is pretty damn sweet.
report Recommended by AshitaNoJonas
The overall mood and theme is very similar. Both shows feature teams who are assigned with the task of eliminating mysterious creatures who eat humans. If you like Attack on Titan, you should enjoy Claymore as well.
report Recommended by Sam_Urai
Both are similiar on the team work, sacrifice for a better future, tragic moment, epic battle, awesome plot, animation and OST. The pace and the world are very similiar too, you could say that SNK is Claymore with Titan over Yomas.
report Recommended by Mike_ptbr
Has similar sense of jeopardy, however Claymore is much better. Supernatural powers + damage if used too extensively. Emotionally damaged main characters without real families, devoted to each other but not society or anyone else.
report Recommended by menthole56
They are somehow different and yet so much alike,let me be clear both have a main character living for taking revenge on the one that killed they're mothers (even if Teresa is not Clare's mother biologically,it is still a mother figure),are weak but become more and more strong in a world threatened by creatures that most of the humanity stands no change against,learn different secrets about themselves etc.
report Recommended by Yandere_Dude
Same world dominated by monsters, with experts to defeat them. Dark background, you discover how the world and organizations are messed up because at the begining everything is deeply hidden. Not so powerful main characters, although they have unique abilities. The known world isn't the world. Some main differences Claymore/SnK : - few side characters / lots - deeper understanding of few characters / huge changes of most characters mindset along the seasons - dark / bloody - fantasy / technology
report Recommended by Amstramgram
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